The Top 10 Luxury Yucatan Haciendas

In this post, I’ll tell you about the most beautiful Yucatan haciendas. Spending a vacation in one of the magnificent haciendas of Yucatan is a unique way to enjoy both luxury and history of this gorgeous region. Luckily, there are a ton of colonial haciendas, so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect one for your style and budget.

All the Yucatan haciendas are indeed a work of art, so if you fancy luxury and wanderlust like me, I highly recommend spending at least a few nights in them to experience Yucatan history from a new perspective.

The Yucatan peninsula isn’t only famous for its breathtaking shoreline with white-sand beaches and sublime turquoise waters, but it’s equally amazing in its heritage, culture, traditions, and historical monuments.

Some of these attractions are the henequen haciendas from the green-gold era of colonial times. In fact, the haciendas were basically mansions constructed by Spanish conquerors, in many cases combining the finesse of famous architects of the era with the exquisite materials of the ancient Mayan cities (that they have destroyed)—especially the rare white stones.

The history of these haciendas is tinged with a bit of dark since local indigenous people were exploited to work in the agave fields and the henequen factories to extract the sisal fiber, at the time called the green gold because of the high demand of the products that were even sold to Europe, until the synthetic fiber took over.

The old haciendas were huge pieces of land with the master’s private home in the center and the workers’ huts on the side with shops and stables. In fact, usually, the hacienda owners were not living there but in their opulent mansions in Merida.

It is worth spending a couple of days there and among the things to do in Merida make sure you take a walk along the Paseo de Montejo where you can see those amazing homes. Some of them have now turned into museums or stunning hotels, while others are still used as private homes.

And that also explains the reasons why the haciendas are all located not far away from Merida.

Anyway, going back to our history. With the Mexican revolution, the workers turned against their coercive employers while the henequen was losing its prestige due to the introduction of synthetic fiber that was cheaper and more resistant.

Slowly all the haciendas were being abandoned and if you go on a road trip around Yucatan you will see many of them where all that’s left is a torn wall and an old chimney.

Others, the ones that have been more conserved has been turned into restaurants (Hacienda Teya), museum (Yaxchopoyl), or spectacular luxury hotels.

And that’s what we will be talking about in this post. I have selected the most stunning haciendas of Yucatan.

Some of them are close to Merida some others are scattered around the peninsula but even if you find them a little too off of your budget I would suggest you pick one and go visit. I assure you, it will make an incredible tour.

Actually, if that is the case, you should visit the Sotuta de Peon and take one of their tours around the hacienda where you will learn about the history and the henequen industry.

So without any further ado let’s get to know the amazing haciendas of Yucatan.

The 10 Most Beautiful Yucatan Haciendas

1. Hacienda Xcanatun

Let’s start with the closest hacienda to downtown Merida, located just a couple of minutes from Federal Highway 281. Hacienda Xcanatun is a very well-liked small luxury hotel famous for the comfortable and deluxe suites it has for guests.

The residence is a luxurious property with all the amenities of a five-star lodging, with air-conditioning in all rooms, spacious living spaces, outdoor swimming pools, and even a spa.

Xcanatun’s building dates back to the 18th century, but you won’t find any of the modern facilities lacking in the hacienda. Plus, the interiors and design of the recently-renovated hacienda add a lot more grandeur to the Colonial-era structure.

The upscale design of its rooms is highlighted with warm tones of colors and exquisite decor. Features like iPod docking, marble flooring, and private bathrooms add another level of luxury to these rooms.

Hacienda Xcanatun has a wonderful spa that offers a large variety of treatments, ranging from modern to ones with roots in the ancient Mayan culture, to help you relax and enjoy your stay as best as possible.

The signature restaurant of Hacienda Xcanatun, called Casa de Piedra Restaurant, is one of the best places to eat in Merida. Chef Reyna Garcia is known for her amazing local cuisine and mouth-watering dishes.

The location of Xcanatun is extremely suitable for someone looking to explore the region. Many of Merida’s tourist attractions are nearby, and places like Uxmal, Celestun, and Ek-Balam are very easy to visit.

Each of Xcanatun’s suites is ideal for couples, and the hotel is best rated for a two-person trip, so if you’re a couple on the lookout for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Yucatan, I highly recommend staying here, definitely one of the best hotels in Merida.

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2. Hacienda Santa Rosa

If somewhere more tropical and nature-filled is a place to your liking, Hacienda Santa Rosa will be the perfect lodging for your tastes. The hacienda is surrounded by a lush green jungle and amazing wildlife.

Located 10 kilometers from Maxcanu, the gorgeous collection hotel is a peaceful escape from the cities, with some of the most luxurious suites and rooms to accommodate your stay.

The high-ceiling rooms of Hacienda Santa Rosa have tiled floors and bright, lively decor to complement them. Featuring extra-large double beds, and with a capacity for three adults and two children each, these are suitable for groups, couples, and solo travelers alike.

You will love the beds here (because they’re so hard to get out of once you’re sunk deep in the comfort they provide).

Hacienda Santa Rosa Pool

The rooms also have modern facilities like flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, wireless internet, and air-conditioning.

There is also a tiled patio and a bar for guests to spend afternoons (or pretty much any time of the day) watching the sunset with snacks and drinks.

If you do manage to leave the irresistible comfort of your room, the hacienda has plenty of other things just as alluring. These include the seasonal outdoor pool, the amazing garden outside, and bike rentals to explore the refreshing surroundings.

There is also an on-site restaurant at Hacienda Santa Rosa that serves very delicious Mexican cuisine, so expect an unforgettable breakfast (and other meals) accompanied by lovely cocktails to make your stay more memorable.

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3. Hacienda Temozon

Another countryside gem on my list of Yucatan haciendas is Hacienda Temozon. Set in some of the best tropical gardens you will find around here, the beautiful 16th-century hacienda is now a choice hotel outside Sinhunchen.

Staying at this property is a guarantee of a memorable time because Hacienda Temozon is the epitome of luxury with its roomy suites, wooden furnishings, tiled floors, and delightful seating areas with flat-screen TVs.

With extra-large double beds, the rooms are suitable for groups and families, as well as couples and solo travelers.

The rooms also have terraces with hammocks on them, so that’s another addition to the celebrity treatment guests get here. Free WiFi is accessible throughout the property, and suites offer views of the private garden.

You will also find a refreshing spa here to far exceed your expectations of a luxurious stay in the beautiful gardens of Temozon Sur. It overlooks the garden area and offers a range of traditional Mayan treatments.

The restaurant at Temozon is another part of this hacienda’s stay that is worth mentioning. The fresh seafood and local cuisine served at this restaurant are some of the things that made my stay at Hacienda Temozon a blissful experience.

Again, if you’re one for exploration, there’s not a thing for you to worry about while staying at Temozon. It’s located in a wonderful country region, and guests can access bike rentals or book guided tours to explore as much of the surroundings as they like.

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4. Hacienda Uayamon

Uayamon is a truly luxurious hacienda on my list, and albeit a tad more expensive as well. But the experience you get to enjoy here is one of a kind, and certainly surpasses anything you might have in mind.

The restored mansion is in a countryside region of Campeche, 22 kilometers from the international airport. Coupled with the exotic location are the deluxe lodgings of Hacienda Uayamon because each room is a Mayan-style suite featuring a seating area, minibar, and access to the garden patio.

All the modern amenities are also present in the hacienda, including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs with cable, and private bathrooms featured with hairdryers, bathrobes, and towels among all the other necessities.

The interiors of Hacienda Uayamon include an entrancing range of artifacts, furnishings, and designs. They also feature woven hammocks, which are always a delight.

On the outside, you will find a lovely swimming pool, a garden, and a spa. Guests also have a bar to enjoy drinks at, and bicycle rentals are provided for anyone looking to go for a refreshing ride around the area.

Uayamon is one of the best luxury haciendas out there. It’s very clean, the staff and facilities are great, the location is sublime—it’s the best value for money! I highly recommend staying here if you’re a couple, but groups and families are also accommodated very well here.

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5. Hacienda San Jose

Located in the peaceful little town of Tixkokob, Hacienda San Jose is a hidden jewel of a luxury hotel. The restored former estate comprises a pretty garden, a small spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and the wonderful lodgings of Hacienda San Jose.

Hacienda San Jose features a very delectable range of stone archways, beamed ceilings, and attractive interior decor.

The rooms are air-conditioned and feature flat-screen TVs along with wooden furnishings and comfortable interiors. Each room also has terrace access, where you will find a hammock as well.

The San Jose Restaurant is also a nice addition to the hacienda, where you will get to try out some very delicious Mexican food prepared with the freshest ingredients.

If you like, you can also have your dining arranged on the terrace of your room, where views of the garden add more flavor to the food.

The place arranges tours to the Tixkokob Mayan Ruins for guests, and you can also ask for bike rentals. Some of the amazing Yucatan beaches are also only 40 kilometers from Hacienda San Jose, and Merida is a half-hour drive from it, which means having a ton of things to do during your stay here!

The rooms are perfect for families and groups, and pets are also allowed here. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful, rejuvenating, and luxurious vacation, this is the perfect spot for exactly that.

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6. Hacienda Santa Cruz

Hacienda Santa Cruz is a romantic assortment of lodgings, gardens, a restaurant, and two swimming pools.

Located outside the city of Merida, with just 20 minutes of drive from downtown, the hacienda enjoys a tranquil location all while giving guests quick access to the attractions of the town.

The property is a two-building luxury hotel, where the main house, called Casa Principal, has extremely luxurious rooms for you to stay. Here, you will find brightly painted interiors, tastefully selected furnishings, and uniquely colorful rooms to maximize your comfort.

The rooms are air-conditioned, with each one having a dressing room and bathroom of its own. Featuring rooms with various capacities, the hacienda is an all-rounder, suitable for solo travelers, couples, groups, and families alike.

The former machine house of the estate now serves as Casa de Marquina Restaurant, where delectable Mexican, French-Creole, Asian, and Italian foods are served to the guests. The restaurant also has a terrace, swimming pool, and bar.

The main building is set in lovely gardens, with an outdoor swimming pool of its own, so the hacienda is pretty grand. I also like the spaciousness of the rooms, wireless internet access all around the property, and the food and the massages are great here.

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7. Hacienda Sac Chich

Hacienda Sac Chic
Hacienda Sac Chic

Hidden 30 minutes away from Merida is another gem of a hacienda called Sac Chich. It’s a marvelous blend of modern lodgings with the appeal of old-world architecture.

Since Sac Chich is owned by an American couple with a fancy for Mexican culture and a fine eye for beauty, it’s no surprise that the renovation of this hacienda is one of the most amazing in all of Yucatan. With the help of renowned architect Salvador Reyes Rios, the couple has turned this property into a haven of luxury and charm.

The accommodations at Sac Chich are thoroughly detailed, with bright and colorful rooms, exquisite linen and furniture, and incredible facilities to make your stay cozy and comfortable. There is a beautiful, large garden separating the hacienda from the two-bedroom house newly constructed on the estate.

With the surrounding greenery, water lily ponds, and interiors consisting of hardwoods and limestone, the hacienda is a perfect abode for large groups and families. You can also host an event with up to 150 guests in the entrapping beauty of the hacienda.

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8. Chablé Yucatan

Chablé is the grandest of all properties on my list. The hacienda has been restored to a proper all-inclusive resort. It’s so luxurious that nothing else comes close to it in terms of comfort and world-class treatment.

Located 35 kilometers from Merida, the resort hotel is situated in Chocholá. It features two deluxe rooms, one deluxe family room, a three-bedroom suite, and even villas!

The rooms all feature heavenly beds, air-conditioning, rich interiors, TVs with satellite channels, private pools, and private bathrooms. Some of them also have private terraces or patios to complement the luxury of your stay.

The outdoor pool and tennis court of Chablé are quite famous among guests. The property also has one of the most exclusive Spa in the area, a dedicated fitness center, and sun terraces. These make for some of the best holistic healing and revitalizing activities on the property.

Chable hotel pool - Yucatan Haciendas

The overall design and beauty of Chablé make it a truly magical place. Other than the amazing property, the on-site restaurant, run by famous chef Jorge Vallejo, is another charm of the hacienda. The food is so good you won’t stop craving it more every time you try it.

Chablé also has a bar, secure parking, and free bikes for the guests to make the most of their stay here. To top it all off, the hospitality and care provided by the staff here are a genuine reflection of the Yucatan warmth.

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious stay and an other-worldly experience to connect with yourself in peace, Chablé is my top recommendation for it. I spent some time here when it launched, and I can’t emphasize more how truly incredible a place it is.

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9. Hacienda Sacnicte

Sacnicte is an adorable hacienda an hour’s drive from Merida, just a few kilometers outside Izamal.

The historic hacienda features suites and rooms with a carefully-achieved touch of elegance and comfort. They’re fully air-conditioned, have seating areas, and include all the modern amenities along with their authentic Mexican-style decor.

Hacienda Sacnicte also has an outdoor pool, a garden, and offers free WiFi connectivity throughout the property. Guests also have access to the terrace of this hacienda, and a 24-hour desk is always there to take care of any requests you might have.

The numerous rooms and suites of Hacienda Sacnicte can accommodate families, groups, and couples, and each of them has space for children as well.

hacienda Sacnicte lobby
Photo © Hacienda Sac Nicte

Both the hospitality and charm of this hacienda are more than excellent, so whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or family, this is a really beautiful place to make your stay if haciendas are your thing.

With the Izamal yellow town and the archaeological site just 15 minutes from Sacnicte, this hacienda is particularly ideal for those of you who want to explore Izamal during their visit to the Yucatan. Chichen Itza is also just an hour away from here.

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10. Hacienda Sotuta de Peón

Sotuta de Peón is the perfect place to bring an end to my list of haciendas. It’s such a wonderful property south of Merida, with a variety of cultural, traditional, and culinary experiences on offer.

Built back in the 19th century, Hacienda Sotuta de Peón is a splendid estate with a museum, restaurant, and comfortable lodgings for a wonderful stay here.

Sotuta de Peón is one of the rare haciendas where not only the estate but also the former ways, are preserved very well. The property is surrounded by an abundance of henequen and greenery, and guests can have a tour to learn how haciendas used to function back in the day.

The lodgings here are two different cabanas, one featuring a king-size bed with a capacity of up to 3 people, and the other featuring two queen beds for a maximum of 4 guests.

The list of facilities in these cabanas is a long one and includes air-conditioning, minibars, coffee makers, free WiFi, and many more things.

There is also a pool on the property and a natural cenote. And the garden makes for wonderful walks. You can also take daily walks in the dedicated jogging space of the property.

One thing Hacienda Sotuta de Peón is exceptional in is the perfect location of the property. As a guest, you will have so many Yucatan tourist attractions—like cenotes, archeological sites, beaches, and magical towns—within easy reach here.

At the Sotuta de Peon, you can also book a tour of the hacienda even if you are not a guest.

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That brings my list of the best Yucatan haciendas to an end. I hope you found one (or more) for your next unforgettable holiday in the magical region of Yucatan. If you have any questions you want to be answered before the trip, feel free to ask me. Also, don’t forget to tell me all about your vacation. Buen Viaje!