Why you should visit Xpu-Ha Beach if you are traveling to the Riviera Maya

Mexico is known for its beaches among many other things, and Xpu-Ha beach is the perfect example for anyone wondering why.

From a deserted strip of white sand to one of the most charming beaches in Mexico, playa Xpu-Ha has always been a scenic beach, loved by natives and travelers alike.

In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience on Xpu-Ha Beach, how it’s been one of my favorite beaches of the Riviera Maya, and many things more about it that are bound to make you want to visit Xpu-ha Beach at least once in your life.

What’s special about Xpu-ha beach?

Back in the day, Xpu-Ha was a secluded Riviera Maya beach between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. As such, it was a place of solace and relaxation for many (including me). After more than a decade of development on it, with so many hotels, clubs, and catching the eye of thousands of tourists every year, it still hasn’t lost the atmospheric and serene vibe that it always had.

Since the beach is around 2 miles in length, you can still find the same kind of solitude it offered back then (along with the same best guacamole found there!). If anything, all the development has made room for more fun while you’re there. The watersports centers have kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paddleboarding. And beif you feel like socializing, you can go to one of the beach clubs there and find friendly natives and tourists to hang out with. All in all, the white sands, crystal-clear waters, calm surroundings, and the overall atmosphere of this amazing Riviera Maya stretch is bound to mesmerize you.

Xpu-ha - beach

How to get there

Xpu-Ha Beach is situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Xpu-Ha Beach is the closest to Playa Del Carmen, at about 17 miles of distance, but the difference isn’t much from Tulum either because it’s only 23 miles from there. But getting to Xpu-Ha Beach from farther locations like Cancun or Merida is just as easy too. Below are the ways you can use to make your way to Xpu-Ha Beach.

By taxi

If your only concern is getting to Xpu-Ha without any hassle and as comfortably as possible, hopping into a cab is a tried-and-tested method for it. Book a cab, decide on a fare before getting into it (unless you want to find yourself getting overcharged when you get there), and pay when your entire ride is over (whether it’s a one-way or roundtrip or pay each ride but never in advance). Keep your cab driver’s contact handy, in case you find yourself needing to contact him.

By Colectivo

If getting there comfortably while on a budget is your goal, a “colectivo” will do the job for you. The driver will charge you about 30 MXN for a ride to the Xpu-Ha Beach entrance. If you’re arriving from Playa del Carmen, be very attentive when you cross the road after getting off of your colectivo.

By car

Driving on your own is the best way to explore many places in Mexico while you’re traveling there. If you’re familiar with driving in Mexico, a car rental is the best option when visiting Xpu-Ha Beach. There are so many places on the way that you can visit, including some of my favorite cenotes, and there is never a rush. You’ll have all the freedom to enjoy your little trip and make the most of it. However, if you’re not familiar with driving around in Mexico, I suggest you read my blog post on the topic. You’ll find plenty of information and tips to get started.

Once you’re at Xpu-Ha Beach, you will be charged about 50 MXN per head upon entrance. They also ask you if you will be dining during your visit, and it’s always good to answer in the negative. That way, you can dine at the place of your choice later.

Insider tip: If you are driving your own car you can also visit the surrounding attractions, including the amazing cenotes of the Riviera Maya, such as Cenote Azul and Tanka-ha, my favorites, but also the nearby Akumal beach, for a quick swim with the turtles.

Hotels near Xpu-Ha Beach

As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of development around Xpu-Ha Beach. Consequently, it has one of the best hotels, beach clubs, and all-inclusive resorts that you can stay in if you intend to enjoy this Riviera Maya Eden for more than a day. Here are a few that I recommend from personal experience.

xpu-ha beach - mexico

Hotel Esencia

This duchess-house-turned-into-hotel is surely one of the most luxurious stays on Riviera Maya. Since it was originally built for an Italian duchess, you know the location was chosen to give you the best of the beach. The hotel has all the modern facilities that you would want, along with remarkable service and friendly staff.

Glamping Serenity

Located at the heart of Xpu-Ha Beach, Glamping Serenity is an environmental resort with a sophisticated luxury. It’s surrounded by nature, but within it you will find swimming pools, a private beach area, and comfortable accommodations suitable for solo travelers, families, and groups alike. But they do not allow children below 12 years of age and pets, so if you have either along with you, you will have to lodge elsewhere.

Catalonia Royal Tulum

Catalonia Royal Tulum is an adult-only (above the age of 18) all-inclusive resort and spa. Located on the Riviera Maya near Xpu-Ha, it’s surrounded by nature, cenotes, and jungles. This huge luxury property makes for an amazing stay near Xpu-Ha Beach.

When to visit Xpu-Ha Beach

Since the temperatures here change very little throughout the whole year, you can visit Xpu-Ha Beach any time of the year and find pleasantly hot temperatures. The hottest months on Xpu-Ha Beach run between August to September. As a result, the first three months of the year (namely, January, February, and March) see the most tourist activity on Xpu-Ha Beach. If you want to avoid crowds, you can avoid visiting during these months altogether. But if you want to visit during the popular months and still avoid crowds, it’s best to visit during weekdays and avoid weekends and holidays (always works for me).

With that, this article on this tranquil Riviera Maya beach comes to end. I hope you will enjoy your visit to Xpu-Ha Beach and have tons of fun. If you have any questions, do let me know, and don’t forget to share your adventures with me!