Uxmal Ruins Complete Guide: Price and Info [2023]

Planning a visit to Uxmal ruins? Look no further! You have landed in the most complete guide to one of the most spectacular archeological sites in Mexico.

Should you have time for one archaeological site only, visiting the Uxmal ruins should be your pick, with no hesitation! It is in fact my favorite, actually one of them.

Yes I know, if you have never been to Chichen-Itza, that should be your priority no doubt, although, between Uxmal and Chichen-Itza, my favorite will remain Uxmal.

However, Uxmal for me is indeed one of the best Mayan ruins in Yucatan, although I don’t like to call them ruins, but, more properly, archeological sites.

Besides being beautiful consider that from Merida to Uxmal is only a 1-hour drive on a tranquil road and once you are in the area, there are many other great sites and cenotes to check out. You are in fact right on the way to the Ruta Puuc which I will talk about in another article.

I recently went to visit the pre-Hispanic town for the 3rd time and, as always, I was in awe of its beauty and grandeur, that overwhelming feeling that you have when you stand before an amazing work of art.

In 1996 it was made a UNESCO world heritage site, so I guess I am not the only one to be fascinated by Uxmal.

One side of the quadrangle of Nuns

What does Uxmal mean

Historians weren’t sure about the meaning of the Mayan name UXMAL, which could be “built 3 times” or it could have come from the Mayan word “UX” which means “to harvest” from the agricultural potential of the region.

What to see in the Uxmal ruins 

According to the UNESCO website, the Mayan town of Uxmal was founded in c 700 AD and had about 25000 inhabitants.  The layout of the buildings reveals their mastery of astronomy.

Pyramid of the Soothsayer

The ceremonial center was dominated by the Pyramid of the Soothsayer (the name given by the Spaniards), a huge beautiful building decorated with a significant amount of symbolic motifs and sculptures like figureheads depicting Chaac, the God of rain. 

The serpents are also an interesting element of this pyramid, as the waving movement of the figureheads probably represents the apparent movement of the Sun.

The  Pyramid of the Magician (the other given name) is the first thing you see when you enter the site, a majestic 35-meter tower with 60 degrees of inclination. 

Its construction began in the 6th Century and it took over 400 years to complete it is made of the superimposition of five temples. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public at the time I am writing this post.

I have actually never been able to climb it in the 3 times I was there.  But it is just an amazing temple to look at, a symbol of the grandeur of the Mayan civilization. 

Cuadrangulo de las Monjas (Nunnery Quadrangle)

The other most representative buildings are el Cuadrangulo de las Monjas (Nunnery Quadrangle) and la Casa de Las Palomas, although I found beauty in all of the buildings, and in the complexity of the whole settlement, which holds special energy in its own.

In fact, as Mundo Maya website mentioned. “Unlike most pre-Hispanic cities, the layout of Uxmal’s structures does not seem to follow a geometric order; its spaces are organized in a more subtle way, based on two principles.

Firstly, buildings are oriented according to astronomical phenomena, such as the ascension and descent of Venus. Secondly, they adapt to the topography of the land, consisting of a series of hills.”

The Great Pyramid

I am sure the most popular building is the Great Pyramid similar to the House of the Magician, due to its magnitude, with nine bases, but with the plus that you will be able to climb this one and it will be much easier than the others like Coba for example, as the steps are restructured and made as regular steps. 

When you reach the top, you will enjoy a view of unimaginable beauty.

The entire city lies before your eyes and beyond it a green carpet on the horizon. Besides the beautiful view, please take some time to check out the Temple of the Macaws right there on top, and, leaning on your right facing the temple, a beautifully decorated wall is rising from the jungle.  

On the way back to the Great Pyramid, keep your right and before getting to the bottom, make a right and follow the path around the big building on the right.

The Governor’s house

That would be the Governor’s house and the path will lead you to the magnificent front, well looked after by a colony of cute iguanas, very friendly and fearless of the human presence.

You can go up the building and admire the beautiful frieze made with stone mosaic, which is one of the most complex examples of Mayan geometric art.

The site of Uxmal together with the nearby sites of Labna, Sayl, and Kabah of the Puuc region, (the Ruta Puuc)  is considered the more representative of the Mayan Art and architecture.

Insider’s tip

On the way back to the entrance/way out have another look at the beautiful Pyramid of the Magician and so when you reach the top of the great pyramid, just sit on the top steps, breathe and enjoy the view, the breeze, and be grateful, immerse yourself in the energy of the sacred building.  This is something I do all the time and it makes me feel good. 🙂

How to get to Uxmal ruins

Driving to Uxmal

 If you are driving you can take Route 261 from Merida.

If you come from Cancun, you can either get to Merida on Route 180 (free road) or 180D (highway) and then turn into the 126 or you can cut through the small towns, which I love the most, but keep in mind that it will take you to double the time. Google Maps or any GPS will help you to get there.

Driving around the area is really easy and worry-free and Uxmal residents and people living in the surroundings are really pleasant people and helpful in case you get lost. Remember that if you are running out of gas and you don’t see a gas station, just stop at a local grocery store, and most probably they will have fuel to sell.

If you wish to have more information and tips on driving in Yucatan you can check out my detailed post on driving in Mexico which I wrote with all my experience and funny anecdotes.

Getting to the Uxmal ruins by bus

ADO busses would take you there directly either from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or Merida. You can check here the schedule

BUS FROM MERIDA TO UXMAL – Uxmal from Merida is about 2-hour bus by ADO as well.

Getting to Uxmal by an organized tour

You know how much I prefer to drive on my own to places instead of joining organized tours. However, there are some situations in which I prefer to be guided and taken around instead of doing it on my own, especially in some situations when the presence of a local guide will make all the difference.

On a tour, you normally have a certified guide to take you around and share interesting information on the local culture and history.

It makes a huge difference because you would actually know what you are seeing.

How much does it cost to enter the Uxmal ruins?

  • Foreigners $494 pesos.
  • Nationals ( or with permanent residence) $225 pesos.
  • On Sundays for National and permanent residents, it’s FREE

What to bring when traveling to Uxmal

Light dress, comfortable shoes, better if gym shoes, mosquito repellent, water (you can buy water inside in the entrance area but it is way too expensive compared.

Where to stay in Uxmal

If you are on a journey through Yucatan and you decide to stay in the surroundings of Uxmal, you can find a good choice of accommodations. In this post you can read about where to stay in Uxmal and what are my suggestions.

Things to do around Uxmal 

  • Uxmal is the heart of the Puuc Region which is now called “Ruta Puuc” where you can also visit the archeological sites of Sayil, Labna, Kabah (see Uxmal map on top). I loved them all and I will talk about them soon in another post.
  • Also, there is a cenote near Uxmal, actually more than one. In the town of Abala’ a few miles from Uxmal on the way back to Merida, there are a couple of cenotes. More detailed info soon, as well. In the meantime, if you need to know urgently, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment here below and I will be happy to reply.
  • Right in front of the entrance of Uxmal, on the opposite side of the road, you will see a chocolate factory. I didn’t go there so I am not sure what is like. But I am mentioning it anyway… just so you know.