Uber in Mexico City in 2023: All You Need to Know

Wondering about Uber in Mexico City? I’ve lived in Mexico City for several years now, and Uber is truly my go-to transportation.

Below, I’ll cover in detail how to use Uber in Mexico City so you can get around the city easily and safely.

Mexico City is a sprawling metropolis unlike any other. It’s the most populated city in North America and consistently ranks as one of the largest cities in the world.

Rich in history, a culinary paradise, and with more museums per capita than anywhere else, Mexico City has a lot to offer.

As such, navigating the city can be a challenge. With so much to do and see all over town, figuring out how to get around Mexico City is crucial for a successful trip.

Uber in Mexico city

Is It Safe to Use Uber in Mexico City?

If you’re wondering, ‘Is Uber safe?’ the short answer is yes. It’s the safest form of car transportation in Mexico City.

Taking a taxi in Mexico City is not the safest idea unless you’re familiar with the cab companies and know how to verify that the cab you’re getting into can be trusted.

As a platform, Uber vets its drivers and tracks your location, which minimizes the risk for its passengers. Uber in Mexico City is not only safer, but it’s easier, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

Since Uber has your pick-up location and destination right in the app, as well as messaging, you don’t need to try to communicate where you’re going to the driver.

Uber also tracks your location and maps your route. So if the driver starts to go outside of the suggested route, both you and Uber will know.

Thanks to their rating system, you can also view the driver’s rating and leave your own feedback to easily communicate with future passengers how your experience was.

That being said, Uber is not foolproof. There have been ongoing reports of passengers experiencing problems since the company started.

Statistically, this is not common, though, and millions of people use Uber every day with no issues – me included.

It’s best to exercise normal precautions, though, when getting into an Uber. Always confirm the license plate and the driver’s name before getting into the car.

Avoid sleeping during your rides and regularly check that you’re still going in the right direction.

If you’re moving around Mexico City at night alone, especially as a woman, you can now share your trip with another friend through the app.

I love this; it adds an extra layer of security and comfort for me. You can also easily report a driver if you don’t feel comfortable, but do not hesitate to leave the car if you’re concerned for your safety.

Taxi IN Mexico

Is Uber Cheaper Than a Taxi in Mexico City?

Taxis and Ubers in Mexico City are similarly priced depending on where you’re going and at what time. An Uber ride is usually cheaper than a taxi, especially if you’re going long distances.

However, the cost will rise during peak times or when there aren’t as many drivers on the road.

Taxis will have a consistent fare but are more expensive overall and require pesos. If you’re trying to travel around the city, Uber is usually the cheaper option.

If you’re in a more remote area or on a day trip from Mexico City, taxis will be easier to get and usually cost less, as there are more of them around.

Uber vs taxi in Mexico City

How to Use Uber in Mexico City

In order to use Uber in Mexico City, you’ll first need to have your Uber app downloaded. This is best to do prior to arriving in the country, as you will need to verify your account via SMS. You can verify with that number if you have a local Sim card.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and call a ride.

Make sure that your pickup location and destination address are correct. I like to look on Google Maps beforehand to see where I’m going and then compare the route to the pin in the Uber app.

It’s important to note that the full address on Google Maps is usually different than what shows up on Uber.

Mexico city skyline at night

Uber often auto-populates the address you’re going to when you start typing, so it’s easiest to select the suggested address instead of copying the one on Google Maps, as it may not show up.

Double-check your maps before confirming to ensure you’re going to the right place.

Once you put in your pickup location and destination, it will search for a driver and confirm when one picks up.

Uber will also confirm your payment type and ride type. Before confirming, you can choose between different car options, such as a larger or more eco-friendly car.

Once the driver is approaching, go to the pickup point and confirm the car and license plate before getting into the car.

The driver will usually confirm your address and name when you get in the car. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, listen to the address and say yes (si) if it’s correct.

Your driver will then take you to your destination while you relax and enjoy the sights of Mexico City.

Save a place in Uber
You can click on “where to” which will take you to Saved places. Click on it and you will be taken onto the following screen (see picture below)
save a place in Uber
Here, click “add saved place” and digitize the address you want to save. This will save you time when you need to go to a place frequently.
Schedule a ride
You can also schedule a ride in Uber by clicking on “NOW”. You will be taken to a time scheduler ( see screen below)
Schedule a ride
Once you set the time, you can call a car as you would normally do. And you will receive a message with the scheduled time of arrival. Keep in mind that Uber will give you a range of time, not the exact time.

Uber in Mexico City Pro Tips

✔ As mentioned above, Uber rides can be quite expensive during peak hours compared to normal. If you’re trying to go downtown from a different neighborhood during rush hour, the fare will be higher, and so will traffic.

✔ It’s best to avoid going across town during peak hours like lunchtime or dinnertime. On the weekends, getting a car anywhere will cost more if it’s dinner time or mid-morning.

✔ Try walking instead if you’re going somewhere nearby, or avoid ordering a car until the surge time has passed.

✔ Additionally, allow more time than you think. Every time a friend visits me in Mexico City, they get stuck in traffic and miss reservations.

Mexico City is a massive city. Keep an eye on the traffic times to ensure you have enough time to get somewhere.

This is especially important if you’re trying to go somewhere during the peak times or days mentioned above.

Mexico city day

✔ If a driver ever messages you to ask you to pay in pesos and/or at a different cost than what is shown in the app, cancel your ride and request a new driver.

They sometimes do this because Uber takes a significant portion of the cost of the ride.

This is unfortunate for the drivers, especially when you take into account how cheap some of these rides are.

That being said, paying for your ride outside of the app is not how Uber works, and it could put you in a difficult situation.

If you want to help your driver be fairly compensated, please tip instead.

✔ Lastly, it will be hard to get an Uber to pick you up if you want to visit an attraction just outside Mexico City, like the Teotihuacan pyramids or Xochilmico.

Many drivers offer their services offline and will charge the same rate.

If you like your driver, consider asking for their contact and schedule a pickup directly.

Tipping Your Uber Driver in Mexico

You should absolutely tip your Uber driver in Mexico City.

Tipping in Mexico, in general, is expected.

As mentioned above, Uber Drivers are notoriously underpaid and considering traffic and gas prices in Mexico City, they aren’t making much for their time.

As such, please tip. I try to tip between 5-10%, depending on the length of the ride.

Can I Get an Uber From the Mexico City Airport?

Yes! It’s so easy to take an Uber from the Mexico City airport, and it’s often affordable. I always call an Uber driver from the Mexico City airport.

There are several designated pickup locations throughout the airport. The app will prompt you to go to your nearest one when you call for a ride.

Mexico city

Paying in Cash With Uber in Mexico City

There are several ways to pay for your Uber rides in Mexico City. You will need to select your payment method before you confirm your ride. You can link your credit card to Uber or you can pay in cash.

If you’d like to pay in cash, there are a few things you should be prepared for. First of all, you need to have pesos. You cannot pay in another currency.

Secondly, make sure you have the right amount of cash. Don’t assume the driver will have exact change, especially if you’re trying to break a big bill (like 500 MXN).

If you only have bigger bills, message the driver to ask if they have change. If they don’t, you can either get some change before they get there, switch to credit card payment, or cancel and request a new car.

Just note that you must have your payment method selected and ready before taking the ride.

Add your payment method
Here is where you add and delete payment methods, and you can select your preferred option for every ride.

Paying With PayPal With Uber in Mexico City

Another payment option is Paypal. You can now pay with Paypal on Uber in Mexico City. You can add this as a payment method like you would your credit card and then select it when you call a ride.

If you get international credit card fees, this is an easy way to avoid them without having to pay in pesos.

UberPOOL vs UberX in Mexico City

There are several ride types in Mexico City, including UberPool and UberX.

UberPool is typically cheaper because you will share the car with other passengers going in the same direction.

Essentially, it’s carpooling with strangers. That being said, it will also typically take longer as there will be additional stops.

UberX is the standard Uber car, where it’s just you in the car. UberX cars allow up to three other guests, so if you’re traveling with friends, they can get in the car with you.

If traveling with more than three people, you’ll need to call an UberXL.

How to Tip on Uber in Mexico City

With a few suggested amounts, Uber will prompt you to tip after each ride.

You can also input whatever amount you want to tip, but remember the amounts are shown in pesos.

Alternatively, tipping in cash is even better if you have extra pesos.

It’s unclear if Uber drivers get their full tips, so tipping in pesos at the end of your ride is an easy way to ensure your tip is going to the right person.

Uber’s Competitors in Mexico City

Uber’s biggest competitor in Mexico City is Didi. Didi is a local ride-share service that became popular during the pandemic.

Didi is an app that operates very similarly to Uber.

You can sometimes find lower prices on Didi, but there aren’t as many drivers in general.

That being said, if it’s late at night or the cost of an Uber is really high, Didi may have better options.

I would suggest downloading both Didi and Uber, so you have a backup and can always get safe transport in Mexico City.

You could also take the metro, the public buses, taxis, or walk in Mexico City.

My Experience With Uber in Mexico City

Uber is my primary method of transportation in Mexico City. I’ve taken it to and from most neighborhoods, and the airport at all hours.

I have never had a bad experience using Uber in Mexico. I’ve had better experiences using Uber in Mexico City than in my home country, the U.S.

Uber is generally reliable, easy, and available throughout the city. If I can’t walk somewhere, I always call an Uber.

As a woman, who lives and travels solo, Uber makes me feel safer than other forms of transportation like taxis. I love that I can take it home at night when it’s too late to walk, and I don’t have to worry about safety.

I also love that I can easily pick up my friends at different locations by scheduling a stop, which makes it easy for us to go on adventures together or get home.

Mexico city street

Which Other Cities Can You Use Uber in Mexico?

Uber is very common in Mexico but usually only operates in mid to large cities. Besides Mexico City, you can find Uber in the following cities



✔ Guadalajara

✔ Monterrey

San Miguel de Allende


✔ Cuernavaca

✔ Aguascalientes


La Paz

Puerto Vallarta

If you’re in a city where Uber operates, you can usually take an Uber to a nearby town or attraction, but you probably won’t be able to get a ride back.

✔ If you are wondering, there is no Uber in Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen due to issues with the taxi driver association.

The best way to get from Cancun Airport to one of those destinations is by shuttle service.

Mexico city zocalo By night

Uber in Mexico City: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico City Worth Visiting?

Mexico City is definitely worth visiting, if only just for the great food you will find. But it’s not all.

As you have read in this Mexico City brief guide you have noticed how many interesting places you can visit in Mexico City, from ancient ruins to amazing architecture, parks, museums, and events.

Also, the vibrant nightlife in Mexico City makes it worth spending a few days in the Mexican capital city.

Is Uber Safe in Mexico City Airport?

Yes, Uber is safe to use at Mexico City Airport. There are designated pickup locations, and the app guides you to the nearest one when you request a ride. It’s a convenient and affordable option.

How Much Is Uber in Mexico City?

In my experience, Uber fares in Mexico City are quite affordable.

The cost of a ride can vary depending on factors such as distance and time of day, but overall, I find it to be a cost-effective transportation option in the city.

Can I Use My Us Uber App in Mexico?

Yes, I have used my US Uber app in Mexico without any issues. The app functions the same way, allowing me to request rides and pay for them using my US account.

Do Uber Drivers in Mexico Speak English?

Not all Uber drivers in Mexico speak English fluently.

However, some drivers do have basic English proficiency, especially in popular tourist areas.

It’s helpful to have a few key Spanish phrases or use a translation app to communicate effectively.

Using Uber in Mexico City: Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want easy, reliable, and safe transportation, Uber is one of the best options in Mexico City.

I would highly recommend using it, especially as a solo female traveler.

Whether you’re going to the airport, the clubs, or the museums, Uber will get you where you need to go in Mexico City.

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