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The 13 Best Hotels on the Beach in Tulum Mexico

If you are looking for the best hotels on the beach in Tulum, you have come to the right place. In this post, you will find the best beach hotels in Tulum that I have specifically selected for you to have the ultimate Tulum experience.

If you haven’t been to Tulum before, you will find it a place like nowhere else.

This laid-back town on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula has some of the best beaches in Mexico, and the best way to enjoy it is from a beachfront suite looking at the blue shades of the Caribbean sea surrounded by palm trees and jungle vibes.

Tulum Beach from a drone
Tulum aerial view

Therefore here are some of the best places where to stay in Tulum on the beach.

The 13 Best Hotels on the Beach in Tulum Mexico

1. Dune Boutique Hotel

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Dune Hotel Tulum
Photo © Dune Hotel Tulum

Located ideally on Tulum’s Caribbean coastline is the Dune Boutique Hotel. Studded with a wide variety of features ranging from Mayan to modern, the hotel is a blend of art and luxury.

Additionally, this luxury hotel has lots of greenery, especially the aesthetically swaying palm trees on the white sand to complement its beautiful design.

As you would expect from such a luxurious Tulum hotel, all the rooms and suites come with 5-star amenities and services.

There is air-conditioning in every guest room, private bathrooms feature spa-grade facilities and free toiletries, and some of the rooms have lovely views of the sea or lush garden on offer.

The interiors of the hotel are exquisitely designed, with handmade pieces and original artwork decorating all the indoor spaces.

Then there comes the artful placement of Mayan artifacts to give its modern furnishings a touch of cultural beauty.

Tulum Beach aerial view
Photo © Isabella Biava

The site restaurant of Dune Boutique is another well-praised part of the hotel. Guests simply fall in love with the unique culinary experience provided here, and I’m sure you will too.

And the tropical cocktails served fresh at its juice bar are also quite amazing, so do give them a try.

Since Dune Boutique is a beach hotel, you have easy access to the picture-perfect beaches. Then there are all the amazing beach clubs that you can just take a walk to.

The hotel has free private parking for the guests, so you can get around town easily with a car rental as well.

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2. Sueños Tulum

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Suenos tulum

Sueños is a gorgeous beachfront eco-resort on the Riviera Maya that makes it to the top of many travel lovers’ and wanderlusts’ lists for a luxurious place to stay in Tulum.

The 14 suites of Sueños Tulum right on the Tulum Beach are perfect for an unforgettable beach vacation.

All the suites at this resort are designed with a tropical theme in mind, and that’s something I like because it goes well with the beauty of the sea and jungle flanking Sueños Tulum.

The designs of these suites are inspired by the Mayan culture, and the comfort they provide all comes from modern facilities.

Sueños Tulum offers lots of variety for lodgings with its numerous suites. They all feature air-conditioning, wireless internet, safe deposit boxes, and stylish furnishings.

Continental breakfast is included in your relatively affordable rates.

Tulum beach
Photo © Isabella Biava

These suites are spacious and comfortable, and the tasteful placement of artwork, sculptures, and colors make them blend into the jungle on Sueños’ edge. I also like how peaceful and secluded these lodgings are, so if you want a serene stay, this is it.

Sueños Tulum has a guest-only concept, so its beach area (and every other facility) is exclusive to the hotel guests, and you will find comfy beach beds and other beach facilities available there as well.

Concierge service, a front desk, secure parking, and room service are also part of your stay.

The hotel has a beach bar as well as an outdoor pool, and there is an exclusive site restaurant at the resort as well. You will love the spa treatments here because they consist of Mayan rituals designed to take care of all your stress and make you relaxed and revitalized!

With a great location on Tulum Beach, Sueños is already one of the perfect resorts for a stay on the beach. But there’s more, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve is only a kilometer from here, which means access to one of the best-liked attractions of Tulum.

And Tulum Mayan ruins are also just a 10-minute drive from here.

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3. Alea Tulum  by Blue Sky

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Alea Tulum Beach

Alea Tulum by Blue Sky is another beautiful Tulum beach hotel. However, it’s important to notice that it’s not exactly located on the Tulum beach road, but further north towards Playa Del Carmen, between Caleta Tanka and Casa Cenote, to be more specific.

Even though it’s a 4-star hotel, Alea Tulum by Blue Sky counts among the best luxury resorts in Tulum and that is why I wanted to include it, especially for those who love the more remote and secluded location.

With countless facilities and great features, the hotel is an excellent place to stay on the beach, but make sure you have a car otherwise, you would be completely isolated from everything.

Alea Tulum is a spectacular hotel made with a combination of wood and stone. The natural beauty and palm trees of the region mix with the design of Alea Tulum to make for a gorgeous all-suite accommodation.

All its suites of Alea Tulum have modern amenities and services. The ones on the ground floor are swim-up style beachfront rooms, and on the first and second floors, the oceanfront suites are another unique place for guests to stay.

The ground-floor suites are known for their easy beach access, while the suites overlooking the Tankah Bay boast expansive terrace views.

Tulum Beach hotel from a drone
Photo © Isabella Biava

The ocean views from these rooms include having the second largest coral reef system of the world insight as well!

The restaurant of Alea Tulum, Tz’onot, is dedicated to Mexican cuisine and is known for many of its signature dishes.

The restaurant is right by the pier of the hotel, and you will also get to enjoy select wine pairings and other culinary delights here. If you prefer dining in your room, Alea Tulum also has a private dining service for its guests.

Wellness is another one of Alea Tulum’s central aspects, so you will find a fitness center, spa, and lots of great outdoor swimming pools on the property.

The massages and treatments offered by its spa are simply great, and the gym is also pretty nice.

You can also do phone-instructed yoga here if you like, but to do it with a personal instructor you will have to find an actual yoga center (pro tip: there are plenty nearby).

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4. Alaya Tulum

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Alaya Tulum Kitchen
Photo © Alaya Tulum

Alaya Tulum is a spectacular beach hotel in Tulum, but don’t confuse it with Alea. They’re two different hotels with a similar name.

Though, it’s true that Alaya Tulum isn’t only similar to Alea Tulum in its name. Both the hotels have excellent locations and facilities and count as some of the best beach hotels in Tulum.

Belonging to the Ahau Collection hotels, Alaya Tulum is situated right where the jungle meets the picture-perfect beachside of Tulum.

It consists of exquisite rooms featuring free wifi, handcrafted wooden furnishings, and marble bathrooms with rain showers.

The apartments have seating areas and patios, and some of them also include kitchenettes. Views of the ocean and convenient beach access are also part of the lodging experience, and room service is provided in all the guest rooms.

Alaya Tulum Room
Alaya Tulum Room

The terrace of Alaya Tulum has a dedicated space for yoga classes with views of the sea, and its open-air restaurant also has terrace seating if you want to enjoy your meals with the vast blue waters of the Caribbean in front of you.

Not surprisingly, Alaya Tulum is one of the hotels with a private beach area for its guests.

There is also a bar and garden on the property, and lots of amazing places to visit can be found nearby. If you’re looking for exciting places to visit in Tulum, the hotel also has a tour desk to help you with all your visits to Tulum town attractions, Tulum day trips, and tours.

Alaya Tulum is close to lots of great places like restaurants, cafes, and even jungle gyms! Apart from the attractions within walking distance, there are plenty of popular spots—like the Tulum National Park which includes the Tulum Mayan Ruins —just a short drive away.

The free private parking here is available to all the guests, so all you need is a car rental to explore them all.

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5. Habitas Tulum

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Habitas Tulum
Photo © Habitas Tulum

Habitas Tulum is one of the trendiest beach resorts worth calling a small piece of paradise in Tulum.

The hotel offers such an awe-inspiring immersion in the nature around it that it’s hard to find any other like it on the white sand coastline of Tulum.

Habitas offers various thatched-roofed huts made of natural materials and featuring canvas walls, making them one of the most unique and beautiful lodgings in this part of Quintana Roo!

These huts come with outdoor rain showers and chic furnishings, and some even feature private pools.

Despite its uniqueness, Habitas has every facility and service you would expect from one of the best boutique hotels in Tulum.

You will find air-conditioning, free wifi, great room service, and seating areas with beach/jungle views available in every hut.

Habitas aerial view
Photo © Habitas hotel

Right beside the private beach area of Habitas Tulum is an infinity pool, and the hotel also features lounge areas, an on-site seafood restaurant, and a beach bar.

In the way of wellness and relaxation, an amazing spa and yoga classes are also available here.

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6. La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel

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Aerial view of tulum beach
Photo © La Zebra – Colibri hotel

La Zebra is one of the most famous beachfront hotels and beach clubs in Tulum. Renowned for its radiant and lively atmosphere, luxurious rooms, delicious local cuisine, amenities, and modern services, it’s one of the best Tulum beach hotels.

La Zebra has suites with lots of variety, including some with decks or balconies to take in the crystal-blue oceans, private plunge pools or easy beach access for a refreshing dive, and amenities like air-conditioning, free wifi, minibars, Nespresso machines, and comfy daybeds are all included.

All the suites are modern and richly furnished. With a capacity for more than 4 people each, these are great as family rooms as well as for groups. The chic vibe of La Zebra also makes it a popular place for couples.

The thatched-roof restaurant of La Zebra has a very relaxed vibe and the food there is mouthwatering.

There’s also a cocktail bar on the beach where you can enjoy great drinks to enhance your lovely beach evenings. There is also a rustic-chic spa on La Zebra for holistic treatments.

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7. Zamas Hotel

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Zamas Hotel Room
Photo © Zamas

If you’re looking for a stay in one of the best beachfront hotels in Tulum for a slightly lower price, Zamas can do the work. This vintage boutique hotel expands on two acres of white sand and features inspiring elements in its design.

Located on a beach in the Tulum National Park, Zamas features a total of eight cabanas with vibrant colors, stylish interiors, and artful elements for a bohemian touch.

The airy cabins have simple decor and feature porches with delightful hammocks.

All the cabins have safe deposit boxes, ceiling fans, and free wifi. The more upscale of these guest rooms have air-conditioning, beachfront sitting areas, and pull-out sofas as well. Rest assured, despite their minimalistic approach, these rooms are comfortable and luxurious.

The hotel features a private beach area, outdoor furniture, a garden, a sun terrace, and a swimming pool.

With lots of family rooms and quality services like babysitting for an extra cost, these amenities combine for a memorable family vacation on the Caribbean coastline.

The friendly staff is always there to help you out with things and take care of your requests. You can ask them for tips and suggestions to make your Tulum vacation an even better one.

You will also enjoy the live music that brings the nights to life here!

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8. El Paraiso Hotel Tulum

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Hotel Paraiso overview
Photo © Hotel Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is among the top beaches of Tulum and sees thousands of tourists every year.

Going by the same name, El Paraiso Hotel makes it easier to enjoy this celebrated beach and its stunning turquoise waters to your heart’s content.

With dozens of amenities, extraordinary service, and unparalleled luxury, El Paraiso takes the cake for the ultimate gateway to Paradise Beach.

The hotel is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea on one side, and the lush green beauty of Tulum on the other.

The beautiful rooms of El Paraiso derive their charm from the casual and warm decor to complement its traditional design.

All the rooms feature flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, air-conditioning, wireless internet, and private terraces.

The open-air restaurant and bar on El Paraiso’s beach area serve amazing international and local cuisine, and the fresh seafood served here is also really good.

Tulum Beach side
Photo © Isabella Biava

Also, while you venture out to the beach for some great food and drinks, do try out some of the yoga classes or massage services offered there, you won’t regret it!

The ideal location of El Paraiso on Paradise Beach makes it a great spot to visit the rest of Tulum’s attractions.

Other than some of the best beaches, the Mayan Ruins are only a few minutes walk from the property, and the Tulum Archeological Site is less than 2 kilometers from it.

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9. Chiringuito Tulum

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Chiringuito Bedroom
Photo © Chiringuito

Chiringuito Tulum is a small high-end property on a quiet stretch of Tulum beach. The hotel has a laid-back vibe, and its rooms have rustic chic decor to go along with the comfy atmosphere of the hotel.

The design of this hotel is adorable with its Mediterranean allure, and the amenities in its rooms are also quite likable.

They have Bluetooth speakers, coffee machines, and patios to top off the usual resort-style features. If you’re staying in some of the specific suites at Chiringuito, you will have your private terrace to enjoy Tulum’s beauty.

Chiringuito Tulum’s infinity pool looks like it’s merging into the endless blue ocean, there is also a spa in the hotel, and the garden views are nice as well.

The on-site restaurant of the hotel has a pleasant outdoor seating arrangement, and beside it is the bar that overlooks the sea.

I like the tranquil atmosphere of Chiringuito Tulum, so you will find it the right place for you if it’s a relaxing stay on the beach you’re after.

Since the hotel is on a secluded end of the coastline, it offers a pleasant retreat from the buzz of city life.

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10. NEST Tulum

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NEST is another one of the best beachfront resorts in Tulum, but, unlike the ones I have mentioned so far, it’s adults-only. Originally constructed in the ‘90s as a family beach house, NEST Tulum now serves as a premier beach resort favorite for many.

The hotel was recently remodeled, so it maintains both the intimate setting of its original home and the facilities of a top-notch resort hotel. Nowadays, lots of tourists make their base here while on a beach vacation.

The lodging options of NEST Tulum include upscale rooms, suites with hot tubs, sleeping lofts, and sitting areas, and the property also has a separate 4-bedroom villa for an even more luxurious experience. Some of the rooms have private terraces, while others have patios.

Tulum Ruins from the boat
Photo © Isabella Biava

The ambiance of these guest rooms is even more amazing with the jungle backdrop of the hotel. And both the rooms and suites have amenities like air-conditioning, wifi, and private bathrooms with toiletries included.

Room service here is a feature that guests love. Breakfast is complimentary for all the guests, and NEST Tulum’s site restaurant serves extraordinary food for the rest of your day’s meals.

As for the drinks, you can always try out the specialty cocktails at the bar here.

Extra perks for guests include loaner bikes to go around Tulum town and its attractions, free private parking, and a lounge area. You will also find the staff very accommodating and friendly, and the overall experience is remarkable!

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11. Casa Malca

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Casa malca hotel dining room
Photo © Casa Malca

A recent addition to the beach resorts of Tulum, Casa Malca is a dream destination for couples as well as families. With tons to offer on top of its excellent beach location, the hotel has quickly made its way to the top of Tulum’s best hotels list.

Most tourists who visit Tulum with a resort vacation on the beach in mind have heard of Casa Malca, and that’s not anything out of the ordinary for a place that used to be Pablo Escobar’s former mansion.

But the hotel isn’t only famous because of its past, it earns its reputation through a lot of great features and facilities as well.

Despite having been remodeled, Casa Malca preserves some of the most unique elements from Mexican and Mayan culture in its whitewashed design.

The interiors of the hotel feature artwork and handmade furnishings along with Mayan accents, and the rustic-chic decor is just perfect with the natural beauty around the property.

The suites in Casa Malca are extremely sophisticated and luxurious. They feature floor-to-ceiling windows, upscale beds and furniture, and the amenities common with the top Tulum resorts—including air conditioning, terraces/balconies, and modern appliances.

Tulum Beach View Hotels
Photo © Isabella Biava

Some of the suites offer views of the gorgeously landscaped garden. The stunning private beach area of Casa Malca features thatched-roof cabins and the hotel also has a rooftop terrace with sun loungers.

You have full access to one indoor and two outdoor pools, a bar, and a wooden-style restaurant offering local cuisines.

Breakfast is included with every stay here, secure onsite parking is provided to the guests, and free wifi is also available all across the hotel.

And, since Casa Malca is one of the few hotels on South Tulum Beach right before the biosphere reserve, the atmosphere here is filled with serenity and quietude.

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12. Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

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Be Tulum Room
Photo © Be Tulum Hotel

The final entry on my list, Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort, is the definition of luxury with its design rooms and private villas. It’s so luxurious that, if you want to experience the most exclusive and perfect beach vacation in Tulum, this would be the place I’d recommend.

Nestled in the jungle only a few steps from the beach, the lodgings in Be Tulum offer carefully-designed suites and villas.

There are more than enough facilities to make these accommodations stylish and upscale, while also giving them a touch of homelike comfort.

Other than the usual amenities like air-conditioning, internet, and private bathrooms available in all of its 64 lodging options, the suites include balconies, safe deposit boxes, iPod docks, and some even come with private pools or hot tubs.

When it comes to onsite restaurants and bars, Be Tulum has so many of its own. The hotel has a total of 4 restaurants serving delicious food and specializing in different kinds of cuisines.

Then there are the numerous bars of Be Tulum to delight your tastebuds with flavorful drinks.

Tulum Beach aerial view
Photo © Isabella Biava

The hotel also has a couple of outdoor pools, a thriving garden reflecting the jungle beauty around the property, and free secure parking. Beach equipment is also available, and the wellness center on-site has great spa treatments for an extra charge.

Be Tulum is technically adults-only, but anyone above the age of 13 can lodge here so that’s not a concern for most people who want to enjoy an unforgettable stay in this unique hotel.

Be Tulum is also the perfect hotel to end a list of the best beach hotels in Tulum. So, I hope you found just the right luxury hotel on Tulum’s beaches for your next stay.

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Tulum hotels on the beach – is it worth it?

It depends on what you are looking for.

Tulum is a one-of-a-kind beach destination in Mexico when it comes to experiencing the resort vacation every traveler dreams of.

The spectacular beach in Tulum with its fancy hotels and beach clubs is only part of the experience. Tulum is home to ancient Mayan ruins, mesmerizing cenotes, protected areas such as the Sian Ka’an biosphere, Tulum National Park, and many other attractions.

Not to forget the popular hipster vibes of the boho-chic culture, with a rich community of yogi and soul seekers, stylish hotels, and fancy restaurants all that in one tiny town that is growing every day attracting all sorts of travelers, from hardcore backpackers to Hollywood stars.

And many of them even decide to settle.

The glamour of Tulum used to be on the beach but with the development of the popular town, downtown luxury resorts in Tulum are just as glamorous.

So if you are asking whether it is worth it to stay on Tulum beach or not, my answer is Yes, if you have the budget.

However, the fact that you have so many things to do in Tulum makes it easier to move around if you stay downtown. So you may want to split your trip in two, one in a beach hotel where you just enjoy the luxury it offers and never move from there.

And then you can spend a few nights in a nice hotel downtown Tulum where you can join some tours to Tulum Cenotes and explore the surroundings.

Is Tulum Safer than Cancun?

I would say that both destinations are safe if you stay aware of your surrounding and follow some common-sense rules. I wrote two posts about Safety in Cancun and Safety in Tulum so that you can compare.

Tulum vs Cancun is also an interesting match. Two completely different destinations and yet spectacular. Check out the post and see how they compare.

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