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A thorough guide to the best Tulum beach clubs

Tulum is popular among travelers for thousands of things and its beaches are one of them. But if you want an even more enhanced beaching experience, you should join some of the coolest Tulum beach clubs. In this post, I’ll be telling you all about Tulum beach clubs and the beaches where they are located, completed with their rates and the kind of ambiance you will find.

But first, if you haven’t been to Tulum before, let me tell you a bit about it.

Located on the touristy Riviera Maya, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula, the town of Tulum attracts thousands of tourists with its unique oceanside Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, cenotes, and many other Mexican natural wonders.

Because of its unique location, Tulum offers one of the most amazing beach experiences in Mexico, and for sure one of the best beaches of the Riviera Maya—be it vibrant partying or the most tranquil evenings you can desire of.

Tulum ruins
Tulum ruins

Coupled with the luxurious beach clubs of Tulum, it makes for a perfect vacation spot for solo travelers, couples, groups, families, and globetrotters alike; and that’s precisely the reason thousands of tourists visit it every year.

If you’re planning on visiting Tulum, here’s all you need to know about its famous beaches, beach clubs, beach hotels, and all-inclusive beach resorts.

Before traveling to Mexico though, make sure you read some useful Mexico travel tips in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and also check out when it’s the best time to travel to Tulum to pick the best season for what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately at the time I am writing this post the beach it’s not at its best, because of seaweeds, if this is a deal-breaker, make sure you check before traveling.

Disclaimer – Please note that the prices indicated in this post can vary. Therefore please make sure you check with the beach club before getting there, to avoid surprises.

6 Things you MUST know before traveling to TULUM

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    Best Tulum Beaches

    Before talking about Tulum Beach Clubs, I believe it’s important to explain where is the beach in Tulum and what we mean by Tulum Beach. It is easier to look at it on the map below.

    Technically there is only one long stretch of beach in Tulum that starts in the Tulum Ruins and continues all the way to Boca Paila, where the Sian Kaan biosphere begins, for a total of 22 Km.

    However, we can talk about Tulum beach North and Tulum Beach South, separated by the road that connects Down Town Tulum to the beach road.

    Within those two main stretches of beaches, you can find some beach spots with a name on them, which come most of the time by an attraction or a hotel in the proximities. But I will tell you more about that later in this post.

    Tulum North Beach is only 4 km long and it’s more authentic with less development and more public beaches with free access.

    Definitely my favorite part of Tulum beach. You can find some beach clubs here too, although the majority are on the south beach of Tulum, which is more crowded and lined with hotels and their own beach clubs.

    Some of them offer a quiet and tranquil ambiance, while others are more suitable for party lovers.

    That southern part of Tulum Beach is also packed with incredible shops, art galleries, and fine dining, popular for being always super crowded-the negative side.

    On the beach road on the southern side, it’s also a nightmare to find a car park, especially in the high season. This is why most people hire a scooter or a bike.

    tulum beach map
    Photo © Google maps

    North Beaches

    Let’s cover the beaches on the north side, from the Tulum Mayan Ruins going south.

    Playa Paraiso

    playa Paraiso entrance - tulum beach clubs

    There’s a reason they call it the “Paradise Beach” in Mexico. With its turquoise waters, white sands, and swaying palm trees, but most of all pretty much deserted (on weekdays) it’s one of the most gorgeous beaches you will see. It’s a public beach for the most part so you won’t have to worry about accessibility here.

    If you feel like sunbathing, there are also sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent, which cost you 200 Pesos for the whole day. There are also a lot of restaurants and local vendors to be found here, so you can eat and drink all the foods and beverages you want at very reasonable prices.

    Playa Ruinas

    As is apparent from its name, Playa Ruinas is famous for its Mayan ruins that are perched nearby. But the beach isn’t only famous for its historic richness. You can go snorkeling on this beautiful beach, take a walk along the turquoise waters, or just sit back and relax.

    bicycles on the way to the beach

    Playa Palmas

    Playa Palmas is another gorgeous beach in the north of Tulum. It’s famous for the calm and tranquil surroundings it has to offer. There is lots of space around so you won’t face overcrowding.

    Into the bargain is the bars and restaurants of this beach. Ordering quality beverages and food doesn’t cost a fortune (like on the other side of the beach), so you will find the best value for money here with access to lounging sofas, umbrellas, and beach blankets.

    Playa Pescadores

    Last but not least of the best Tulum beaches in its north is Playa Pescadores. Technically, it’s a part of the Playa Paraiso, but the place has its own charm and atmospheric surroundings so it warrants a separate mention on my list. Just like Playa Paraiso, you will love the flat white sands and turquoise water of this place.

    There are also a lot of water sports activities available on Playa Pescadores which you can try, like snorkeling with turtles and stingrays. Or, if you’re not one for adventures, you can just relax and unwind under the welcoming shade of its palm trees while enjoying a beverage.

    Here you can also find local boat tours that will take you to snorkel and see the archeological site from the boat, for only 250 MXN, definitely worth it. The local fishermen are organized in Coop and they are super reliable.

    beach chairs on a beach in Tulum

    South Beach of Tulum

    As I was mentioning, the south beaches in Tulum are technically just a single beach lined with amazing laid-back luxury hotels and bars that it’s really difficult to choose. Keep in mind that almost all the beach Clubs in Tulum are hotels that open up to the public for day use of the beach and facility but at a cost, and sometimes it’s not cheap. But, hey! You are in Tulum, right?

    On this side of Tulum Beach, it’s hard to find access to the beach if you don’t want to pay for a day pass in a hotel beach club. Sometimes you can just pass through and if security stops you, you just say you are going to the beach. They won’t always let you go but it’s worth trying.

    One of the hotels that would let you pass is Posada Margherita, where the owners are very chilled about that, and you will have to buy some drinks or a meal only if you use their facilities. Another one is La Eufemia.

    Tulum beach club map

    Most popular Tulum beach clubs

    Now that you know about the beaches of Tulum let’s talk about Tulum beach clubs, which is exactly why you are reading this post.

    Beach clubs in Tulum are relatively expensive, with an average of 50USD spent. That means that you must pay for the entrance but what you pay is used as a credit for your meal.

    So basically if you pay 50 USD and you spend only 40 USD to eat or drink you won’t get the difference back.

    But I assure you, unless you are on a fasting diet, you will spend that amount to eat or more, in the majority of the places.

    But you haven’t been to Tulum if you haven’t experienced a meal on the beach. So even if you are staying in one of the spectacular beach hotels, it’s still fun to try other beach clubs and restaurants.

    So here below you will find a list of my favorite ones. For your convenience, I have grouped the “noisy” beach club from the peaceful ones.

    Sunrise on a beach in Tulum Mexico

    Chill and Tranquil Beach Clubs

    As I mentioned before, Tulum is one of the most popular beach destinations and one of the must-visit places in Mexico, and if you didn’t know it’s also one of the Mexican Pueblos Magicos.

    Despite the latest controversial news, there is still a lot of magic in Tulum indeed.

    And the best way to enjoy Tulum beach is in one of its boho-chic beach clubs.

    Thousands of people visit them to spend a chill afternoon relaxing in the quiet atmosphere of their luxuriously gorgeous beaches.

    Because of their incredible appeal, the list of Tulum’s best beach clubs is a long one.

    They’re all best in their own right. Here they are.

    Cinco Tulum (north beach)

    Cinco Tulum
    Photo © Cinco Tulum

    Cinco Tulum is a beach club and a glamping spot in Tulum, where connecting with nature is considered a priority. From accommodations to beaches and views, everything here is absolutely gorgeous and nature-themed. The luxury tent accommodations of this beach club are a cherry on top.

    Cinco also has a bar and restaurant where people come to savor one of the most delicious cuisines in the area. Plus, it offers so many different kinds of massages, relaxing activities like outdoor showers, and an overall comforting atmosphere.

    Requires Reservation during the weekend, with a minimum spend of 1000 MXN (50 USD) but you can just show up during weekdays when there’s no minimum spend.

    Full disclosure– I am a little biased because this place belongs to a friend, but I also know the love and passion he put into this place and I assure you, you will have a blast.

    La Zebra

    If you’re looking to experience the luxurious surroundings of Tulum’s south beaches that I mentioned earlier, La Zebra is the place I recommend. Although the prices are slightly higher at La Zebra as compared to the other beach clubs, it’s also one of the most elegant beach clubs you will visit here.

    Crowds aren’t a thing on La Zebra, and the sunbeds, chairs, blankets, and everything else you will need to enjoy your trip to the beach are on par with the best standards.

    Pink is the theme color of this club, but you won’t find any color missing with the terrific views of the Caribbean in front of you.

    Minimum Spend: $30 USD/600 Pesos

    Coco Tulum

    Have you seen those picturesque scenes from movies with swings at a beach? Well, Coco Tulum is straight out of those movies and you can go get your wish to swing at such a place fulfilled.

    But, if you’re not one for swings, it has many other activities as well — like yoga sessions, guided tours, clubbing, and bonfire nights.

    Despite being one of the most elite beach clubs in Tulum, Coco is very affordable and doesn’t cost a fortune. Although the minimum spend is $20 USD/400 Pesos per person, they usually just let you in if you don’t plan on using their beach launchers. Just be sure to ask politely at the reception.

    Ziggy’s Beach Club

    Ziggy’s is famed for its delicious menus and tasteful beverages besides the fancy presentation of the dishes. The staff at Ziggy’s is also one of its famous assets. Their friendliness and hospitality are renowned among their frequent clients.

    The beach area is divided into two sections; one is for Hotel guests only and the other section is for day visitors.
    During the day there is a chilled and relaxed ambiance where the guest can enjoy nature and the beautiful beach.

    The minimum spending is 50 USD per person, which goes towards food and beverage throughout the day. Ziggy’s Beach Club is right next to their partnership hotels The Beach Tulum and Cabañas Tulum.

    Free Parking is available for visitors.

    The beach club is open daily from 10 am- 6 pm, and Ziggy’s Restaurant is open from 7 am until 11 pm offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    They take reservations for loungers from 10 am until 12 pm, then first come first served basis, upon availability. And for the restaurant, they take reservations all day.

    At Ziggy’s restaurant they have live music from Wednesday to Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, a different band every night, Caribbean and tropical rhythms. 

    Minimum Spend: $50 USD/1000 Pesos


    Habitas is one of the most exclusive beach hotels and Beach Clubs in Tulum, with a lovely homey feel. You will have a wonderful beach club experience while you’re at Habitas while also feeling like you’re at home.

    This beach club has huts with palapa roofs, with private access to a very beautiful part of the beach surrounded by a jungly area.

    The open-air restaurant at Habitas beach club has a very scrumptious menu (though a little pricey), so I’m sure you won’t regret dining in it.

    If you’re not staying at Habitas but want to access their lovely beach, you can do so after having a wonderful meal in this restaurant.

    Minimum Spend: $50 USD/1000 Pesos

    La Eufemia (close now)

    I have included it for the sake of information, but unfortunately, la Eufemia is close now. It was probably the most inexpensive beach club you could find in Tulum.

    It has a very affordable menu, but the food is delicious nonetheless. It was actually very famous for its best tacos in Tulum.

    The atmosphere here was way more laid-back and casual as compared to the other beach clubs on my list.

    Playa Paraiso Beach Club (north beach)

    Hotel Paraiso overview
    Photo © Hotel Paraiso

    Since it’s located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Tulum, El Paraiso Hotel Beach club has one of the most memorable experiences to offer. It opens up at 10 in the morning and closes again at 6 in the evening. During this period, you can spend the day having nice drinks or meals from the bar and restaurant there, relax on the lounge chairs, hammocks, or sunbeds and watch the sunset over the magical waves.

    Minimum Spend: $50-150 USD/1000-3000 Pesos (varies depending on the time of year)

    Casa Malca

    Casa Malca is one of the most unique and exclusive among Tulum Beach Hotels. It’s filled with contemporary art, so much that its interior design itself is art as well. The place was formerly one of Pablo Escobar’s mansions.

    Lio Malca, an art dealer from New York, decided to turn it into a resort. Now it has a black and white bar, a chandelier room, and a hanging couch (which is quite famous on Instagram).

    Casa Malca is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The beach has amazing views, hammocks, teepees, and beach beds.

    Casa Malca also has three restaurants and three pools that you can check out.

    Minimum Spend: $160 USD/3000 Pesos for a Day pass (includes $110/2200 Pesos credit for food and drinks)

    Villa Las Estrellas

    hotel hammock on a verandah with beach view
    Photo © Villa Las Estrellas

    Villa las Estrellas is well-liked by families looking for a laid-back and quiet vacation. There are only 6 rooms in Villa las Estrellas, 3 of which are bungalows.

    Villa las Estrellas has a very simple yet elegant atmosphere. It’s one of the places where I used to spend most of my Tulum escapes when I was living in Cancun.

    The hotel is quite costly but as a beach club not so much. And the food is amazing.

    Minimum Spend: $17 USD/350 Pesos

    Ahau Tulum

    Ahau Beach Club is one of the more upscale options when it comes to Tulum beach clubs.

    It has sea and garden views, cabanas and huts furnished with handmade wooden furniture and thatched ceilings, and an open-air restaurant at the beachfront.

    The activities here include yoga, meditation, shamanic dances, drumming circles, massage and music, and of course a relaxing evening on the beach.

    It’s also a pet-friendly beach club, and kids below the age of 11 get free access here so, if you’re a family, Ahau will be a good choice for you.

    Minimum Spend: $100 USD/2000 Pesos (beach club guests only which doesn’t include access to the main restaurant)

    Ana y Jose

    Ana y Jose is an intimate beachfront resort famous for its natural atmosphere, and stylish elegant rooms, besides the exceptional service and the great Spa.

    The hotel has been around for almost four decades now, so it’s a given that the service, food, and overall stay here will be of the best kind.

    ana y jose beach at sunrise
    Photo © Ana y Jose

    They do have a beach club option as well from 9 am to 6 pm every day, where non-guests can enjoy the beach facility.

    Each sunbed can fit 1 person and includes a towel. From Monday to Thursday it has a price of 1,000 pesos and from Fridays to Sundays it has a price of 1,500 pesos as a minimum consumption.

    For beach beds, it can fit up to 4 people and it has a minimum consumption of 5,000 pesos and it also includes a towel per person.

    The beach club also includes access to the pool, restaurant, public showers and restrooms.

    Ana y jose hotel beach chairs and palapas
    Photo © Ana y Jose

    Party Beach Clubs

    If you’re looking for night and day parties and music, during your visit to Tulum, these clubs are some of the best, renowned for their dj music all day long.

    Selina Beach Club + Mia Restaurant and Beach Club

    Selina is a very recent beach club that joined the Tulum beach clubs arena. And since it’s new, the facilities and workings are also quite modern here.

    It has amazing locations for photography which attract many Instagrammers to this place. Selina also has a coworking space that digital nomads fancy a lot.

    They partnered up with Mia Restaurant and Beach Club, making the place an even more vibrant beach club and party spot.

    Among its most famous attractions is the party scene that you will find here at night. It’s a wonderful place if you want to enjoy food, drinks, and music all night.

    The place has an extensive selection of wines and also offers Tulum’s craft beers.

    Minimum Spend: $40 USD/800 Pesos (or you can just have drinks at the bar)

    Papaya Playa Project

    Papaya Playa Project is a very touristy beach club and hotel because of its frontal location on the south beach. It has DJs, mixology, delicious food, beer, and a lot more on its beachfront bar.

    The parties here take place on weekends. It also has outdoor pools, a spa, yoga classes, and watersport activities.

    Minimum Spend: $50 USD/1000 Pesos on Weekdays and $100 USD/2000 Pesos on Weekends (unless they waive it, which they often do)

    Best beaches near Tulum

    But Tulum beaches are not the only thing you want to explore when you are vacationing in Tulum. Its surroundings are also worth a visit.

    I would suggest you should rent a car and go for an adventure. Among all the things you can do around Tulum, there are some other beaches of the Riviera Maya definitely worth exploring.

    Here are my favorites:


    Playa Akumal means The Place of Turtles in Spanish.

    It’s famous for its snorkeling activity where you can swim with the turtles, and there are also some nature preservation programs that arrange for thousands of tourists to watch sea turtle hatchings every year.

    There is no shortage of pristine white stretches of sand along crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean in this part of the Riviera Maya.

    The beach is also filled with so many shops, restaurants, bars, and beachfront accommodations that it’s impossible to not have a grand time here.

    No Minimum Spend or Entry Fee (parking costs 50 Pesos for the day)

    Beach with sun shades and beach chairs


    If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can take a trip further north and visit this absolute gem of a beach. Because of its unique location between Akumal and Playa del Carmen, Playa Xpu-ha is almost never overcrowded so you will have a quiet and relaxing time here.

    There are also some local bars and restaurants to be found on this stretch of white sands, where you can have decent seafood and beverages.

    There are also kayaks, chairs, security lockers, and other such basic facilities that you can use on Xpu-ha. All of these features cost you only a small amount of money so no worries on that end.

    Minimum Spend: $10 USD/200 Pesos (otherwise 50 Pesos entrance fee)

    xpu-ha beach - mexico

    Caleta Tankah

    Caleta Tankah is a hotel with an amazing beach and cenote just 150 feet or so away from it. It’s a very beautiful place where you can go snorkeling, jumping, or exploring. The food is also quite nice too if you wish to stay for lunch and it will make a great beach day.

    Beach Entrance Fee: $15 USD/300 Pesos

    Top Beach Hotels in Tulum

    Delek Tulum

    Hotel Delek is one of my favorite. The stylish spacious rooms are decorated with the most stylish taste, fancy and yet cozy. They also have an incredible lookout where you can enjoy a full sight of Tulum Beach and the jungle as a backdrop.

    Check out rates and availability on: |

    Posada Margherita

    Located at the beginning of the south side of Tulum beach Posada Margherita is one of Tulum’s most luxurious hotels and yet very chilled and laid back.

    It’s an Italian boutique hotel that features a vintage-like decor with wooden furnishings and no TVs in the rooms. It also has an Italian restaurant, a pizzeria, a juice bar, and one bar on the beach. It’s pet-friendly.


    Nomade is another one of Tulum’s luxurious hotels with a private beach area for its guests. It also has outdoor tents for guests to stay in. The outdoor restaurant here has one of the freshest seafood to offer.

    The guests are provided with private beach areas that have sunbeds, cocktails, and swimming.

    It also has gratitude tents, plant-based cuisine in its indoor restaurant, and yoga classes — all of which are geared towards the wellness of your mind and body.

    Since it’s a cashless hotel, make sure you bring your card along when visiting it.

    They also have a beach club as well for external guests. The minimum spend is $100 USD/2000 Pesos

    Check out rates and availability on: |

    Chiringuito Tulum

    Chiringuito is a small boutique beachfront hotel in Tulum immersed in a lush jungle. The minimal chic decor includes polished cement, stone, and rustic wood furnishings. It also features clay vessels, natural textiles, and artworks, which give it a contemporary outlook and make it a wonderful spot to connect with and explore, nature.

    It’s also famous for its Mediterranean cuisine and Caribbean beach views.

    The seafood is prepared with very fresh ingredients and the fish are appropriated directly from the local fishermen of Tulum.

    Chiringuito has Tulum’s famous crystal-clear waters, white sands, fresh seafood, and lush jungles surrounding it so your stay here won’t be lacking anything.

    Check out rates and availability on: |

    How to get to the beach from DownTown Tulum

    Getting to the beach from DownTown Tulum is pretty straightforward (quite literally). All you need to do is head onto the single road leading to Boca Paila from Tulum town.

    Once at the end of it (a roundabout marks the end), you can either take a left or right depending on which side of the beaches you wish to visit.

    The left will take you to the northern beaches, and the right will take you to the southern ones.

    How you head in the direction, though, varies on your mode of transportation. There are many ways you can get around Tulum.

    car rental

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    Browse through international and local car rentals and find the best deal.

    Getting to Tulum Beach by taxi

    If you’re just visiting a beach, taking a cab would be a very easy and simple method to do it. You can easily find one in Tulum most of the time.

    Just make sure to use the registered ones, and bargain the fare beforehand.

    Taxis in Tulum are overpriced and one of the things in Tulum that I hate the most. So ask the price before getting on a taxi and if you don’t agree, say no and wait for another one. If you stop a taxi on the road it will be cheaper than getting one at a taxi stand.

    Getting to Tulum Beach by Bike or Scooter

    Tulum also has a lot of bike rentals available, and chances are good that even your hotel/resort might have them as well. Taking a bike to the beaches is a very nice experience in Tulum and it only takes 15 minutes to get there on a bike.

    Getting to Tulum Beach by car

    Just like most of Mexico, driving is an option in Tulum as well. If you have a car rental, the road leading to Tulum’s beaches is a decent one so you won’t have any trouble driving there.

    Just with lots of traffic. The good news is that they have just opened and paved a brand new road from La Veleta neighborhood so if you are on that side of Tulum Centro it is definitely more convenient for you.

    Just make sure you know the parking details of the places you’re visiting and you’ll be good to go. If you go to a beach club there is a chance that you can use the hotel’s parking lots.

    Keep in mind that the original road to

    With that, my post on the popular beaches of Tulum and its best beach clubs comes to an end. I hope it will come in handy for your beach club hunt in Tulum. If I missed any of your favorites, do let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Tulum Practical Tips

    If it’s your first time in Tulum you should know a couple of things that will help you navigate through your vacation safely and be happy

    • Carry some Mexican cash with you because many hotels still don’t accept credit cards, and if you pay in USD the rate exchange is outrageously unfair.
    • if you are using a taxi make sure you negotiate the rate before- most of them are scammy and try to rip you off. (luckily not all of them)
    • Use sunscreen even if it’s cloudy because you can get sunburnt anyway
    • Use the safe of your hotel to keep your valuable
    • Don’t flaunt your wealth even though everybody assumes you are wealthy just because you are vacationing in Tulum and if you are don’t show it off anyway
    • Tulum is safe… relatively safe, I mean. But make sure you use some common sense like for example don’t leave your belongings unattended when you go swimming. Or avoid walking on narrow dark roads at night alone.
    • I know it is tempting to spend all your vacation on Tulum Beach but there are many amazing things to do in Tulum that it would be a shame not to explore around.