The 25 Best Things to Do in Sayulita Mexico + Travel Guide [2023]

This post on the 25 best things to do in Sayulita will help you plan your trip to this beautiful little beach town on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

I have been to Sayulita twice, once in 2017 and once a few days ago actually (March 23). It has grown so much and not necessarily in a good way. I am going to update this post right now. So read more to learn about the latest news of Sayulita.

You can also check out the video I did of a beautiful hike. (see below)

Whether you are an experienced traveler in Mexico or it’s the first time you are visiting my second home, Mexico, in this post, you will find all the information you need to visit Sayulita and have a blast.

I am going to cover all the amazing activities available, that will make everybody happy, from adventure junkies to beach lovers, family, solo travelers, and any sort of traveler.

Sayulita is in fact one of the most eclectic beach resort towns in Mexico and you will see why I say so.

Things to do in Sayulita - Watch the Sunrise from the beach
Sunrise from Sayulita Beach

Where is Sayulita Mexico located?

Situated in the far south of the Riviera Nayarit, just about 40 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta and around an hour’s drive from Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita is a charming town on the west coast, with a hippy surfer vibe. In fact, it has been recently labeled as Magic Town (Pueblos Magicos).

It’s also one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for those wishing to spend some time relaxing.

I have stayed a couple of weeks in Sayulita Mexico, and I can tell you the atmosphere is very relaxed and laid-back, and the tranquil vibe of the town is a cherry on top.

However, if you love to party you can find your tribe there as well. Want to do a life-changing yoga retreat? Sayulita’s got you covered as well.

Love to hike, scuba dive, snorkel or indulge in scrumptious food? Sayulita will take care of you.

The white beaches are perfect for beach lovers, and the town is lined with touristy shops selling trinkets and snacks.

Sayulita beach

The boho-chic culture of Sayulita is also pretty lit, so it’s been gaining popularity as a party town as well.

The food scene is one of the most eclectic in Mexico ranging from vegan menus to Mexican flavors and international cuisine.

All things considered, Sayulita is definitely among the top destinations of Mexico and worth a visit at least once in your life.


25 Best Things to do in Sayulita Mexico

So without further ado let’s cover all the amazing things to do in Sayulita, Places to visit, and beaches to discover.

In this section of the post, I am going to include also the top tours as the main things to do in Sayulita or from Sayulita.

In fact, this quaint beach town can also serve as a base for some incredible day trips in the nearby area.


Marieta islands

Snorkeling in the Marieta Islands National Park

A day trip to the famous Marieta Island is the most popular tour to do from Sayulita. Click on the button below to learn more.

1. Hit the spectacular beaches

The town of Sayulita was founded by American surfers looking for the perfect spot back in the 70s, so you can guess how stunning the beaches here would be.

Such being the case, visiting these gorgeous beaches near Sayulita is definitely one of the must-dos of traveling to this Pueblo Magico in Mexico.

The beaches are also super popular for their surfing experience, so you can try your hand at it or simply feel the thrill just by watching others surf.

Just keep in mind that Sayulita beach, which is the main beach, is very crowded most of the time, so it’s not perfect for a peaceful visit to enjoy the beauty of the beaches here.

You can find plenty of other secret beaches close by (or not so secret)!

Though, if you’re looking to be in the center of all the activities, to mingle and party, the main beach is the best place for it.

Playa Carricito Sayulita - surrounded by palms
Playa Carricito Sayulita

Further on in this post, I will talk about more beaches in Sayulita and its surroundings.

The closest one is Playa de los Muertos (or Los Muertos Beach, translate beach of the dead), a secluded beach in a protected bay where you can have easy access to the water and a shaded area under palm trees.

You can also find local vendors selling delicious grilled food and beverages, making Los Muertos beach an ideal place to hang out and enjoy the beach life in Sayulita.

La rustica Restaurant
La Rustica Restaurant

2. Treat your tastebuds to the local cuisine

Many things make Sayulita one of the best destinations in Mexico, and the local cuisine here is definitely one of those.

The restaurants found in town offer such a delightful variety, and may also focus on healthy foods for the yoga lovers that flock to Sayulita every year.

Since Sayulita was originally a fishing town, you can bet the seafood here is going to be mind-blowing.

But vegetarian and vegan options, as well as international cuisines, the traditional tacos ( don’t miss the delicious fish tacos) are also offered by a decent number of restaurants, so trying out the eclectic food scene in Sayulita is part of the experience.

My favorite restaurants in Sayulita are:

✔️ Barracuda for great seafood in a nice environment – more upscale eatery.

✔️ Taqueria Los Reyes – for delicious and affordable tacos and quesadillas

Taqueria Los Reyes
Taqueria Los Reyes – where i had a delicious and giant quesadillas de Camarones

3. Try the memorable holistic healing experience offered here

As I mentioned earlier, Sayulita was initially a small and serene fishing town. The tranquil charm of its old days is still intact despite it becoming a trendy, hip destination in Mexico.

That’s why so many people come here for yoga and other wellness experiences.

If you want to put the unforgettable holistic healing experiences of Sayulita on your bucket list, there is a great place called Haramara Retreat right on the edge of town.

It’s surrounded by a lush green jungle and overlooks the bay, making for the perfect place to rejuvenate your mind and body.

4. Go shopping

Shopping may not be something many think of when traveling so far for a memorable vacation, but it’s shopping in Sayulita is indeed a recommended experience.

Everything is within walking distance, so shopping doesn’t take a lot of effort, and the variety of handmade artwork is very appealing. Also, you get to bring back the coolest memorabilia from your trip to Sayulita.

The original artwork and crafts found in Sayulita revolve around the traditional colors and cultural authenticity of the region, especially the Huichol form of art which has its origins here and is quite prominent because of its fashion and jewelry trends.

Shopping in Sayulita

Below are a few shop recommendations for a grand shopping day.

Revolucion del SuenoIf you’re looking for artful clothing, accessories, and crafts, Revolucion de Sueno is a great place to hit. The owners go out of their way to create a unique and unforgettable shopping experience for you, and there are plenty of remarkable things on offer here!

Evoke The Spirit – Founded by Brittney Borjson—a New Yorker who fell in love with Sayulita on her visit to the town—Evoke The Spirit is a one-of-a-kind art shop.

The owner works with local Huichol artists to create unique and sophisticated pieces, and you can see them working in the shop!

This is a shop that I highly recommend if you want to find some extraordinarily authentic Huichol artwork.

The designs also have a unique touch to them that you won’t find anywhere else.

Shopping in Sayulita

Artefakto As the name suggests, this shop is the go-to place for adorable artifacts from different traditions of Mexico.

From pillowcases, blankets, and shawls to rugs, bags, and hammocks, you will find everything handmade and artfully embroidered here.

Obviously, these are only a few of the beautiful shops you will find in Sayulita. Just take a walk around town and you will see it yourself.

Sayulita Shop
Sayulita Shop

5. Watch the breathtaking sunsets of Sayulita from Playa Carricitos (Carricitos beach)

In Sayulita, you can watch some of the most amazing sunsets in Mexico, just like in La Paz or Puerto Vallarta, all very special places at this time of the day.

Make sure you don’t miss them when you’re here! Watching the sun dive into the endless ocean right in front of your eyes is a magical experience.

You can either take a walk to Carricitos Beach, a secret beach located a kilometer or so from the main beach, and watch the sunset from there, or go on a hiking tour and experience the unforgettable view from the top of the hills.

Sunset from Sayulita

6. Go on a hike to the Monkey Mountain

The Monkey Mountain in Sayulita is a remarkable hiking location and quite popular but it’s not the only one. Sayulita is basically embraced by lush hills and slopes overlooking the blue ocean with an incredible variety of trails waiting for you to explore.

However, Monkey Mountain is the most popular for the spectacular views you get to see along the way.

If you don’t want to get lost book your tour with a local guide who knows where to take you 🙂

DISCLAIMER – Also, keep in mind that this hike is not for the faint of heart. It’s only 1h 30 minutes but it’s all on a steep trail and ends with difficult boulders.

7. Joing a milder hike with a yoga class by Wanderlust Sayulita

As I mentioned there are many other hikes available in Sayulita. So you can enjoy other local tours where a knowledgeable guide can take you around and show you the local flora and fauna.

I went on a hike with Wanderlust Sayulita and I had a blast. Diane and Jairo, the founder are adorable and will make you feel like going out with a group of friends.

Besides, their groups are small so it will be easy to mingle with the other participants.

hike and yoga experience with Wanderlust Sayulita

It’s just 3-hour trip but so energizing and you can choose between the morning or the afternoon hike. I did it in the afternoon and loved it because I got to see the sunset.

The hike is just 45 minutes and it takes you to a beautiful deserted beach where you will enjoy some free time before a  relaxing 45-minute yoga class at the healing sound of the waves. 

To get back to town it will only be a 30-minute walk in the jungle.

Watch my video on the beautiful hike in Sauyilita

A beautiful easy hike from Sayulita to San Pancho ended with a Yoga Class and a spectacular sunset

8. Go ziplining

Another great experience in the mountains is the 2-Km long zipline tour.

The ziplines go over the entire jungle of Sierra Madre, and the bay is also in view, so I don’t even need to mention how amazing it must be up there.

The region between the rainforest nature reserve in Punta de Mita to the Pacific Ocean is also covered in the zipline tour, so the famous Puerto Vallarta views are part of the experience too!

You will be flying through the jungle, above treetops, reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h with a height of 125 meters above sea level.

Meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy incredible panoramic views over the Bay of Nayarit!

After the adrenaline rush, you will then reach a great Beach Club near Playa de los Muertos after your Tequila tasting in which you can appreciate the unique characteristics of the Agave drink

You can ask for a pick-up service in Sayulita, but the tour leaves from Bucerias, so keep that in mind.


9. Mountain bike through the lush green jungle

Seeing the jungle from above is stunning, but biking through it is a different kind of experience entirely. If you’re one for an adrenaline rush, you will love the mountain biking tours offered through the jungle.

The tours also have the local beaches and villages on the itinerary, so it’s a great way to explore the region’s remarkable natural abundance.

There’s just one small hitch, these tours are only available between November and July, so you might not find them if you visit during the other months of the year.

Here below I am going to share a few tours that I found very appealing:

► Sayulita Jungle Mountain Biking

2 hrs experience hosted by Javier ⭐ 4.93 (55 reviews)

Here is a review:

“This is a MUST DO tour for anyone with MTB experience. I mountain bike in the Canadian Rockies, and these are legit mountain bike trails! You start with a climb to a beautiful view, then come down trails that are fast and flowy! FYI – I would not recommend this tour to anyone that doesn’t have some experience biking on trails. The rental bikes were also excellent!”

► Hidden Beaches on Mountain Bike (San Pancho)

3 hrs experience hosted by Samuel ⭐ 4.97 ( 64 reviews)

Here is a review:

“Samuel is a great storyteller and takes great pride in the local culture & community. We went on a fantastic MTB adventure through San Pancho, the surrounding jungle hills and a few glorious beaches. We enjoyed our experience so much and are looking forward to more experiences with Samuel!”

10. Spend a day unwinding

The last couple of things to do on this list are proof that Sayulita is perfect for a lot of adventures, so it’s a good idea to squeeze some me-time into the mix to balance things out. Fortunately, Sayulita is also just the place to kick back and relax.

You can take a message, read a book by the seaside, or spend time chilling in a hammock surrounded by revitalizing nature.

11. Visit the Islas Marietas

Marieta islands
Marieta Islands

Las Islas Marietas are a wonder of nature. They’re famous for the hidden beach that was formed after volcanic eruptions here.

The beach looks like a piece of heaven on earth, and you can only get to it by swimming after the boat takes you as close as possible.

The site had been closed off to tourists for a while because of the declining nature of the region caused by too many people visiting it.

But don’t worry, it’s open for tourism again so you can visit it.

Though, the price is many times higher now to keep the number of visitors low.

If you can afford the fee, it’s definitely worth the money and recommended.

Marieta islands

Snorkel in the Marieta Islands National Park

12. Scuba Diving excursions in Marietas Islands National Park

Although this is one of the activities on this list that you can do only as a certified diver, scuba diving in the Marieta islands is a wonderful experience if you’re eligible for the tour.

You get to see adorable marine life, including manta rays, dolphins, and turtles.

The tours are very exclusive. Each tour group consists of only 4 persons and takes half a day, and there are plenty of perks like transportation to and from Sayulita, including lunch, and free equipment.

13. Experience horseback riding through the town and its surroundings

Horseback riding is a popular activity in Sayulita. So much so that there are organized tours offered by the locals here.

Here I am going to share a few ones from the Airbnb Experiences options.

14. Take a yoga class

Among all the best things to do in Sayulita, you will enjoy a relaxing yoga class, and even better if it’s on a private beach and with stunning views over the ocean.

The Yoga community started to grow back in the days when Sayulita was just starting to become the mecca for surfers and other collateral activities were starting to grow.

Yoga and meditations are one of the most sought-after activities when it comes to traveling to Sayulita.

So here I am going to share some of the most popular Yoga classes.

Mindful Yoga and Hike to a private beach
Yoga with Ocean Views
Yoga Private Session

15. Take some surf lessons

Since you are in one of the top surfing spots in Mexico why don’t just challenge yourself with some class? You never know what you may find out.

Maybe you will just get hooked and become a pro. I know that surfing can become an addiction!

One of the advantages of surfing in Sayulita is that there are many incredible surfing spots available for all experience levels.

One of the beaches for beginners is in fact La Lancha, where both beginner surfers and pros have a blast, while others like me enjoy watching while working on their sun tan.

Here below I am sharing some surf class options. Click on the link to open the Airbnb page and read more about the class schedule, cost, and location.

Surfing in Sayulita
Surfing in Sayulita

17. Take a Temazcal, and learn about this ancestral practice of spiritual purification

A Temazcal is basically a sort of old-fashioned steam house, but its beneficial effects go beyond physical well-being. It’s a space designed for you to live different levels of an inner healing experience.

At the same time, you receive a medicinal steam bath with volcanic stones and soft teas (chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, among others).

As the toxins are expelled, you feel the emotions of grounding to the ground and coming back to yourself.

The word Temazcal temazcal comes from the word temāzcalli , which is Nahuatl (an Aztec language) for ‘the house of heat.  Historically, temazcales were used as a cleansing ritual for the people to engage in before and after going to wars.

Nowadays Temazcales are quite common in Mexico, not only to keep the old traditions and Mexican people’s heritage alive but as a truly powerful holistic healing practice.

If you have never tried it I would definitely recommend it.

18. Visit el Mercado del pueblo (farmers’ market)

Farmers’ markets are getting more and more common in Mexico, as a way to promote small business such as local farmers and artisans to sell healthy and sustainable food to the community of citizens and tourists alike.

El Mercado del Pueblo in Sayulita opened in 2009 joining the Mexican and American Slow Food Movements of bringing local, sustainable products directly to the table for people to enjoy.

The purpose is also to promote both healthy living and Mexican culture.

In fact, you not only find edible items but also local handmade arts and crafts coming from the local communities nearby.

Sayulita Square

19. Take a stroll around Sayulita

Although it’s very far from the charm of the colonial towns in Mexico, one of the things to do in Sayulita is definitely to take a walk around.

Whether it is early morning when the town is still sleeping or in the evening when there is a vibrant and festive atmosphere, you will enjoy the laid-back town vibe of the main plaza and the iconic revolution street where lines of paper colorful flags (papel picado) are hanging across.

Take a coffee in one of the healthy coffee shops ( I used to love Organi K among others) in the morning or sip a margarita by the beach during sunsets!

Sayulita main Street

20. Take a Tacos tour in Sayulita

With this tour, you will experience the best taco’s places in the magic town of Sayulita with a local guide.

I would advise you to take this tour once you get there so that you can go back to your favorite eateries more time before you leave.

What guests say

5 ⭐️ – Awesome tour of town

Amanda was wonderful. I highly recommend this tour. I wondered why at 10am. You’ll find out. Definitely go.

Jody_H, Jan 2023
Sayulita main beach

21. Take a cooking class with Chef Andrea (she)

4.86 ⭐ 28 Reviews

Andrea was amazing. She is a talented Chef and a very good teacher. We did this cooking class with her and her assistant Stephanie. They were both so friendly, we felt at home and like we made new friends. The food was delicious!! The margaritas were too! “

Andrea and his assistant will come to your home or the home of another participant, with the rest of the group.

The class consists of learning how to prepare the most iconic Mexican dishes and drinks, from chips for our Guacamole, Salsas, and Chilaquiles, Tacos, and of course. Margaritas.


Amazing Day trips from Sayulita

22. Take a day trip to Puerto Vallarta

If you didn’t already notice, I have mentioned Puerto Vallarta quite a few times in this post. That’s because the vibrant city is so close to Sayulita that you can drive to it for a magical day-trip experience. (or catch the bus).

Puerto Vallarta was one of the earliest resort cities in Mexico, so there are tons of restaurants, art galleries, as well as amazing beaches, and a historic center to make your trip worth the effort.

You can read my guide to the amazing things to do in Puerto Vallarta if you want to learn more about this fun city.

Once in Puerto Vallarta for the day I recommend taking one of the amazing walking tours available so that you can learn more about the interesting history of the city, and how it becomes so famous before any other beach resort in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta church
Puerto Vallarta

23. Take a road trip to Punta Mita

Punta de Mita is an upscale resort town located between Sayulita and Nuevo Vallarta and definitely a great place to visit.

It’s one of the most expensive and high-end areas, with ultra-luxury resorts and world-class golf courses.

I loved to walk around the small town and check out the fancy shops. You can also sit at one of the cafes and then check out some beaches in the surroundings.

Punta de Mita is also very close to Playa La Lancha, so you can stop by on your way there.

Punta de Mita coastline
Punta de Mita Beach

24. Visit the nearby Bucerias

Bucerias is a small beach town situated between Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta and yet one of the newest surprises of the Riviera Nayarit.

Its 5 km of pristine beach is the perfect place for practicing your favorite watersport whether it’s surfing, windsurfing, boogie boarding, and collecting shells.

The area is now very popular among kitesurfers as well. The beach is lined with incredible fish food restaurants where you can try local delicacies.

Buceria - Beach and sea food restaurants

You can take a stroll along the cobblestone streets of the quiet town and it will be like traveling back in time.

Enjoy the colorful houses, small stores, some local restaurants, art galleries, and a local market with many Huichol works of art among others.

Bucerias has everything you need and it makes a perfect day trip from Sayulita.

I particularly loved the art galleries located in the new part of town and the french bakery and Bistrot (Mmugazz Bistro).

Buceria art shop

25. Spend a day in the nearby San Pancho (San Francisco)

San Pancho has become the new hype when Sayulita started to become too popular and crowded.

Those who loved a more laidback vacation with fewer restaurant choices and a more tranquil scene would go to San Pancho.

The result was that this little town, is getting bigger every day but it still preserves the small village vibe.

I stayed there for a couple of weeks and I really enjoyed exploring the surroundings and the amazing beaches.

Book a bike tour in San Pancho with a local guide
Power Walk around San Pancho with meditation and beach stop and more

San Pancho Beach
San Pancho Beach – located at only 6 miles from Sayulita

Sayulita travel tips

► How to get to Sayulita from Guadalajara

Sayulita is very well connected by local transportation although I always recommend renting a car either from Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta. But let’s see your options on how to get to Sayulita.

🚌 Getting to Sayulita from Guadalajara by local bus

Local Coach buses from Vallarta Plus run quite frequently from Guadalajara Tlaquepaque or Zapopan.

You can check their schedule here.

► How to get to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta

🚌 Getting to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta by local bus

You can check Compostela Busses, which are local busses that run this route and they are very frequent.

🚐 Getting to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta by Shuttle

Or you can book shuttle transportation from the airport.

🚙 Getting to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta by Uber

There is an Uber in Puerto Vallarta and you can get one to reach Sayulita. However, it may be difficult to find an Uber in Sayulita to go back to Puerto Vallarta.

So the best bet is that you ask the number of the Uber that took you there if you feel comfortable. Some drivers also work outside the app.

► Renting a car in Sayulita

The best option is to rent a car either in Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta and use it during the entire stay. This way you will have the freedom to move around and visit all the nearby beaches and small towns along the Riviera Nayarit coast in total freedom.

If you are concerned about driving in Mexico or renting a car in Mexico, worry not! I have got you covered.

I wrote those posts with Yucatan Peninsula in mind but they are applicable also to the Pacific Coast too. All those touristy places are quite safe for driving around.

Car rental

Discover Cars Mexico Review

Browse through international and local car rentals and find the best deal.

I’ve always had great service from Discover Cars. They always respond quickly if there’s a problem of any kind…I would never use any other car rental company as my many experiences with have been 100% positive.


How to get around in Sayulita

Getting around Sayulita town is not very hard as the town is relatively small and you can easily walk almost anywhere.

Another option could be renting a golf cart if you think you can get tired easily.

If you didn’t rent a car in Puerto Vallarta, but you want to get it for a couple of days to explore the nearby towns, you can easily find a car rental in Sayulita as well although I have the feeling it will be more expensive than renting it in a small city.

Is there an Uber in Sayulita?

There are Uber in Sayulita but it’s hard to get one as there are very few. However, if you want to get from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita you can get on a Uber without any issue.

In Sayulita, it will be probably easier to get a taxi.

Sayulita hotels – Where to stay in Sayulita

Sayulita is one of the dream Mexican destinations, so it’s natural that there are tons of different lodging options here, including villas, hotels, and apartments.

If you haven’t found a place to stay during your visit to Sayulita, here are two of my favorite picks that you might like.

Hotel Vista Oceana

Hotel 7 Lunas Sayulita (Luxury Hotel just outside town)

The views alone make 7 Lunas one of the best places to stay in Sayulita, but they aren’t the only good thing about the hotel.

There are plenty of modern facilities here to make your stay not only comfortable but also luxurious, and the design and decor of 7 Lunas are really nice because of the traditional and authentic touches.

Check rates and Availability on | Expedia |

Hotel Vogue (mid-range/ luxury – in town)

Vogue is a tropical boutique hotel surrounded by refreshing gardens and palm trees.

It’s also a very artfully designed place, with art and decor handpicked to match the authentic traditional charm of the region.

What’s more, the hotel has a manicured garden with a pool along with all the facilities for a comfortable stay.

Check rates and Availability on Expedia |

Hotel vogue sayulita

Hotel Casa Pia (Mid-range/ budget)

This is where I stayed and it was ok for a budget accommodation in Sayulita. The location was perfect, at walking distance from everything but far from the party area.

The rooms are nicely decorated and with good WIFI. However some of the rooms don’t have windows to the outside, so you feel like you are buried in a way.

It didn’t really affect my stay because I was always out and only went back to the room for sleep, but it’s something to consider and if you like a spacious room with lots of light you may want to look elsewhere.

Check rates and Availability on

When is the best time to visit Sayulita?

Sayulita is always busy no matter when you go and the weather is always warm (sometimes too much). But there are times when it is much better to travel to Sayulita, depending on the kind of experience you want to have.

Here below I will share what is Sayulita like in different time of the year

May through June

In my opinion, the shoulder season, which falls between May and July, is the best time of the year to visit Sayulita. The weather is comfortably warm, there are fewer crowds, and things are far cheaper than usual!

July and August

It’s not the best season weather-wise as it’s hot and humid but it’s high season for family travels because the schools are closed. Not a good time to travel if you love peace and tranquillity.

October through November

October through November is the low season period for Sayulita. The weather is hot and humid, and the chances of rain are higher, so the tourism scene during these months is pretty much off.

However, prices are the cheapest through the low season as well, so you can visit this time of the year if you’re on a very tight budget.

December through April

The high season is when the majority of travelers come to Sayulita.

The weather is sunny during the day and nights are cooler, and chances of rain are scarce, all of which make Sayulita the go-to haven for Americans and Canadians during winter.

Not surprisingly, crowds are bigger and prices are higher during this period.

Here are some best times to visit Sayulita for different kinds of vacation:

➡️ Best time to visit Sayulita for the weather – December through May

➡️ Best time to visit Sayulita for hotel deals – right after Easter through May and September through November

➡️ Best time to visit Sayulita for partying – March and April

➡️ Best time to visit Sayulita for smaller crowds – right after Easter through May and September through November

➡️ Best time to visit Sayulita for surfing – Although you get waves all year round in Sayulita beach the best months for surfing are December through early April, when you will get the north swells.

Sayulita Weather Map

If you are wondering about Sayulita weather all year round here is a map from a trustworthy weather site.

Sayulita Weather
Photo © weatherspark

Things to do in Sayulita: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sayulita safe?

I would consider Sayulita among the safe destinations in Mexico in general.

However, you should be aware of local scams that may occur at times, like the one that happened to me.

I went for a day trip from Sayulita to Lo De Marcos, a small town at only 15 km from Sayulita.

I was walking to the beach when somebody called me out and made me notice that my dress was very dirty with smelly stains on the back.

While I was distracted, trying to figure out what happened and trying to clean it up, they stole my wallet from my backpack.

Of course, I had all my credit cards and my visa (Residencia Permanente). That was very silly of me to keep everything in one place, I know and I am usually smarter than that.

I was definitely not following what I am preaching in all my posts on safety in Mexico.

When I went to the police I was told that this is a very common scam that they used to do in Banderas Bay ( Puerto Vallarta ) and they have been starting over there as well.

I am just giving you the heads up, in case anything similar happens to you.

They may do it with your car as well. So if that happens, don’t get out of your car, lock yourself in and call 911. (This is another reason why I always suggest you should get a local sim card.

Never let your guard down, it’s a beautiful place but there is still a lot of poverty beyond the fancy hotels.

Just stay wise and use some commonsense as I mention in my guide on Is Puerto Vallarta safe?

Is Sayulita safe for solo female travelers?

Sayulita is a relatively safe destination for a female traveler too. Being so touristy there are always people around day at night.

I would still watch out for pickpocketers and minor crimes ( as I mentioned above)


✔️ Avoid dark isolated roads at night as much as I would avoid going to isolated beaches alone

✔️ Don’t get wasted

✔️ Never leave your drinks and food unattended

✔️ Never leave your own personal belonging unattended

Sayulita beach

Is Sayulita worth visiting?

In my humble opinion, it is indeed. There are so many things I appreciate about Sayulita.

The spectacular views, a lot of outdoor activities, delicious restaurants and coffee places, and a vibrant community.

Lots of yoga places and a surf tribe! Everything is so close and you don’t have to walk miles to get what you want.

So yes, Sayulita is worth visiting!

Sayulita Carricito beach

What is Sayulita Mexico known for?

Sayulita is mainly known for being a surf town founded by surfers. It has many incredible beaches and surfing spots for any kind of surfer of all levels.

But with time Sayulita became a popular place for yoga and wellness retreats and in fact, you will find many interesting ones on this site.

How many days do I need in Sayulita?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it really depends on what kinds of activities you want to do and how many days of chilling on the beach and Margaritas you need to recover from your working year 🙂

Keep in mind that to know the town you just need 24hrs. But as you could read in this article there are so many things to do in Sayulita that you could spend a month and never get bored.

Is Sayulita Expensive?

Sayulita can be expensive when it comes to accommodation. However, I found the culinary scene quite accessible compared to hotel prices.

I was also positively surprised by the variety of quality restaurant options. Even cheap taquerias offer delicious fresh dishes.

My favorite was Tacos Los Reyes but you will find a lot of street food options or cheap and affordable high-end restaurants. 

Sayulita - street food
Mezcaleria in Sayulita

Sayulita vs Tulum: which one is best?

Both towns are Pueblos Magicos which is one of the few things they have in common. Being beach towns they have the laidback flip-flop vibes that we are looking for.

However, they are very different places and as things are now I would prefer Sayulita without a doubt. But let’s see the most substantial differences:

Beach Although beach-wise, Tulum is the winner (I just can’t get that endless beach out of my head!), I love Sayulita beaches because of the green mountain backdrops, which Tulum is lacking being on the flat Yucatan Peninsula.

However, Tulum is on the Caribbean side, which means crystal clear water, when there’s no sargasso.

Surf: well, surprisingly there are a few surfing spots in Tulum although many don’t know. However, the winner in the surf department is definitely Sayulita, with so many surfing spots for all experience levels, as mentioned above.

Food: Food-wise, Tulum has a lot more to offer for being much bigger but, in Sayulita, everything is such a close distance that you can walk around safely from one restaurant to another, while in Tulum you have to rely on taxi all the time unless you have your own transportation.

Town: I love Sayulita a thousandfold more than Tulum. Despite all the hype about Tulum and all its trendy spots and cool places, it has become too big and too noisy with so much traffic that moving from the town to the beach takes forever. It stresses me out.
Sayulita on the contrary although it can be busy, it’s smaller and everything is within walking distance. Definitely my choice!

Safety: I am very sorry to say that Tulum is losing ground on that aspect. There have been many unfortunate events that don’t make me feel safe anymore going there. It’s sad to say but it’s the truth! Sayulita on the contrary seems pretty safe and more in control.

Airport: none of them has an airport but they both have one at a close distance, Cancun Airport to Tulum is about 90 minute’s drive, and Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita is 45 minutes.

General Vibe: As you may have guessed by now, Sayulita has a more relaxed and chilled vibe with a party scene if you want it, safer and cooler.

Tulum is kind of stressful lately unless you stay in one of its luxury hotels on the beach where you get pampered and enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sea, in which case, Tulum is the winner.

Tulum Beach aerial view
Tulum Beach

Is Sayulita a party town?

Yes, Sayulita is considered a party town because there is always something going on at night.

However, if you are not a party animal and you love peace and quiet, you will appreciate tranquil hotels just outside town but still at walking distance.

Do you need pesos in Sayulita?

Yes, you do need pesos in Sayulita because the majority of the restaurants, bars, and cafes only accept cash and if you pay in USD the exchange rate will not be in your favor.

However, I was shocked to learn that there is only one local “cajero automatico” (cash machine), and all the others are for USD only.

The Mexican one is Intercam Bank and it’s located in front of the bus station at the entrance of the town. The best way to get Mexican pesos is to withdraw from there.

If you have USD you can go to the bank and have them exchanged. If you do that at the airport you may get a less favorable exchange rate.

Can you swim on the beaches of Sayulita?

You could, but I wouldn’t. The undertow is pretty strong and it can be very dangerous even for good swimmers.

If you are surfing, then it’s a different story. But beaches in Sayulita are not for swimming.

The nearby Playa de Los Muertos is a bit more swimmable but I would be careful anyway.

Playa de los Muertos Sayulita
Playa de Los Muertos – Sayulita

Is the water still dirty in Sayulita?

According to what locals said during my recent visit to Sayulita, the water situation is much better on the main beach.

Regardless, it is not a swimmable beach unless you are surfing so I would still avoid getting in and check out more friendlier beaches such as Playa La Lancha or Playa de Los Muertos.

At the end of Sayulita Beach

Are there mosquitoes in Sayulita?

Yes, mosquitos are there all year round but I was pleasantly surprised that during my visit at the end of February, I didn’t get bitten even during my hike in the jungle.

This would have not been the case if it was summer though. So make sure you get mosquito repellent with you.

Things to do in Sayulita: Final Thoughts

I am sure by now you know how to plan your trip to Sayulita. I would suggest you take some time to explore the beaches, enjoy the delicious food and take some day trips to visit the beautiful surroundings. Sayulita makes a good base for that.

Also, you can stay close to the town center and all the restaurants and bars and yet away from the noise, if you choose your hotel wisely.

I would also take a car rental so you can easily explore around without having to wait forever for the local bus, especially in the hot season.

Never let the guard down and always keep an eye on your belonging. Other than that, have fun!