Puerto Vallarta Weather in July + Events, and Things to Do

Wondering about Puerto Vallarta weather in July? If you are planning to travel to Vallarta in July this post is for you.

There are a few things you should know about the Mexican Pacific coast in July. So read on before booking!

If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta in July, get ready for sun-drenched days and warm temperatures.

With an average of around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s the perfect time to enjoy the city’s stunning beaches, like Playa Los Muertos and Bucerias or the pretty Bocas de Tomatlan and surrounding beaches.

The weather is hot but the water temperature is warm, perfect for some snorkeling or diving adventure. Read on to learn more.

A beach in Puerto Vallarta with white sand and palm trees.

Puerto Vallarta Weather in July – At a Glance

👉🏽 Temperature in Puerto Vallarta in July

Average high and low temperature in Puerto Vallarta.
Photo © Weatherspark

Since you’re going to be visiting Puerto Vallarta in July, I have to tell you, it’s gonna be warm… real warm. Let’s talk numbers. 

We’re looking at daily averages around 80°F (27°C).

However, in the day, be ready for the temps to climb. They could hit a whopping 91°F (33°C). So yeah, it’s hot.

At times, it might feel like walking into a welcoming hug from the sun itself.

What about nighttime? While the temperatures are comfortable at nighttime, we’ll still mostly be riding the warm wave. Temperatures don’t usually dip below 70°F (21°C). 

That’s right; no shivering nights in your cute summer attire. But hey, just to be safe, maybe sneak a light cardigan or jumper into your bag. Cause you never know, right?

That being said, most of your suitcase should be packed for ‘sun and fun’. Think shorts, t-shirts, and… who could forget that swimwear?

In short, here’s the deal: pack light, pack right, and be ready for those warm Mexican nights.

👉🏽 Precipitation in Puerto Vallarta in July

Precipitation chart in Puerto Vallarta.
Photo © Weatherspark

July, as you might already know, is part of the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta. We’re talking an average of about 269mm (10.6 inches). Yep, July is the main champion of the year.

On average, you can expect about 19 to 25 rainy days in July.

Now, you might be thinking, “Dang, 19 to 25 rainy days? That’s a lot of umbrella time!”

But here’s the good news: these showers are like speed-dating with the clouds.

Quick, intense, and over in a flash. We’re talking 45-60 minutes tops most of the time.

So, yes, you’ll probably get caught in the rain at least once.

But, it’s warm, tropical rain that brings a very welcome reprieve from the temperatures.

And hey, you can even spin it into an adventure. Dance in the rain, anyone? 

After the short and sweet showers, you’ll have plenty of time to get back to exploring all the awesomeness Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

Don’t let the rain scare you. It’s just part of the experience. It keeps things fresh and keeps the landscapes lush and green. 

The Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta during sunset.
Los Muertos Pier

👉🏽 Sunshine in Puerto Vallarta in July

July might be smack dab in the middle of summer but don’t expect an all-day sunshine party. You’ll be getting around 8 hours of glorious, vitamin D-filled sunshine per day. 

I know… it’s a bit of a bummer; but hey, don’t let that get you down.

Eight hours is still a decent chunk of time. Plenty of moments to bask on the beach, explore the vibrant streets, or just chill with a cold drink.

There’s a whole city out there just waiting for you to dive in and make memories.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! During those 8 hours, the Sun won’t be playing around.

The sunlight is going to be intense. So, remember to pack your sunscreen and put it on. Your skin will thank you.

👉🏽 Puerto Vallarta Sea Water Temperature in July

Average water temperature in Puerto Vallarta.
Photo © Weatherspark

You might be thinking, “The sunshine hours are dipping, but what about the water?”

Great news on that front. July is like nature’s hot tub. The sea temps are on the up, hitting a balmy 84°F (that’s 29°C).

Perfect for a dip, perfect for a paddle, and just perfect for those of you who love to ride the waves.

The temperature is perfect, neither too hot nor too cold. Jet-ski, surf, swim – the ocean is your playground.

Yes, the beaches might be a bit emptier, thanks to the temps and rain doing their thing.

But you know what? That just means more sand for your castle. And more opportunities for those quiet, reflective beach moments we all crave.

Sargassum Seaweed in Puerto Vallarta in July

Let’s talk sargassum seaweed. Or more accurately, the lack of it.

While places like Cancun and Tulum might be wrestling with the sargassum seaweed situation during July, guess what?

Cabo and Puerto Vallarta have dodged that bullet. Yep, we’re completely seaweed-free over here.

But hold up. You’re probably wondering, “How come? Aren’t they all in Mexico?” Good question. Here’s the deal.

Mexico has two gorgeous coastlines – the Caribbean to the East and the Pacific to the West.

Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta? They’re chilling on the Pacific side.

Meanwhile, Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen are partying on the Caribbean coast. That’s the simple reason for the sargassum seaweed divide.

So, yeah. No seaweed dramas here in Puerto Vallarta in July or any other month.

Just crystal-clear waters all the way. Makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it?

Colorful banderitas in the Main Square of Puerto Vallarta.
Main Square

Events in Puerto Vallarta in July

✔️ Banderas Bay Fishing Tournament

Cast your line in the Banderas Bay Fishing Tournament. It’s happening 15-17th July. Different fish, different prizes. If fishing gets you hooked, this is a must.

✔️ Turtle Releasing Season

Get ready for the turtle power (but not in a Ninja Turtle way). From summer to fall, you can help hundreds of baby turtles start their sea adventure.

It’s free, open to all, and happening right before sunset. I highly recommend it as you get to be a part of something amazing.

Pros of Visiting Puerto Vallarta in July

👍🏼 Bargain paradise: July in Puerto Vallarta is a bargain hunter’s dream come true.

The prices dip, but the fun doesn’t. If you want to have as much fun as possible while also maximizing savings, this is your month.

👍🏼 Soak in the heat: This month is all about sultry summer days. The days are hot, fun, and incredibly mesmerizing.

Bring your camera and get ready for those Instagrammable sunsets. You’re in for a treat!

👍🏼 Clear underwater visibility: Diving in Banderas Bay during this month is a whole new level of amazing. It’s like a private show, just for you.

The underwater world is at its best. You get to explore Puerto Vallarta’s top-notch diving sites at their peak.

No better time to dive in and discover the secrets of the deep. Pure bliss.

👍🏼 The perfect water temperature: During the whole month, we’re talking about water temperatures around 84°F or 29°C. Ideal for snorkeling, diving, or just splashing around. You can stay in the water for as long as you like without feeling cold or hot.

Oceanfront of Puerto Vallarta under a clear sky.

Cons of Visiting Puerto Vallarta in July

👎🏼 Rain: Yeah, July isn’t all sunshine. We do get some rain and it can be a bummer. It’s not all-day rain, but these quick showers do come around.

👎🏼 The sticky stuff: Humidity… you know, the stuff that makes you feel like you’re in a sauna. July in Puerto Vallarta has it aplenty. Brace yourselves.

👎🏼 Heatwave: I mean, you’re visiting in July, the fact that you’ll face sweltering temperatures sometimes goes without saying.

I’m talking about temperatures in the 90s°F (that’s around 32°C and above).

Perfect for sun lovers, maybe not so much for others.

However, with a little bit of planning (and a lot of sunscreens), July can still be your month.

It’s also worth remembering that those frequent rain showers do bring the temperature down and make the weather pleasant.

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta in July

🏆 Relax at Las Caletas Beach

Did you remember to pack sunscreen? Good. You’re going to need it at Las Caletas Beach. Imagine this.

Perfect sun, crystal clear water, warm sand. Ah, I can feel the sun on my skin just writing about it. Lazy hammocks are waiting for you. What’s that sound? Yeah, that’s the gentle ebb and flow of the Pacific.

There’s a secret, though. Hit the beach early, ideally before 10 AM. You’ll have your spot claimed.

Yeah, folks here love the sun as much as you do. And, remember, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Margaritas count, right?

Arcs in Puerto Vallarta near the beach.
Los Archos Amphitheater

🏆 Walk along the Malecón

Time for an evening stroll. Malecón’s perfect for strolls. It’s this oceanside promenade that’s more than a mile long. Sculptures, sand art, local artisans, delicious street food, it’s all here. 

The vibe? Magic. Pure magic. Sunsets here? Don’t get me started. They’re like an artist who lost control of orange and pink (in a good way).

But, there’s more. Street food. Ever had a churro from a street vendor? No? You’re missing out. Hot, sugary, melty goodness. Grab one, thank me later.

🏆 Join a food tour

You can’t visit Mexico and not take a food tour. The real Mexico is in the sizzle of the tacos, the spice of the salsas, and the sweetness of the aguas frescas.

Why would you miss out on tasty treats at every corner, literally?

A food tour’s the best way to taste Mexico, and luckily there are a ton of them in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s not just about the food though. It’s about the stories, the history, the culture. It’s Mexico served on a platter. And you’re going to want seconds (and probably thirds and fourths).

Beach with rock mountains in Puerto Vallarta.

🏆 Buy Souvenirs at El Centro Mercado Municipal

El Centro Mercado Municipal is an indoor flea market that offers a bustling haggling, riot of colors.

Handmade crafts, tropical fruits, ceramic bowls, silver jewelry, and street food. Do you want it? They’ve got it. 

This is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs, straight from the heart of Mexico.

But here’s a tip: bargain. It’s part of the game and part of the charm. It’s all in good fun. And the reward? You walk away with a piece of Mexico.

Visit Art Galleries

👉🏻 Galleria Dante

Galleria Dante is not just a gallery. It’s a love story. Claire and Joe Guarniere’s love story, who are owners of this gallery. They met in 1986.

Two hearts, one love for Italy. The couple first opened an Italian restaurant. Then, their love for art took over.

That’s how, in 1995, Galleria Dante was born. It’s the biggest, most eclectic fine art gallery in Puerto Vallarta.

Home to 60+ artists. Emerging, established, museum artists. Painters, sculptors. 85% Mexican-born. All under one roof. Or should I say, in one old hacienda-style villa?

Huts near the beach surrounded by buildings.

👉🏻 Galeria Olinala

Next stop, Galeria Olinala. Masks, ceramics, original art. It’s a treasure trove for art lovers. Every piece is authentic, every piece captivating. Each tells a story, a story of tradition, a story of creativity.

The owner of the gallery, Javier Brewster Brockmann, is half-American and half-Mexican; he often showcases his own art in the gallery.

His charcoals? Unforgettable. His tradition? His own. His world? Art-filled. Don’t miss out. 

👉🏻 Galeria Uno

Galeria Uno is another wonderland for art lovers. This is Mexico in color, in texture, in form. And it’s in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

The gallery features all Mexican artists with modern, vibrant, and diverse styles. Each piece calls out to you, each piece a story waiting to be told.

Prices range from affordable to high-end. There’s something for everyone. But the real magic? The cobblestone floors, the massive space, and above all, the artwork.

Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Puerto Vallarta.

Tips for Visiting Puerto Vallarta in July

📌 Currency: First things first, the money. At the time of writing this article, 1 USD equals about 17 pesos. My advice would be to get pesos. Sure, shops and restaurants might take your cards or USD/EUR/GBP. But the catch? The conversion rates. You’ll end up paying at least 10-20% more. Ouch. Carrying pesos is a no-brainer.

📌 Language: The national language of Mexico is Spanish. But lots of people in Puerto Vallarta speak English too. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few Spanish phrases. “Gracias” (Thank you), “Por favor” (Please), “Dónde está…?” (Where is…?). Who knows, it might come in handy!

📌 Water: You might have already heard about the drinking water situation in Mexico. Yeah, it’s a thing. Best to stick to bottled water. Carry an insulated water bottle. It’s hot in July. Like really hot. Hydrate a lot. Your body will thank you.

📌 Transportation: Getting around Puerto Vallarta is quite easy and cheap. Taxis are everywhere, but I recommend using either Uber or InDrive. Planning for road trips? Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta. Check DiscoverCars for the best deals.

📌 Safety: Puerto Vallarta is very safe for tourists. But like anywhere, you have to stay cautious. Avoid solo strolls at night. Don’t flash valuables or large amounts of cash. Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded places. Use hotel safes to store your jewelry and passport. And, as always, trust your gut; if you feel unsafe anywhere, get out of there.

📌 Food: Food, glorious food. Puerto Vallarta is a foodie’s paradise. Try the local specials, especially the street food. Your taste buds will dance with joy.

📌 Nightlife: Puerto Vallarta knows how to party. Bars, clubs, the works. No matter what your taste is, you’ll find a bar or a club to cater to your needs. So, let loose and dance the night away. Just remember safety first.

Los Archos arch and view of the nearby islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is July a good time to visit Puerto Vallarta?

Absolutely! July is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta if you love warm weather. Be prepared for temperatures that can reach 90s Fahrenheit (around 33 Celsius).

It’s also off-peak tourist season, meaning you might snag better deals on accommodation and flights. Just be ready for some potential rainfall. Speaking of which…

Is it rainy in Puerto Vallarta in July?

Yep, July falls during the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta which starts in June and lasts till October.

But don’t fret, rainfall is usually in short, heavy bursts, often at night or in the late afternoon. You’ll still enjoy plenty of sunshine.

The seahorse statue during sunset.

Is July hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta?

Technically, yes. The hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to November.

But serious hurricanes are not common; Puerto Vallarta’s geographical location protects it from most hurricanes.

Even when serious hurricanes do occur, it usually happens in September or October. 

Don’t worry too much about the hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta.

Just stay updated with local weather forecasts before and during your trip, and change your plans accordingly. 

How to pack for Puerto Vallarta in July?

Think light and breathable. Loose cotton clothes, shorts, swimwear, flip flops, a hat, and plenty of sunscreens.

Pack a light rain jacket or an umbrella for the occasional showers. Don’t forget your sunglasses and an insulated water bottle to keep hydrated.

Colorful houses in a street in Puerto Vallarta.

What’s the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta?

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta depends on your tolerance for crowds, heat, and rain.

In other words, Puerto Vallarta is a great destination year-round depending on what you’re looking for. 

For whale-watching, the best weather, and the most activities, visit between December and March; however, you’ll be dealing with a lot of crowds almost everywhere as it’s the peak season.

The prices are also quite high due to the demand. 

For better deals, the summer months might be ideal; you won’t have to deal with the crowds, but the temperatures and humidity are quite high. Not to mention you’ll have to deal with the frequent rains.

Overview of the downtown of Puerto Vallarta -wondering about Puerto Vallarta weather in July?

Final Thoughts: Puerto Vallarta Weather in July

That’s July in Puerto Vallarta for you! Hot, sure, but it’s more than just sunscreen and hat days.

Evening rain showers paint the sky – quite the spectacle, really. And those warm nights are pure magic. 

The heat may test you, but trust me, it’s worth every bead of sweat.

Every moment you spend in Puerto Vallarta during July is a dance with nature’s vibrant, vivacious colors. It’s all about finding joy in the swelter, in the heart of this tropical paradise.

You might think that visiting in off-peak season means you won’t be able to take part in any events. But that’s not true.

The sea turtles steal the show. I mean, who can resist helping those cute little guys start their big adventure?

So, pack your bags, your spirit of adventure, and hey, don’t forget that extra bottle of water.

Puerto Vallarta in July is waiting for you. Can’t wait to hear your summer tales! Safe travels.