Mexico Power Outlet Guide (2023): Do you need a travel adapter?

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Not sure if you need a plug adapter for your trip? Check out this Mexico power outlet guide!  

If you’re heading to Cancun or another Mexican destination for vacation, you might be wondering about the Mexico power outlet.

Since many countries around the world use different outlets and plugs, you need to check if you will need to pack a travel adapter before heading to Mexico. 

Depending on your devices, you might also need a voltage converter to protect the gadgets you’re bringing from home. 

This guide will answer your most-asked questions about the electricity and outlet situation in Mexico!

Do I need a travel plug for Mexico?

Mexico uses the same power plug as North America. So, you will not need a travel adapter if you are from Canada or the USA. 

Travelers from the rest of the world will need a North American travel adapter. The Mexico plug type is a two-pin flat adapter. 

Mexico also uses Type A and Type B plugs. Type A is what you will see most often as it’s two flat pins. Type B has two flat pins and one round pin. 

mexico power outlet
Type A plug

You can use type A plugs in type B outlets, but you can’t use type B plugs in type A outlets.

Some travelers like to bring a power strip to Mexico just in case they can’t find both plugs available in their place of accommodation. 

One thing to note is that many outlets in Mexico are not polarized.

This means the two slots on the outlet are the same size whereas your charger might have one prong slightly bigger than the other. 

Since polarized plugs cannot be used in nonpolarized outlets, you’ll need to check your cables before coming to Mexico.

You can usually see if a charger is polarized or not by checking the user manual or the specs online. 

So you are coming from a country that has a different plug type you should definitely include a travel adapter in your Mexico Packing List.

Mexico Power Outlet & Plug types

If you’re planning a Mexican vacation, you’ll need to make sure you have travel adapters for the Mexico power plug.

If you don’t bring the right Mexico travel plug, you’ll have to buy one after you arrive at your destination. 

Travel adapters are often sold at a higher price in tourist cities like Cancun, so you can save money and time by getting one at a store in your home country. 

 🔌 What plugs do they use in Mexico?

Mexico uses two main plugs.

They are the same as the ones used in the USA and Canada, so you might already be familiar with them if you’ve traveled around North America. 

Mexico has type A and type B plugs. Type A plugs have two flat parallel pins. Your hotel room or place of accommodation should have many of these. 

The type B plug has the same parallel flat pins as the type A plug, but there is also a round pin below the other pins. 

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A Mexico electrical outlet might type A or type B depending on where you’re staying. Some hotels have both types of plugs while some only have one or the other. 

Voltage and Frequency in Mexico

Mexico uses a voltage of 127V and a frequency of 60Hz just like the rest of North America.

You’ll need to check the recommended voltage of all your electronics before heading to Mexico to see what voltage they operate on. 

⚡ Dual and Single Voltage rated appliances

Some electronics are dual voltage which means they can operate on 110-120V and 220-240V.

All these gadgets can be used in Mexico without worrying about the electrical current damaging your devices. 

If you have a single voltage device that is 110-120V, you can use them in Mexico as this is the standard voltage from Mexican plugs. 

However, if you have a single voltage device that is 220-240V, it cannot be used in Mexico. Plugging it into Mexico power outlets can ruin the device. 

Using the wrong voltage can also cause your device to overheat and not work as efficiently which can cause short-term or long-term damage. 

If you use a device that is already dual voltage but you use a converter anyway, you can also harm your devices.

This is why it’s extremely important to know if your electronics are single-voltage or dual-voltage. 

Luckily, most devices you’ll bring on vacation are dual voltage including phones, computers, cameras, and tablets.

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Always check your specific device though before assuming it’s dual voltage. 

Hairdryers and hair straighteners are not usually dual voltage, but some brands are compatible with 110-120V and 220-240V. 

If you’re moving to Mexico and planning to bring appliances, they might not be dual voltage.

Many people that want to bring electronics from home like coffee makers, streaming devices, or kitchen appliances find that they don’t work in Mexico because of the voltage difference. 

Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy new devices in Mexico rather than bringing everything when moving from abroad.

You’ll have to pay shipping fees and buy an expensive step-down converter for the voltage differences. 

❓ Do I need a voltage converter in Mexico?

Whether you need a voltage converter depends on the appliances you want to use and where you are traveling from.

The standard voltage in Mexico is 127V with a frequency of 60Hz. 

This is the same voltage as the USA and Canada. So, if you’re coming from another place in North America, you shouldn’t need a voltage converter. 

If you’re coming from another continent, you might need a voltage converter if you own appliances that are not dual voltage.

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Many other places in the world use electronics with a voltage of 220V.

If you use a gadget that only works on 127V, your appliance or electronic could overheat and become damaged. 

Luckily, many companies make their electronics dual voltage which means you don’t need a voltage converter. 

Before coming to Mexico, check the items you want to bring and see if they are dual voltage. You should see the voltage information in the user manual. 

If your devices are not dual voltage, make sure to buy a voltage converter before heading to Mexico. 

🆚 The difference between a voltage converter and a travel adapter

Many people think that voltage converters and travel adapters are the same, but they are actually different. 

Travel adapters allow your devices to fit into the needed outlet by making your current plug compatible with the plugs in Mexico. 

A voltage converter makes the electricity passing through the plug compatible with your device. 

If you have devices that are dual voltage, you will be able to travel to Mexico with only an adapter.

If you check your devices and they are not dual voltage, you will need to bring a converter. 

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Best Travel adapter

If you’ve determined you need a travel adapter for Mexico, here are some recommendations on which one to pick up before leaving home.

Adapters can range in price from a few dollars to higher-end ones that are more expensive. 

If you’re a regular traveler, you might want to buy a universal travel adapter rather than only getting one that works in Mexico. 

Universal travel adapters can be used in outlets all over the world so they are a more cost-effective and useful choice for those planning to travel to many different continents. 

The best travel adapters have different ports for charging. You can plug your laptop, phone, and other devices into the same outlet while in Mexico. 

This also makes charging numerous devices super easy if you’re traveling with many people and your accommodation is limited in outlets. 

  • EPICKA Travel Adapter: This is a universal travel adapter with 6 different ports. The prongs are retractable so you can change which one you’re using based on which country you’re visiting, including Mexico! ► BUY IT AT WALMART
  • Bonazza 2000W: If you need an adapter and a voltage converter, this is a great 2-in-1 option. Just make sure to remember to put it in converter mode before using a hairdryer or other device that is not dual voltage. ► BUY IT AT WALMART
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Here are the most asked questions about Mexico power outlets to help you decide if you need a travel adapter or not!

🇺🇸 Does Mexico use US outlets?

Yes, Mexico uses the same outlets as the US.

These are also the same outlets used in Canada. All of North America uses the Mexico outlet type. 

🇪🇺 Do EU plugs work in Mexico?

No, EU plugs are a different shape than the ones in Mexico.

You will need to bring a travel adapter with you so that your EU plugs are compatible with the type A and type B outlets found in Mexico. 

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📱 Can I plug in my cell phone in Mexico?

You will need to buy a Mexico travel plug to charge your cell phone in Mexico. You should also check if your phone is dual voltage or not.

Most cell phones including iPhones and many androids are dual voltage but always double-check before plugging your phone into outlets in Mexico. 

🔋 Do I need a special adapter to charge my phone in Mexico?

You will need a special travel adapter to charge your phone in Mexico if you’re coming from a country other than Canada or the USA.

The adapter will make your current charger compatible with the plugs in Mexico. 

🔌 Do I need an adapter in Cancun?

When traveling to Cancun, make sure you have a Type A or Type B plug adapter. The type A plug is the most common in Mexico. It has two flat parallel pins. 

They are the same outlets used in the rest of North America. Travelers coming from Europe, Asia, and other places will need an adapter to use their electronics in Cancun.

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♨️ Will my hairdryer work in Mexico?

If you’re coming from the USA or Canada with a hairdryer, it will work normally in Mexico without needing a voltage converter. 

If you’re coming from another country outside of  North America, make sure your hairdryer is dual voltage before using it in Mexico. 

Hair dryers are one of the top electronics that can be quickly ruined when used on the wrong voltage.

If you need to use a hairdryer, make sure to buy one that is dual voltage or ask your accommodation if they have hairdryers in the rooms. 

❓ Will my hair straightener work in Mexico?

To straighten your hair in Mexico, you need a hair straightener that is dual voltage.

Hair straighteners made for use in Canada and the USA use the same voltage as Mexico so they do not need to be dual voltage. 

If your hair straightener is not dual voltage, make sure to get a converter before leaving your home country. 

♨️ Will my curling iron work in Mexico?

Like other electronics you’re thinking of bringing to Mexico, a curling iron needs to work on 127V to be used in Mexico.

If your curling iron is made only for 220V, you will need to bring a voltage converter. 

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💻 Will my laptop charger work in Mexico?

If your laptop charger was made to be used in the USA or Canada, you will not need an adaptor or voltage converter for your charger. 

When coming from other places around the world, you’ll need a travel adapter so your laptop can charge in Mexico. 

Many laptops, including Macs, are dual voltage so you will not need a voltage converter when charging in Mexico.

Always make sure to check your laptop’s user manual though so you know for sure if you need a converter or not. 

Final thoughts: Mexico power outlet

The Mexico power outlet has two flat parallel pins.

If you are coming from a destination outside North America, you will need a travel adapter that can be used in type A and type B plugs. 

Travel adapters can be found cheaply in travel stores and online so picking one up should be easy.

If you own any devices that are not dual voltage, make sure to also pick up a voltage converter so you can safely use all your gadgets while on your Mexican holiday! 

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