Mexico City in September (2024): Weather, Events & Travel Tips 

Going to Mexico City in September? Find everything you need to know here!

September is a wonderful time to visit Mexico City, as the vibrant city has grown up even more.

As the rainy season gradually comes to an end, the city gets ready to celebrate Mexico’s biggest national holiday: Dia de la Independencia.

Although festivities peak on the eve of September 15th, the whole month is dedicated to observing the country’s independence from Spain.

You´ll find red, white, and green decorations and traditional ranchera music just about everywhere.

Weatherwise, September marks the transition from wet season to dry, so there’s less rain than in previous months, although you can expect a few light showers that don’t last very long.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the perks of Mexico City in September.

I’ll include packing tips, weather insights, and suggestions on where to go and what to do so that you can make the most of your September adventure to the enthralling capital city of Mexico.

The Fountain of Diana the Huntress at night.

Mexico City in September: What is it Like?

👉🏽 Is September a Good Time to Visit Mexico City?

Yes, September is a fabulous time to visit Mexico City, as the city comes alive with Independence Day celebrations and events.

Moreover, the weather is very pleasant for day visits to iconic historical sites and attractions and evening and night outings.

September sees good flight and accommodation deals, as well as fewer tourists before prices start to climb for the end-of-the-year celebrations.

Thus, it is an ideal time to experience the city’s rich historical and cultural legacy, taking your own sweet time.

Mexican gastronomy is delicious year-round, but September is a great time to indulge in national antojitos like pozole (white corn and meat stew), tamales, and Chiles en Nogada for the most adventurous. 

These are large green peppers stuffed with minced meat mixed with nuts and raisins, then bathed with hazelnut cream and adorned with dragonfruit grain (they’re only available at this time of the year, so don’t miss out if you happen to be in Mexico City in September!)

👉🏽 Is it Cheaper in Mexico City in September?

September is one of the cheaper months to travel to Mexico City, in terms of flight and accommodation deals.

As for attractions and meal prices, they tend to remain fixed throughout the year, except for September 15th special dinners and parties.

👉🏽 Is Mexico City Safe to Travel to in September?

Yes, Mexico City is safe year-round, provided you take regular precautions required in any metropolis.

 This translates to avoiding dark alleys, always keeping your belongings in sight, and being alert for pickpockets, especially in the Cento Historico area (it can get sketchy in some areas).

👉🏽 Mexico City Weather in September

Mexico City in September marks the transition from wet to dry weather. 

Rain showers are lighter and don’t occur on a daily basis, giving way to somewhat higher temperatures in the afternoon and evening. 

You can count on sunny, pleasant days most of the time, with less rain than you’ll find in July and August.

👉🏽 Mexico City Temperature in September

Average Temperature in Mexico City in September.
Average Temperature in Mexico City in September – Photo © Weatherapark

Average temperatures in Mexico City in September roam around 72°F during the day, dropping to 53°F in the evenings.

👉🏽 What Season is September in Mexico City?

September in Mexico City marks the transition from summer to fall. Moreover, it is the transition from wet to drier weather.

👉🏽 Is September Rainy in Mexico City?

Yes, you can expect some rain in Mexico City in September, although showers tend to be less frequent as the city moves from the rainy season to the drier fall months.

👉🏽 How Do People Dress in Mexico City in September?

September in Mexico City sees sunny days and mild evenings with a few afternoon showers. People dress in layers, usually carrying a light hooded jacket and compact umbrella just in case.

Mural in the Polanco neighborhood.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico City in January

1. Zocalo – Centro Historico

Zocalo is the main plaza in Mexico City and the whole country. As such, it is the meeting point for celebrations, protests, and even some concerts and other events.

Located in the Centro Histórico area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a must-visit all year long, but doubly more during September.

September is considered the national independence month and buildings on the Zocalo’s perimeter are beautifully decorated to pay tribute to the Mexican national heroes and flag. 

Relevant landmarks include the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor Mexica archaeological ruins, Bellas Artes Palace, and a wide array of churches, museums, restaurants, terraces, and shops.

Mexico City Zocalo at night

2. Frida Kahlo Museum (Casa Azul)

Located in the charming Coyoacan district, Frida Kahlo Museum Casa Azulis housed in what was the artist’s home most of her life. This is a must for many Mexico City itineraries, especially for her fans.

A walk through the museum and patios provides an opportunity to get a close look at one of the famous Mexican artists Frida Kahlo’s personal and professional life. 

Displays include the original furnishings and personal belongings like open paint tubes and brushes, letters, jewelry, apparel, and other items.

View of the Frida Kahlo Museum and visitors lining up.
Frida Kahlo Museum

3. Chapultepec Forest

Chapultepec Park is a huge urban park located right in the center of Mexico City. Considered an important “green lung”, it is one of the largest urban parks in the world, spanning over 1,600 acres.

The park boasts a diverse range of attractions, including museums, cultural centers, hiking trails, botanical gardens, a zoo, and other attractions. It is overlooked by Chapultepec Castle, perched on a hill inside the park boundaries.

Chapultepec castle overview
Chapultepec Castle

4. National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is a landmark in Mexico City, especially if you want to get a profound glimpse at Mexico’s indigenous culture and history.

The large complex in the Chapultepec Park area displays a vast collection of pre-Columbian art and artifacts that showcase the rich history of Mexico’s indigenous peoples and the importance of corn in their lives. 

Among its treasures, you’ll find the Colossal Olmec Head at the entrance, a miniature model of Tenochtitlan, jade masks, and more.

5. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Standing on the Zocalo´s perimeter, Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral is an important historical and religious landmark on the continent. 

Regardless of religious inclinations, it is worth visiting to admire the baroque architecture and the works of art housed inside.

6. Lucha Libre at Arena Mexico

If an authentic and adrenaline-fueled Mexican experience sounds appealing to you, don’t miss the chance to witness a lucha libre match at the Arena Mexico venue.

Lucha libre, or Mexican professional wrestling, is an enthralling spectacle that combines acrobatics, theatricality, and some wrestling.

Located in the historic Colonia Doctores neighborhood, Arena Mexico has a long tradition of hosting lucha libre wrestling matches on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 

Fine Arts Palace Museum in Mexico City.
Bellas Artes

7. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bellas Artes – known simply as Bellas Artes – is a huge and impressive Art Deco building that serves as both a museum and a theater where cultural events are showcased.

The palace is located in the downtown area known as Centro Historico, right beside Alameda Park, which is a good spot for taking a break while sightseeing.

8. Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is one of Mexico’s most significant religious structures and a relevant pilgrimage site for millions of Catholics who visit annually. 

The compound houses both the Old Basilica and the New Basilica, where the celebrated image of the Virgin Mary is carefully preserved.

Aerial view of the Basilica of Guadalupe at sunset.
Basilica of Guadalupe

Mexico City Holidays and Events in September

🎊 Niños Heroes – Boy Heroes (September 13th)

The Niños Heroes were 6 Mexican military cadets who were killed while defending Mexico City during the Battle of Chapultepec, one of the major battles of the Mexican-American War. 

September 13th is observed as a civic holiday in their honor. 

🎊 Dia de la Independencia (September 15 – 16th)

One of the highlights of visiting Mexico City in September is the observance of Independence Day on September 16th, which really begins on the eve of September 15th.

The city becomes a kaleidoscope of lights, music, fireworks, flags, and celebrations.

The main event takes place in the Zócalo, where thousands of people gather to see the President reenact the “Grito de Dolores” – Miguel Hidalgo’s cry for independence in 1710. 

After the “grito” at 11:00 pm sharp and the bell tolls, the sky comes ablaze with a fireworks display.

Traditional music and snacks abound since the afternoon. which adds to the excitement.

It gets crowded, so you might prefer to reserve a table at one of the surrounding terraces (I recommend booking a table at Balcon del Zocalo).

On September 16th, an impressive morning military parade takes place in the Zocalo area.

Although it does attract a lot of people, crowds are more manageable as many folks are still sleeping from having partied until the wee hours. 

Be advised that the 16th is a school and work holiday, so many businesses and attractions will be closed.

Zocalo CDMX from a roof top view.
Zocalo, CDMX

What to Pack for Mexico City in September

September is a month that marks the transition from rainy to dry weather, as well as the beginning of autumn.

Temperatures vary, with cool early mornings and evenings, sunny days, and some afternoon showers.

Packing layers is a good idea. T-shirts and lightweight tops, jeans, and a light hooded jacket are great ideas. 

As for footwear, sneakers or other comfortable walking shoes are mandatory, as you will want to do a lot of walking. I also recommend packing a compact umbrella.

Mexico City in September Travel Tips

📌 If you wish to immerse yourself in the “Grito de Independencia” but are not a huge crowd enthusiast, you can go to Coyoacan’s main plaza for a smaller, less chaotic celebration.

📌 It is always a good idea to book accommodations and activities in advance, as some Mexicans will travel from other parts of the country to partake in the Zocalo festivities on September 15th.

📌 Pack layers of clothing, as the weather varies as the day unfolds.

📌 Enjoy all the traditional Mexican holiday foods such as tamales, pozole (spiced corn and meat broth), tacos, and elotes (corn-on-the-cob).

📌 Visit the city markets, where you can acquire delicious food and all sorts of produce, as well as candy, flowers, and knick-knacks.

📌 Be sure to take a stroll on Reforma Avenue and the Centro Historico area in the evening, to fully appreciate the patriotic decorations.

📌 If you have time and yearn for some warmer, pool or lakeside weather and fun, respectively, head to Cuernavaca or Tequesquitengo.

📌 Mexico City has several transportation options, including the metro, Metrobus, and Uber.

Rental bikes and motorcycles are also available. If you plan on using public transport, purchase an MI card, available in Metro and Metrobus station dispensers.

It costs $20 pesos (a little over a dollar/euro), with individual trips going for about a US quarter (0.25c)

Mexico's Eye at Polanco at night.
Mexico’s Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico City Warm in September?

Yes, Mexico City is warm in September. As the rainy season gives way to drier times, summer warmth still persists for a few weeks, which means very pleasant weather.

Some afternoon showers are possible, followed by cooler evenings.

Temperatures usually go from 72°F during the day to the 52s°F in the evening.

What Part of Mexico is Best in September?

It depends entirely on what you’re after.

If you’re aiming for a tropical and warm beach escape, coastal destinations like Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabos are good but be aware that September is still hurricane season. 

If culture is what you want, Oaxaca, Mexico City, and San Miguel de Allende are great options.

Rio de Janeiro Square in Mexico City.
Rio de Janeiro Square

How Hot is Mexico City in September?

Mexico City is not really hot in September, but the days are usually warm and sunny. This is very nice for hours-long explorations.

Expect temperatures around in the mid-70s°F during the day, which lowe to about 53°F as night befalls.

Is it Cold in Mexico in September?

It doesn’t get cold in Mexico City in September. Summer warmth still persists as the rainy season gradually comes to an end.

However, early mornings and evenings are cool, with the temperature dropping from about 73°F during the day to around 53°F in the evenings.

The city’s high altitude makes it cooler than other parts of the country.

Alvaro Obregon Avenue in Roma Norte with parked bicycles.
Alvaro Obregon Avenue

Does it Rain in Mexico City in September?

Yes, it can rain in Mexico City in September. As the wet or rainy season comes to an end, light afternoon showers are possible.

Is Mexico City Dry in September?

Mexico City is not totally dry in September, although rain levels lower considerably as the summer comes to an end and the city transitions to dry weather.

Expect an occasional afternoon shower or drizzle.

Mexico city chapultepec

What is a Popular Celebration in Mexico City in September?

Popular celebrations in Mexico City in September include Niños Heroes on September 13th and Independence Day festivities on September 15th and 16th.

Does Mexico City Get Cold at Night in September?

September nights in Mexico City can get cool or even a little chilly, but they don’t get really cold. 

This is because of the city’s high altitude. However, evening temperatures can be quite pleasant, with the summer slowly coming to an end.

Average nighttime temperatures in September in Mexico City usually roam the 53°F mark.

Mexico city UNAM

What is the Best Month to Visit Mexico City?

The best month to visit Mexico City depends on what you’re after, but in terms of weather, MarchApril and October-November are fantastic for mild and dry weather. 

September has pleasant weather, with sunny days and some afternoon rain, but not as much as in July or August.

March and April are warm, with the added charm of jacaranda trees showing off their purple blooms throughout Reforma and the downtown area. 

September boasts a festive patriotic vibe, while October and November are somewhat chillier but still sunny and dry, perfect for experiencing Day of the Dead celebrations.

The Angel of Independence at night.
Angel of Independence

Final Thoughts: Mexico City in September

Visiting Mexico City in September is an exciting experience filled with culture and a lively, festive spirit.

It is a great time if you´re aiming for a blend of cultural richness and mild weather.

Whether your jam is visiting historic sites, exploring the city streets, local festivities, or immersing yourself completely in Mexican patriotic enthusiasm and cuisine, September in Mexico City will deliver an unforgettable experience.