Mexico City in December (2023): Weather, Events & Travel Tips 

Visiting Mexico City in December? Here’s what you need to know!

Mexico City is a vibrant and exciting destination to visit at any time of the year, but December is a particularly special time to experience the city’s unique culture and festive spirit. 

With a range of events, traditions, and attractions to enjoy, Mexico City in December is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Mexican culture and holiday cheer.

I may be biased because it is my city but, it is indeed beautiful.

As a local, I put together the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about visiting Mexico City in December, including what to expect weather-wise, what to wear, and where to go.

An ice skating rink in Mexico City filled with people and Christmas decor.
Mexico City

Mexico City in December: What is it Like?

👉🏽 Is December a Good Time to Visit Mexico City?

Yes, December is generally a good time to visit Mexico City as the weather is mild and comfortable during the day and there are many festive events and celebrations taking place throughout the month (you’ll really feel the Christmas spirit throughout the city!).

The holiday season brings a festive atmosphere to the city, with colorful decorations, traditional foods, and lively street performances.

Additionally, many museums and attractions offer special exhibits and events during this time of year. 

With that said, keep in mind that the city gets pretty busy during December, and prices for accommodation, flights, and even Uber have risen in Mexico City.

👉🏽 Is it Cheaper in Mexico City in December?

Early December is a relatively inexpensive time to visit Mexico City, but flight and accommodation prices rise from mid-December to early January (holiday season).

Fine Arts Palace Museum in Mexico City.
Fine Arts Palace Museum

👉🏽 Is Mexico City Safe to Travel to in December?

Yes, Mexico City is safe year-round as long as you take normal precautions as you would in any city such as not walking in dark alleys late at night, not getting involved with sketchy people, etc.

Make sure to watch out for pickpocketers in the Centro Historico (although this is a year-round tip!).

👉🏽 Mexico City Weather in December

Exploring Mexico City in December is perfect due to the great weather conditions.

The days are typically sunny, with comfortable temperatures that are not too hot or too cold.

It is rare for rain to occur, and while the evenings can be chilly, it’s still a great time to be outside.

👉🏽 Mexico City Temperature in December

The temperature in Mexico City in December can vary, but it is generally mild and comfortable. 

During the day, temperatures usually range from the mid-60s to low 70s °F (around 18-22 degrees °C).

Temperatures can sometimes drop below 50°F (around 10 degrees °C) at night.

Average temperature in Mexico City in December.
The average temperature in Mexico City in December – Photo © Weatherspark

👉🏽 What Season is December in Mexico City?

December is considered the winter in Mexico City in Mexico City. 

👉🏽 Is December Rainy in Mexico City?

December is the dry season in Mexico City and rain is not usually expected.

While it’s not impossible for rain to occur, it’s relatively rare and you can usually expect sunny and dry weather this time of the year.

👉🏽 How Do People Dress in Mexico City in December?

December sees mild, sunny days and pretty cold evenings, so people usually dress in layers to brave the drastic change in temperatures.

Moreover, people dress more elegantly during December, especially in the evening.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico City in December

1. Centro Historico

The Centro Histórico, also known as the Historic Center, is a significant area in Mexico City and is considered one of the largest and most important historic centers in the world. 

This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to many iconic landmarks such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Templo Mayor, Zocalo, and more.

Monumento a la Revolucion as the sun sets - one of the famous attractions in Mexico city.
Monumento a la Revolucion

2. Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as the Casa Azul or Blue House, is a museum that pays tribute to the life and artistic accomplishments of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. 

The Frida Kahlo Museum is located in the house where Kahlo was born and spent most of her life, and it houses not only a large collection of her artwork but also personal belongings such as her clothing, jewelry, and other cherished items.

3. Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec Park is a sprawling urban park located in the center of Mexico City, spanning more than a whipping 1,600 acres (which makes it four times the size of Central Park!). 

The park boasts a diverse range of attractions, such as museums, gardens, and the only authentic European castle on the American continent.

4. Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most famous religious sites in Mexico and a significant pilgrimage spot for millions of Catholics annually.

The compound comprises numerous structures, including the Old Basilica and the New Basilica, where the celebrated image of the Virgin Mary is located.

Aerial view of the Basilica of Guadalupe at sunset.
Basilica of Guadalupe

5. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most important landmarks in Mexico City and one of the most famous religious and historical buildings in the Americas.

Even if you’re not religious, the site is an absolute work of art and a great example of baroque architecture in Mexico. 

6. National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is one of the best places to visit in Mexico City in December, especially during chilly days.

The museum is humongous and contains a vast collection of pre-Columbian art and artifacts that showcase the history and culture of Mexico’s indigenous peoples throughout the centuries.

7. Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is an exquisite Art Deco structure located in the center of Mexico City, serving as both a theater and art museum.

Aside from its beautiful architecture and stunning murals, the palace is host to plenty of artistic events.

Mexico City Holidays and Events in December 

🎊 Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe (December 12th)

Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, or the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is a religious holiday in Mexico that commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego, an indigenous Mexican, in 1531. 

According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac and asked him to build a church in her honor.

She left behind an image of herself on his cloak, which is now enshrined in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Republica de Brasil Street in Mexico City.
Republica de Brasil Street

🎊 Día de los Inocentes (December 18th)

Día de los Inocentes means “Innocents Day” and it’s pretty much the same as April Fools in the United States.

On this date, you can prank just about everyone but here’s the catch: if you lend money to Día de los Inocentes, don’t expect to get it back! 

🎊 Christmas Eve (December 24th)

Christmas Eve is when Mexicans officially celebrate Christmas.

You’ll find this day is super hectic with people doing last-minute shopping all over. In the evenings, you’ll feel peace and calm as families gather to have dinner together and share gifts.

🎊 Christmas Day (December 25th)

Christmas Day is usually super calm in Mexico City.

Most businesses close on this day and everyone stays home to spend time with family.

If you walk around Mexico City on this day, don’t be surprised if you don’t run into a single person on the streets!

The Fountain of Diana the Huntress at night.
Fountain of Diana the Huntress

What to Pack for Mexico City in December

Make sure to bring t-shirts or lightweight tops, along with sweaters or cardigans that can be layered.

Long pants or jeans are also a good idea and comfortable walking shoes are a must.

The weather in Mexico City during December can change significantly throughout the day, so make sure to bring a light jacket or coat for cooler evenings.

If you plan on going to formal restaurants or events, it’s also a good idea to bring dressier outfits.

Mexico City in December Travel Tips

📌 Expect things to move slower in Mexico City during December.

Most people are in “holiday mode” and plenty of businesses slack a lot during this time of the year.

It’s actually a great time to be in the city if you like calm, as things are usually very fast-paced the rest of the year.

📌 Book accommodations and activities in advance, as December is a busy time for tourism.

📌 Pack layers of clothing, as the weather can be mild during the day but cooler in the evenings.

📌 A must: Eat all the traditional Mexican holiday foods such as tamales, ponche, and buñuelos. 

📌 Make sure to schedule a walk through Reforma Avenue as it gets blanketed in red poinsettias.

📌 Visit the many Christmas markets all over the city (the Palacio de Hierro Mercado de Navidad is my favorite)

📌 If you like theme parks, Six Flags has a super cool Christmas festival going on throughout December which is definitely worth checking out!

Mexico City Sunset

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico City Warm in December?

While it’s not warm like other parts of Mexico, Mexico City has mild temperatures with cooler evenings during December. 

Typically, the average daytime high is around 22°C (72°F) while nighttime lows can dip to 7°C (45°F).

Although it’s considered one of the cooler months, you can still enjoy pleasant and comfortable weather during your visit.

How Hot is Mexico City in December?

In December, Mexico City enjoys mild and pleasant temperatures.

You can expect the average daytime temperature to be around 20-22°C (68-72°F).

Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too hot but don’t expect to experience freezing cold either.

Rio de Janeiro Square in Mexico City.
Rio de Janeiro Square

Is it Cold in Mexico in December?

Mexico City in December can be quite mild and pleasant, with temperatures cool enough to make you wear a light jacket, particularly in the evenings. 

Does Mexico City Get Cold at Night in December?

Yes, it can get quite chilly at night in Mexico City during December. Due to its high altitude, the city experiences cooler temperatures compared to other parts of the country. Average nighttime temperatures in December usually hover around 6°C (43°F), although they can occasionally drop to near freezing.

Alvaro Obregon Avenue in Roma Norte with parked bicycles.
Alvaro Obregon Avenue

Does it Snow in Mexico City in December?

No, snow isn’t really a thing in Mexico City and the last time it snowed in the city was in January during the late 60s.

If you want to see snow, you might find it in nearby mountains like Nevado de Toluca or Iztlaccihuatl. 

Is Mexico City Dry in December?

Yes, December is dry in Mexico City and rainfall is very rare, although it can happen.

Mexico's Eye at Polanco at night.
Mexico’s Eye at Polanco

What is a Popular Celebration in Mexico City in December?

Christmas is huge in Mexico City in December but you’ll also find plenty of other celebrations taking place. 

Las Posadas is a popular event for religious people in the city.

It’s held from December 16th to 24th and commemorates the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for a place to stay in Bethlehem.

Is Mexico City Fun During Christmas?

Absolutely! Mexico City has a lot to offer during the Christmas season.

As you stroll through the city, you’ll enjoy the festive decorations and lively atmosphere.

Zócalo, the city’s main square, turns into a winter wonderland with an ice rink, holiday lights, and vendors selling festive treats like buñuelos.

Aerial view of Mexico City - how not to get sick in Mexico? Find out how!

What is the Best Month to Visit Mexico City?

This can vary depending on your interests and travel style, but weather-wise, March, April, May, and September through December are the best months to visit Mexico City.

March and April are favorite months to visit as this is when jacarandas bloom throughout the city, and October is another favorite for all things Day of the Dead.

What Part of Mexico is Best in December?

It’s really all up to your interests, but if you’re searching for tropical and warm destinations, coastal cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos are great.

If culture is what you’re after, places like Oaxaca, Guanajuato, and Mexico City are top choices.

Moreover, if a white December is what you’re after, you’ll find snow in northern towns such as Creel in Chihuahua.

The Angel of Independence at night.
Angel of Independence

Final Thoughts: Mexico City in December

Whether you’re interested in exploring the Mexican capital’s rich history and cultural heritage, or simply want to soak up the festive atmosphere and enjoy the holiday season, visiting Mexico City in December is a great idea.

From the stunning Christmas lights and decorations to the traditional food and drink, Mexico City in December is a truly magical experience.