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Is Tulum Safe? Everything you need to know about Safety in Tulum in 2021

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Tulum is one of the most renowned Mexican beach destinations, popular for its endless beach, the unique Mayan archeological site, but most of all for becoming the preferred destination for trendsetters, artists, entrepreneurs of all sorts, and digital nomads who found in Tulum their perfect high-end beach getaway from the city life and workation destination. But is Tulum safe to travel to Tulum Right now?

As always, though, safety comes first. And safety in Tulum and in Mexico, in general, has always been a concern for first-time travelers or for anyone who is reading not very flattering news about safety in Mexico on the TV or internet.

In this post, I will try to debunk the myth that traveling to Mexico is not safe, in the most unbiased way, considering the real safety issues and how to overcome them.

Tulum ruins - is Tulum safe to travel

How safe is Tulum?

I would lie to you if I’d tell you that Tulum has no safety issues at all. The recent episodes of crime are undeniable. Besides, as soon as the Covid restrictions loosened up, Tulum has become an escape hub for many privileged remote workers who wanted to swap their concrete walls and city confines, with jungle vibes and healthy walks on the beach. Who can blame them?

It would be all ok and absolutely acceptable, if things didn’t go somewhat out of control with people in deny, organizing gatherings and parties just as if a pandemic wasn’t happening. The situation had to reach its climax with the Art With Me Festival which caused the infection of dozens of participants making Tulum one big pandemic party.

Having said that, though, it doesn’t mean that if you go to Tulum you will get covid, by all means.

It’s all about using the necessary precaution, which are very clear and simple to follow:

  • Choose hotels that follow the covid cleaning and occupancy requirements
  • Wear a mask when in crowded places, even if you don’t like it. It’s a sign of respect for others
  • Avoid partying

I assure you that despite following these simple rules you can still enjoy Tulum, swimming in the Caribbean sea, taking long walks on the pristine beach, experience one of the coolest Tulum Beach Clubs, also enjoy the delicious restaurants, and take a dip into the sacred Cenotes or exploring other beaches in the Riviera Maya. There are so many things to do in Tulum that are very safe in many ways.

tulum beach - from Cancun to Tulum

Is Tulum Safe besides covid?

I mentioned earlier that there have been some cases of crime but they normally don’t affect tourists obviously if they are not involved in drug-related issues and avoid mischievous behavior. Make sure you know where you are going and what people you are hanging out with.

The main road of the town (Avenida Tulum) is thriving at all times of the day, even at night it has quite a lively party scene and there are street lights all along the road. The further away you get from the main road, the more careful you have to be at night. Some of the deeper streets don’t have street lights, and you’ll have to walk nearer to the main road even to catch a cab (Tulum doesn’t have Uber).

There’s the option of renting a bike, and it’s quite useful. A lot of people in Tulum use a bicycle to get around. I still wouldn’t recommend biking around at night if you’re not on the main road.

In terms of the pandemic, the hotels in Tulum initially suffered because of cancellations at the start of 2020. But most of the hotels in town now follow strict Covid protocols. Always inquire when booking.

TULUM BEACH - how to get from Cancun to Tulum

15 Tulum safety tips

  1. First things first, follow the social distancing protocols so both you and the people around you can be safe. Wear a mask when you’re in crowded places.
  2. Health insurance is extremely important. You never know when you might get sick, and the hospitals in Mexico are very expensive for tourists. So get good health insurance before traveling. I normally use Safetywing or WorldNomads. Both are great but serve different kinds of needs. So make sure you read through what’s included and not.
  3. Choose a hotel or accommodation that follows covid safety protocols.
  4. Stay away from drugs and drug-related activities. Tulum is a safe town for tourists and incidents of violent crime here are few and far in-between, especially compared to the rest of the country. But when violent crime does happen here, it’s usually related to drugs.
  5. If you’re traveling solo, avoid going to secluded places at night.
  6. Bicycling is pretty tempting when you’re in Tulum, but avoid bicycling around at night. Take a taxi if you’re alone.
  7. Try to stay in Tulum town or one of the resorts at the beach. The accommodations and hotels in town and the beach have plenty of tourists like yourself so you’ll have company.
  8. Avoid flaunting your wealth. Petty crime is an issue almost everywhere in the world, and Tulum is no different. Keep your valuables locked away in the safe in your hotel room.
  9. Try to avoid overdrinking as much as possible. When you do drink, try to do it in a group of people you trust, do so in moderation, and always keep an eye on your drinks to make sure no one spikes them.
  10. If you’ve been drinking, avoid swimming entirely; whether it’s at the swimming pool or at the beach.
  11. Tulum has a really good party scene and they’re quite fun. However, try to be alert while you have fun at those parties, especially when you’re alone. (Avoid that in Covid time)
  12. Watch your surroundings when withdrawing cash from an ATM. Avoid doing so at night or in deserted areas (in the Chedraui supermarket you have plenty of choice of ATM Machines and it’s safe).
  13. Be mindful of whom you trust. A lot of the time scammers rely on your trust to con you out of your money.
  14. If you’re going to the beach at night, stay in front of a hotel with security.
  15. Keep your passport in your hotel room’s safe. But carry a photocopy of your passport everywhere you go; you never know when you might need it.
  16. Beware of the taxi drivers. The majority of them are real scammers charging you outrageous rates, just because you are a tourist, and so rich and so they think they have the right to rip you off. So make sure you negotiate the rate before getting in the taxi and if you don’t agree with the rate just say no and call another one. There are still a few honest drivers around.
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Is Tulum safe to travel alone?

Yes! Thousands of tourists travel to Tulum every year and it’s become a very popular tourist destination. A lot of these tourists do travel alone and have a blast here.

In fact, because of its laidback nature, I’d say Tulum is even safer than Cancun. In fact, it made it to the top spot in the US News list of the best places to visit in Mexico.

You do have to take some extra precautions when you’re alone, though.

Be careful when going out at night. Avoid walking on deserted stretches of the beach or on deserted roads. Always take a taxi to your destination and back to your hotel. Most importantly, don’t ride a bicycle at night. Biking at night would mean that you’d be traveling alone and some of the roads on Tulum have little to no street lights.

If you go to a restaurant as a solo traveler, you should be aware that almost all restaurants allow hawkers to come in and try to sell you stuff. You’ll encounter this quite often. While this is not an issue in and of itself (they’ll go away if you tell them no), they’re often accompanied by their children. These children go around picking pockets and stealing unattended things.

What are the safest places to visit in Tulum?

All of Tulum is safe for tourists. The town itself sees the most activity, and you’ll be safe here on the main roads because they’re all well-lit and have plenty of pedestrian traffic (most of them tourists). Due to the partying scene, you’ll find people around at all hours of the day and night.

In case you want to visit the beach, or if you’re staying at the beach, you can easily go on a bike during the day. There’s plenty of activity, the beach hotels are always thriving. Just avoid biking back at night and always take a taxi.

There are no areas to avoid as such, but be wary going into the residential neighborhoods at night. These neighborhoods can get quite deserted when it’s dark, and, as the area is still being heavily developed, most of them lack streetlights. It’s fine to visit them during the day. But if you’re staying in one of the accommodations here, opt for a taxi ride at night.

Tulum beach

Is it safe to visit outside the hotels in Tulum?

It’s completely safe to visit outside the hotels in Tulum. The social and touristy atmosphere of Tulum means that it’s really safe, whether you’re in a group or traveling alone.

When tourists do encounter any safety issues here, it’s almost always petty crime. These can happen anywhere in the world. As long as you take some basic precautions, you’ll be completely fine. When in doubt, just ask the locals which areas you should look out for and at which times. They’re usually very helpful with safety tips.

The only thing I can point out in this regard is that if you’re staying at one of the hotels on the beach, the road between the beach and the town gets quite empty at night. If, after dark, you feel like traveling to the town or back to your hotel, always take a cab.

Is Tulum safe for female travelers?

Tulum is extremely safe for female travelers, even if they’re traveling alone. As a female, just take standard precautions that you’d take anywhere else in the world and you’ll be fine.

You might face a few catcalls from the locals when walking around, but it never goes beyond that. I’m including some extra tips for female travelers below.

Keep your bling in your room

If you have some flashy and expensive jewelry with you when you travel, keep it in your room and don’t wear it when you’re exploring around the town.

Stay near the main road in town or at the beach resorts

While staying in the residential neighborhoods is fine, you’ll have trouble finding cabs in those areas. Cabs are absolutely essential for you if you want to go anywhere at night, and you’ll be able to find them pretty easily in town and near the beach resorts.

Keep an eye on your drinks

Tulum has a great party scene, and you should partake in it. But if someone comes up to you and offers you a drink, don’t accept it. Get your drinks from the bar yourself and drink in moderation. Never get wasted if you’re not in a group you trust implicitly.

Tulum Safety FAQ

Q. What’s the safest way to get to Tulum?

The best and safest way to get to Tulum is to fly to Cancun International Airport. From there, take the ADO bus direct to Tulum. If you can afford a taxi, it’ll get you to Tulum much faster and it’ll be even safer.

Q. What’s Tulum Weather?

Tulum is in the Caribbean Zone which means tropical weather, warm all year round, with a rainy season from April through November and a dry season for the rest of the year. Hurricanes are a thing, although rare, and most likely to come from September through the end of October. Easter is the most crowded and expensive time of the year followed by Christmas and New Year’s. To learn more you may want to read my dedicated post on the best time to visit Tulum.

Q. Is Tulum a good location for families?

Absolutely! Tulum is a great location if you’re looking for a family vacation spot. If you’re going there with your family, I highly recommend staying at the beach resorts if you can afford them. If you’re there with your partner, there are adults-only hotels at the beach that’ll provide you with quite a romantic atmosphere. If you’re there with your kids, there are kid-friendly options available as well.

Q. What do I need to know before I go to Tulum?

Here are five things you should keep in mind among the most important Mexico Travel Tips before you book your flight:

  1. Exchange currency at the beginning of your trip, but not at airports. While most shops will accept US$, you’ll have to pay quite a premium for not using pesos. So carry enough pesos.
  2. Pack plenty of sunscreen. Tulum is quite a sunny town.
  3. Never drink tap water in Mexico. Always insist on bottled water, and make sure that even your food is cooked using bottled water.
  4. The best time to go to Tulum is between October and December. The weather isn’t too hot and the town isn’t super crowded. You’ll also find the best prices for a room to stay in during this season.
  5. Keep your masks with you and take all necessary precautions. The pandemic is still very much ongoing.

Q. What’s the best area to stay in Tulum?

The best areas to stay are either the town, near the main road or the beach. Do be aware that the beach resorts will be quite expensive when compared to the accommodations in the town.

Q. Can I fly directly to Tulum?

As of now, there are no direct flights to Tulum. You’ll have to get a flight to Cancun or Chetumal and then get a taxi or a bus to Tulum. If you are flying internationally Cancun is the airport you want to land in. However, if you are traveling within Mexico you might want to consider flying to Chetumal and then traveling through Bacalar and Calakmul if you enjoy exploring more off-the-beaten-path places.