The 3 Best Hot Springs in San Miguel de Allende + Map [2023]

There are a few interesting hot springs in San Miguel de Allende where you can enjoy a day in full of relaxation and pampering in a natural environment. In this post, I will talk about all of them so that you can choose which one is the best for you.

The charming San Miguel de Allende is one of the most visited cities in Mexico. Nominated Pueblo Magico and UNESCO heritage site, its impressive baroque arquitecture, ancient vibes, and artsy scene, make it indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the World, as per Travel+Leisure Magazine.

No wonder it’s also one of the Mexican towns with the highest percentage of American and Canadian Expats.

There are so many things to do in San Miguel de Allende from walking around the steep cobblestone streets, and narrow lanes, to visiting the beautiful baroque churches, checking out some art galleries, and admiring the sunsets from the rooftops among many other things which I will talk about fully in another dedicated post.

La Gruta Tunnel

Hot Springs in San Miguel de Allende

If you want to spend a day in total relaxation, and get pampered, the best way to do it is by visiting one of the hot springs spas located just outside San Miguel de Allende, in the popular town of Atotonilco, only 20 minutes drive.

They are all located in the same area whose soil is rich in mineral hot water. That is why not only these below-listed places but many hotels in the same area can benefit from it.

I will talk about hotels in the area as well here below.

1. Escondido Place

Price: 190 MXN (8 hrs)
Opening hours: every day from 8 am to 5 pm

Balneario Escondido Placa
Escondido Place private cave

Escondido place is my favorite by far. In terms of facility standards, we can say it stands between La Gruta which is very low key and the high-end ( and expensive) Mayan Baths.

Escondido place has only three thermal pools, one in the open area and two enclosed.

All of them are located in the same area and nearby you can enjoy a swimming pool with sunbeds where to relax and take a break from the heated water.

There are lockers, bathrooms, and changing rooms everywhere through the huge gardens where you can also enjoy nice walks in nature by lakes and trees.

☝️ You will need to bring your own lock or you can buy one in their convenience store for 35 MXN (2 USD)

Escondido place
Escondido Place cave (gruta)

There is a spa, located in a tranquil corner of the beautiful garden with a full spa menu, but make sure you make your reservation in advance.

A spacious restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and offers great local dishes and natural juices.

They also have a mid-range hotel with luxury prices 😜, but it has nice rooms and it may be worth spending a couple of nights here and enjoying the peaceful environment.

For more information check Escondido Place site.

2. La Gruta Spa

Entry Fee 250 MXN (13 USD)

Opening hours: from 7 am to 5.30 pm

Despite the higher prices compared to Escondido Place, I found the first one much better, more intimate, and relaxed, which was probably due to the fact that there were fewer people when I visited. That makes the all difference.

But also the entire complex at the Escondido Place felt more high-end. But that is my personal opinion I reckon.

La gruta steamy
La gruta

La gruta has 3 open thermal pools one of which is quite large with a fountain in it.

A fourth one that leads to the actual Gruta, the main attraction of the place, a man made cave with thermal water and fountains sprouting from the brick walls.

It’s like a dome and it get very steemy and hot so you cannot stay there for too long. Also if you have heart conditions make sure you ask your doctor whether this good for your system.

Kids are not allowed on this side of the place.

There are terraces with chairs and table scattered around the ample garden and bar and restaurant service throughout the place.

La Gruta
La Gruta

Lockers are available and included in the entry fee, lock included.

Showers, bathrooms and changing rooms are also available and so is free WIFI.

You are not allowed to bring food and beverages except for your water bottle.

👉 You can read more detailed info about La Gruta San Miguel de Allende

3. Mayan Baths

The Mayan Baths is the most luxurious among the hot springs in San Miguel de Allende but also the most expensive one and I am still pondering on whether I take the splurge or forget about it. I update the post in case I decide to go.

If you do, please send me an email and tell me if it’s worth it.

I have searched for information, though, and here is how it works.

They are only open to the public from Saturday through Sunday from either one of these time schedules

– 10:00 A.M. A 5:00 P.M.

– 11:00 A.M. A 6:00 P.M.

– 12:00 A.M. A 7:00 P.M

As the price goes you can only purchase packages as follows:

Package #1 (relax)

$2,700.00 MXN (140 USD) per person

Includes: access to the installation, towel, gown, relaxing massage

Package #2 (basic)

$2,695.00 MXN (140 USD)per person

Includes: access to the installation, towel, gown, buffet lunch and 3 drinks from the bar

Package #3 (VIP)

$3,490.00 MXN (170 USD) per person

Includes: access to the installation, towel, gown, buffet lunch and 3 drinks from the bar, massage

Package # 4 ( only on Sunday)

$1,700.00 MXN per person

Includes: access to the installation, towel, and gown.

De 0.90 cm. a 1.35 metros

It is mandatory to make your reservation in advance from the Mayan baths site.

4. Xote Parque Aquatico ( waterpark)

Xote Parque Aquatico is definitely more for kids and adults who love all sorts of waterparks activities. Not for those who want to have a chilled spa day for sure.

Entrance fees are based on height – 100 MXN up to 1.35 mt / 200 from 1.35 mt and taller.

You should know that there are no lockers so you will need to hold on to your personal belonging.

Also, you cannot take in any food or drinks except water.

They have a restaurant and a place for camping which costs 500 MXN per person.

For more information on the slides and all the waterpark facilities, you can check out Xote website.

How to get to the above-mentioned hot springs from San Miguel de Allende

As I mentioned before all San Miguel de Allende hot springs are located pretty much in the same area, around the pretty town of Atotonilco, at only 20 minute drive.

San Miguel de Allende Hot springs
San Miguel de Allende Hotsprings – Photo © Google Map Click to open the full Map

Getting to San Miguel de Allende Hotsprings by bus

You can get to Escondido Place or La Gruta Spa by bus and it would be the cheapest way but not the best, for obvious reasons.

In San Miguel de Allende look for the purple busses leaving from El Portón between the hotel Live aqua and Calzada de la Aurora.

They have Atotonilco or el Santuario sign on the front and should cost around 20 MXN.

Always ask the driver where he’s going to be on the safe side.

Getting to the Mayan Bath and to Xoto by bus is not possible.

Getting to San Miguel de Allende Hotsprings by taxi

Getting to San Miguel de Allende Hot springs by taxi is the best and most convenient option even though it’s obviously pricier.

You can get any taxi from San Miguel De Allende and either ask the driver to pick you up at a certain hour or get his number to call him when you want him to come for you.

During my time in San Miguel while I was housesitting I had a driver, Jose Luis, which I absolutely recommend. He’s very reliable, he speaks English and has reasonable rates.

He has a comfortable 6-seat minivan. You can send him a WhatsApp at this number +52 415 125 4958. You can tell him Isabella recommended him, if you wish, just for reference.

Getting to the hot springs near San Miguel de Allende by car rental

Renting a car is absolutely the best idea so that you can not only visit the hot springs but make the most of your time and explore the area around Atotonilco, full of incredible attractions, from vinyards, sanctuaries, and old towns.

However, you must know that there is no car rental in San Miguel de Allende.

You will need to rent your car either at Queretaro Airport or Leon Airport.

Queretaro is the closest to San Miguel but Leon is the closest to Guanajuato. Therefore depending on your itinerary, you can choose what’s best for you.

This is a relatively safe area to drive around, except for Celaya, which I would definitely avoid, besides there is nothing interesting there.

I recommend checking car rental rates on the Discover Cars platform to compare prices and find the best deal.

Car rental

Discover Cars Mexico Review

Browse through international and local car rentals and find the best deal.

I’ve always had great service from Discover Cars. They always respond quickly if there’s a problem of any kind…I would never use any other car rental company as my many experiences with have been 100% positive.


What to bring to the hot springs

Here is what you need to bring with you when visiting La Gruta San Miguel de Allende:


Towel (except for the Mayan baths where it’s included in the package)

✅ A change of underwear

Water bottle

✅ Mexican Pesos

✅ A book or a kindle device

Earbuds (if you want to listen to your favorite music)

waterproof phone pouch

Places to see around la Gruta: restaurants and attractions

⛪️ Atotonilco Sanctuary 

The Sanctuary of Atotonilco is called the Sistine Chappel of Mexico for the beautiful painted walls and ceilings. Located only 15 minutes walk from La Gruta, 25 minutes from Escondido place,

From the Mayan Baths and Xote you will need a car or taxi.

Atotonilco Sanctuary Chapel
Atotonilco Sanctuary Chapel

🌮 Eat in the food stall on Atotonilco main street

Right after the Atotonilco Sanctuary, you will find street vendors lining the street with amazing local art for sale and food stalls with delicious local specialties.

Make sure you try the “sopes“, a typical regional food which is a thick blue corn tortilla with all sorts of fillings.

Atotonilco food stalls
Atotonilco food stalls

Check out the biggest vintage store shop on the main street 

Right across the main road from La Gruta San Miguel De Allende, you will find a unique huge open-air vintage store selling all sorts of objects for home and garden decor.

Even if you don’t need to buy anything it’s worth taking a look at. You will see incredible art pieces made with old recycled stuff.

Visit Dolores Hidalgo Pueblo Magico

At only 20 km from Atotonilco, you can visit Dolores Hidalgo one of the Mexican Pueblo Magico known as the birthplace of Mexican independence in the 1800s.

Local priest Miguel Hidalgo uttered the “Cry of Dolores” at the 18th-century Dolores Parish Church, rallying people to rise up. 

Now on September 15th every year, to celebrate this historic event, a ceremony led by the President of the Republic is held, where the bells of the National Palace are rung, alluding to Hidalgo’s call.

Take a tour in one of the viñedos  la Santissima Trinidad

Located near Dolores Hidalgo, at only 17 km from Atotonilco, la Santissima Trinidad is one of the biggest vineyards in the area.

You can book a tour of their lavender fields and wineyard where they show you their production process.

I would recommend doing the tour close to lunchtime so that you can have a fancy lunch in the property restaurant afterward and if you feel like getting pampered you can book a massage in their world-class spa.

Monasterio de nuestra señora de la soledad

Monasterio of nuestra señora de soledad

Located only 7 km from Atotonilco, the monastery of La Soledad was founded by Father Wall as a hermitage for 10 years until in 1985, the Mother House of “La Soledad”, sent monks in order to continue the work of God begun by Father Wall, not as a hermitage, but as a community.

Now every Sunday there is a big long mass where many people from San Miguel and nearby villages attend.

Have lunch at the restaurant Mama Mia Campestre 

Mamma Mia Campestre is an excellent restaurant in a beautiful private park, where you can enjoy delicious grilled food and artisanal bear or other specialty drinks.

Tables are scattered around a beautiful garden by a lake and during the weekend, visitors can enjoy great walks in nature among plants and sunflowers fields.

On Saturday and Sunday, it gets crowded so it would be better to reserve a table.

Where to stay near La Gruta

Staying in the area can be a good idea, just outside San Miguel de Allende immersed in nature. There are in fact many cute hotels that you can visit. Here are some hotel ideas

⛺️ Zenzontle glamping SMA

A laidback stay in a luxury but simple tent camp with incredible views over San Miguel and the surrounding valley.

Guests will enjoy the beautiful garden and free WiFi. Bathrooms are shared and equipped with a shower, while certain accommodations at the hotel also feature a terrace.

👉 Check rates & availability: | | Expedia

🏨 Hacienda Hotel Hacienda Taboada (Aguas Termales)

Located in the countryside just outside Atotonilco, this small and comfortable hotel offers spacious rooms in Colonial style and a thermal water pool for the guests’ use.

👉 Check rates & availability: | | Expedia

🏨 Hotel Nirvana 

Spectacular hotel located right between La Gruta and Escondido place. The rooms are rustic but elegant and the pool is surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. They also have a rich menu of spa treatments.

👉 Check rates & availability: | | Expedia

🏨 Finca La Devocion

A spectacular place located between Atotonilco center and La Gruta. This beautiful property offers large spacious country-style suites and an ample garden where to take walks, and exercise, and a large outdoor pool where to relax and enjoy the peaceful nature.

👉 Check rates & availability: | | Expedia

The hot springs in San Miguel De Allende: final thoughts and tips

Now that you know about all the hot springs in San Miguel de Allende, I hope you can decide which one is best for you.

Keep in mind though that weekends and festive days are busier and also during the week if you like to be around fewer people you should get there when they open. Enjoy!

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