The Best Cozumel Beach Clubs in 2023

If you are wondering which one you should pick among the amazing Cozumel Beach Clubs, this post is exactly what is about.

Adrienne is a Cozumel Resident and Scuba instructor and she has visited almost all the beach clubs and beaches on the island. In this post, she will tell you all about them so that you can decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Whether you are visiting Cozumel for the day on a cruise ship, staying on the island as a tourist, or living here, nothing beats a relaxing day at a beach club.

The island of Cozumel has several different beach clubs to choose from, whether you want a secluded, quiet spot to relax on the beach, a great snorkeling spot, or a lively restaurant with lots of amenities and water sports to choose from, Cozumel beach clubs will not disappoint.

So without further delay let’s go through them all one by one. At the end of this post, we will also share some useful blogs about Cozumel as well that will help you plan your vacation on the island.

Cozumel aerial view beach club
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The best Beach Clubs in Cozumel in 2023

1. Nachi Cocom Cozumel Beach Club And Water Sport Center

Nachi Cocom Beach Club is located at kilometer 16.5 in Cozumel’s southern hotel zone on a beautiful, private stretch of white sand beach.

Nachi Cocom is a great beach club for people looking for a relaxing, quiet day at the beach.

They limit the number of guests daily to 130, ensuring that all guests have comfortable space to relax and enjoy the spacious beach, which has plenty of small palapas and lounge chairs for guests to find a shady spot.

For this reason is important to reserve your spot at Nachi Cocom before arrival to guarantee space, and reservations can be made through their website

Nachi Cocom entry fees 🤑

$59 USD for 16 years old and over

$45 USD for children 12 to 15 years old

$19 USD for children 4 to 11 years old

children under three enter for free.

The entry fees are for an inclusive package of unlimited drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, a four-course menu as well option to order a la carte from a menu, and all the beach club amenities of a swimming pool, jacuzzi, hammocks, internet, fresh water showers, changing rooms, and lockers.

The white sandy beach of Nachi Cocom is ideal for wading and swimming in the crystal clear blue water of Cozumel; however, it does not have a lot of coral heads or aquatic life directly off the beach.

For guests who are interested in snorkeling, Nachi Cocom offers snorkel tours and glass bottom boat rides for an additional cost of $38 USD per adult.

The snorkel tour includes all the snorkel gear and will take you into the Cozumel marine park to explore the reefs and see aquatic animals.

Other add-on activities that have an additional fee that you can find at Nachi Cocom are beach massages, photo sessions, and banana boat rides.

These additional activities have special discounted rates for guests who book them online before arrival.

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2. Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is a high-energy beach club that is popular with cruise ship visitors as well as tourists who are staying on the island.

It is located at kilometer 15, in the southern hotel zone, which is a twenty-minute drive south of downtown.

Mr. Sanchos offers an all-inclusive package or a pay-as-you-go option; however, during peak season and busy days, they often will only accept guests on all-inclusive packages who made reservations.

You can book your day pass on VIATOR.

Mr. Sancho’s entry fees

The all-inclusive cost for Mr. Sanchos is $60 USD for adults over 18 years old, $40 USD for children 12-17 years old, and $35 for children 4-11 years old.

The all-inclusive price includes all-you-can-eat from the buffet or menu, frozen drinks, domestic beers, non-alcoholic beverages, two pools, and a beach section that is for all-inclusive guests only.

The entrance also includes beach umbrellas at tables, beach loungers, a hammock area, water kayaks, restrooms, and lockers.

The food menu includes traditional Mexican food such as ceviches, seafood options, tacos, and fajitas.

Mr. Sanchos is located on a long stretch of sandy beach, with easy water entry for guests.

The sandy bottom here is perfect for swimming and wading in the water but does not have a lot of coral formations or rocks to find fish and sea creatures.

Mr. Sanchos is one of the best beach clubs for guests that are looking for tours and activities.

Floating in the water in front of the restaurant is Mr. Sanchos’ Aquatic Park of large inflatable water toys to climb and play on.

Admission to the Aquatic Park costs $12 USD per guest for unlimited time on the toys. Mr. Sanchos offers tours for several different water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and rent wave runners.

Guests can also book beach massages, horseback riding tours, and ATV tours at Mr. Sanchos.

Cozumel aerial view
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3. Punta Morena Restaurant

Punta Morena Restaurant is located at km 44 Costa Este, on the western coast or “other side” of Cozumel island.

This spacious restaurant is a great spot to relax, find a spot away from crowds, and feel the ocean wind.

The restaurant has a large palapa and the beach area has small palapas to provide shade for the beach loungers that are spread across the beach.

There is also an area with hammocks to kick back and relax.

The ocean on this side of the island can have large waves, but Punta Morena has a protected natural cove due to rock formation that is calmer and allows for swimming and wading in the water.

The facility also has a large saltwater pool for days when the ocean waves are too large to get into the ocean.

The west side of Cozumel can have sargassum, a seaweed, that washes onto its shores, but Punta Morena’s protected cove, along with workers who clean the beach, keep the water, and beach clean.

There is no entry fee for Punta Morena Restaurant, and they offer either pay as you go option or a daily all-inclusive option that includes food, drinks, and a five-minute massage for $65 USD for adults.

Punta Morena Restaurant has traditional Mexican food such as fajitas, quesadillas, and tacos as well as a large variety of seafood house specialties such as ceviche and aguachile.

They serve a variety of frozen drinks, and domestic beers, and offer a tequila-tasting experience for guests who are interested.

Guests at Punta Morena can get a fish food pedicure at their fish spa or a regular massage on the beach.

Punta Morena is a great option for people who want to get to the wild side of Cozumel and enjoy a spacious beach.

Cozumel snorkeling

4. Alberto’s Beach Bar

Alberto’s Beach Bar is located at kilometer 18 in the southern hotel zone of the island.

This beach bar prides itself on being “the only one left of the old style” beach restaurants, with simple amenities on the beach where fisherman bring their fresh caught fish right to the dock.

The menu focuses on fresh-caught seafood, with the specialty being lobster tail sold by weight and mixed seafood platters for sharing.

Alberto’s Beach Bar has palapas with tables and chairs right on the sand and beach loungers with umbrellas.

The restaurant is open later into the evening than most beach clubs and guests can stay to enjoy the sunset and live music in the evenings.

Guests can enjoy several activities from Alberto’s, including snorkel and glass bottom boat tours that take guests into the marine park, Parasailing boats, and wave runner rentals.

Alberto’s also organizes fishing tours and guests who get lucky and catch some fish will have their catch prepared especially for them at the restaurant. Alberto’s has a relaxed and comfortable vibe with a focus on the food.

Cozumel at sunset
Sunset in Cozumel Photo © Isabella Biava

5. El Pescador Marisqueria & Bar at Chen Rio

El Pescador Marisqueria & Bar is located at Chen Rio beach, on the western side of Cozumel. Chen Rio beach is a popular beach because the limestone formation creates a natural pool of ocean water that is protected from the large waves and currents of the ocean.

These pools are a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, creating shallow spaces for people to relax and swim in the water.

Just past the rocks that create these pools are large waves that are popular with Cozumel surfers.

El Pescador Marisqueria has a great view of all of these from its large palapa restaurant with plenty of umbrellas and beach loungers on the beach and a shady hammock area to relax.

This restaurant is completely open air with tables sitting on the sand and a great, simple place to spend the afternoon on the beach enjoying a meal.

The menu is focused on fresh seafood, including fish and lobster, when in season.

Guests can relax in the protected, shallow ocean pools. This is a great spot for families with young children to splash and play.

For the adventurous, Nacho’s surf school is located next to the restaurant and can organize surfboard rentals and classes.

Cozumel aerial view
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6. Playa Corona

Playa Corona is located south of downtown San Miguel at a kilometer 10. Playa Corona has simple amenities, the restaurant has seating or you can grab a beach lounge chair and umbrella on their small area of sandy beach.

The menu has beach club staples such as guacamole, nachos, and fajitas, and the domestic beers are served cold and refreshing.

They charge a 100 pesos minimum consumption to use the facilities and water entrance.

Playa Corona is a favorite beach club for many because of the great snorkeling it has in front. The entrance to the water is shallow, making it ideal for children and beginner snorkelers.

Without having to swim out far, snorkelers will begin to see coral heads, sea fans, and a variety of colorful fish, such as parrotfish, blue tang, sergeant majors, and trunkfish.

Playa Corona has surface buoys to make a swim area protected from boat traffic, so snorkelers have a large space to explore.

For visitors who do not have snorkel gear, they can rent it here.

Playa Corona is a simple, relaxed beach restaurant that is great for people who want to spend their time in the water.

Cozumel east coast
Cozumel East Coast © Isabella Biava

7. Barracuda Beach Club

Barracuda Beach Club is tucked away in the northern hotel zone at kilometer 6, past the Melia hotel off a dirt road.

The secluded location means that not many people venture up there, and it is rarely very crowded. Barracuda Beach Club has a full restaurant and freshwater pool, volleyball court, and a small stretch of beach.

Barracuda Beach Club is best known for being the home of the speedboat tour.

This tour gives you instruction and then allows you to drive your own two-person speedboat, and visitors at the beach club will often find the boats lined up in the shallow water.

The water here is shallow with an easy sandy entrance; however, there is not much to see while snorkeling.

8. Buccanos Beach Club

Buccanos Beach Club is located in the northern hotel zone at a kilometer four.

These spacious grounds are beautifully maintained with beach lounge chairs on the sandy area with plenty of palm trees and small palapas to provide protection from the sun.

Buccanos Beach Club in Cozumel also has a large freshwater pool, restaurant area, massages and a photo studio.

The grounds are spacious, with one sandy area for easy entrance into the water.

Buccanos charges 200 pesos per person entrance fee which is basically a minimum consumption charge and is deducted from the final bill.

For visitors who would like to snorkel, they can either enter the water in the sandy area or jump off the dock.

Buccanos has a large roped-off swimming and snorkeling area.

On days that there is a lot of currents you can walk to the southern part of the property and enter the water and float with the current to the sandy beach entrance.

Despite being sandy bottom, the swimming area has many coral heads with a large variety of sea life to observe.

Buccanos Beach Club Cozumel is a favorite with local families and tourists and is very popular on Sundays when they have live music.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is great.

They are known for their upscale take on Mexican and fusion food, and high-quality, interesting cocktails which make it one of the best restaurants in Cozumel.

Cozumel Aerial view - things to do in Cozumel
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9. Carlos ‘n Charlies

Carlos ‘n Charlies is known for being a high-energy, lively beach club, located in the southern hotel zone at kilometer 14.

They do not charge an entry fee, and with consumption, you can access their beach, use their chairs and umbrellas, showers, and play beach volleyball.

Carlos ‘n Charlies has music playing, their famous dancing servers, and a wide variety of frozen cocktails, including different fruit margaritas.

The beach at Carlos ‘n Charlies is sandy with an easy sloping entrance into the water.

The surface conditions are flat with a sandy bottom.

You can snorkel here, but there are not a lot of coral formations or rocky areas to attract sea life; however, you can still find small fish and rays swimming about.

For additional costs, you can rent wave runners, go parasailing, take a banana boat ride, get henna tattoos, get a massage, or schedule a snorkeling tour.

The snorkeling tour takes you to two different reefs in the protected marine park and includes gear, water, and beer.

They also have an on-site souvenir shop selling shirts, towels, and much more.

Cozumel at sunset

10. San Francisco Beach Club

San Francisco Beach Club is one of the original beach clubs on Cozumel located at the southern highway at kilometer 14.

They have spacious open-air palapa restaurant and beach lounge chairs and umbrellas on the stretch of white sand beach.

The water entry is sandy, but watch out for the occasional rock in the shallow water.

They have a large swimming area with several floating, inflatable toys.

You could snorkel in the swimming area, but due to the toys and sandy bottom, there is not always an abundance of sea life.

San Francisco Beach Club has a minimum consumption of 200 pesos, and children 1o and under enter for free.

They offer a 30% local discount for Mexicans and foreign residents with their permanent resident cards.

San Francisco Beach Club has a large freshwater pool and for additional charges, they have jet ski rentals, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

Cozumel drone beach club

11. The Money Bar

The Money Bar is a popular beach club and restaurant with locals and tourists. Located south of town at kilometer 6.5, Money Bar has a large, open palapa restaurant, chairs with umbrellas, and beach loungers.

The beach loungers are located either on a deck over the water or on a small sandy area that is elevated above the water.

There is no entrance fee, just a pay-as-you-go menu for food and drinks.

The extensive menu has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options of traditional Mexican and American options.

Money Bar has a popular and lively happy hour every day from 5 pm to 7 pm with live music and dancing on weekend nights.

The happy hour is a great chance to mingle with locals and tourists, dance, and enjoy the sunset.

The Money Bar has a deck and constructed sandy area with a dock and ladder or stair entrance to the water.

The shallow bottom here is limestone, so be careful of sharp rocks and sea urchins. This rocky bottom leads to great snorkeling.

The coral reef that you can visit in the surface buoy-enclosed swimming area is called Dzul Ha and is made of lots of small coral heads and beautiful sea fans.

Here snorkelers will find a variety of reef fish including angelfish, filefish, and trunkfish.

It is also possible to spot sea turtles and rays while snorkeling here.

For visitors looking for extra relaxation, the Money Bar has an onsite spa with options for deep tissue, relaxing, therapeutic, or sports massages.

Cozumel Coast

12. Playa Azul Beach Club

Playa Azul Beach Club is located in the northern hotel zone of Cozumel, next door to Hotel Playa Azul. Compared to some of the other beach clubs on Cozumel, Playa Azul is smaller with a relaxed vibe.

There is a minimum consumption fee of 200 pesos for adults and 100 pesos for children that is charged to enter the facility, and this amount is taken out of the final bill.

Playa Azul has a small spot of white sand beach that leads to the blue Caribbean water.

The small section of sandy beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas leads to shallow, but slightly rocky water.

The limestone rocks in this area make for great shore snorkeling, with a variety of fish and small coral formations to see.

Snorkelers can spot sergeant majors, blue tang, parrot fish, and small coral heads here.

Blue Dream Cozumel is an onsite dive shop that offers daily snorkeling and diving excursions and for a small fee rents snorkel gear for shore exploration.

Playa Azul is a great option for families with children because they have a sandy beach to play on, a grassy area playground with a jungle gym with swings and a slide, and a pool.

The pay-as-you-go menu offers a variety of traditional Mexican food and snacks and drinks.

Sundays are a popular day at Playa Azul as many locals come to enjoy the day in the relaxed atmosphere with their families.

Cozumel beach long exposure

13. SkyReef

Sky Reef is located south of town at kilometer 10 on the coastal highway. It has a large open-air restaurant as well as oceanfront loungers and umbrellas.

There are small sections of sand and a rocky entrance to the water.

SkyReef has built a dock and stairs that take you over the rocky entrance to shallow water, making for easy entrances and exits from the water.

They have a large roped-off swimming area to protect you from passing boat traffic and this is a great area to snorkel.

There are lots of small sections of coral reef, sea fans, sponges, and fish living in this area. Lucky snorkelers can even spot rays and turtles in this area.

You can either bring your own snorkel gear or rent gear here and they have lockers to store things while you are in the water.

SkyReef does not charge an entry fee and offers guests the option to order off the menu and do a pay-as-you-go option, or they have an all-inclusive option.

The all-inclusive option is four hours with food, drinks, snorkel gear, a five-minute massage, and tequila tasting and costs $64 USD for adults and $40 USD for children under 18 years old.

They also offer a welcome pack with snorkel gear, one drink, a five-minute massage, and tequila tasting for $20 USD.

SkyReef offers other promotions, including a daily happy hour with 2×1 drinks from 12 pm to 5 pm, and a 10% discount for locals.

In addition to snorkel gear rental and beach massages, SkyReef has an onsite pharmacy and chapel.

They will work with you to plan special events such as birthday parties or even weddings. SkyReef has a great reef to explore as well as a fun atmosphere.


14. Tortuga’s Beach Club

Tortuga’s Beach Club is located south of town at kilometer 8 on the southern highway.

Tortuga’s Beach Club charges $20 USD entry per person, and this cover charge includes the use of the facilities including lounge chairs, kayaks, snorkel gear, paddle boards, and inflatable water toys.

For Cozumel residents with a valid ID there is no cover charge to enter the beach club and Cozumel residents receive a 30% discount on menu items.

Tortuga Beach Club has a small section of sand with lounge chairs, then a natural limestone rock area that leads into the water.

To make it easier for guests to get into the water they have a dock and stairs that you over the sharp rocks into the shallow sandy water.

Even in the shallow sand be careful to not step on any sharp rocks. This area is great for snorkeling with a variety of tropical reef fish swimming in this area.

Tortuga Beach Club is a family-friendly beach with plenty of additional activities available.

There is scuba diving, sport fishing, tequila tasting, parasailing, and a pharmacy on site.

Tortuga’s Beach Club offers many tours that combine an excursion, such as on the Atlantis submarine, ATV tours, or Jeep Tours around the island, and entry into the beach club.

These combination excursions are especially popular with people from cruise ships, check out their website for available combo tours.

Despite having smaller facilities than some of the other beach clubs, Tortuga’s Beach Club offers plenty of family-friendly activities.

Cozumel at Sunrise on the east coast
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15. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is located at KM 14.5 in the southern hotel zone of Cozumel. This large beach club has tons of water activities and is great for families.

There are two options to enter Paradise Beach, you can either choose an all-inclusive option for $64 USD or pay an entry fee of $5 USD with a minimum menu consumption of $10 USD.

Both of these options get you access to the large, heated pool, use of beach lounge chairs and umbrellas, and internet.

For an additional $20 USD you can add get their Fun Pass for water sports which includes kayaks, snorkel gear, stand-up paddle board, water trampolines, water slides, and inflatable water toys.

Paradise Beach has a sandy beach entrance and sandy bottom, so there are no coral formations in the swimming area; however, Paradise Beach has a dock that often attracts a variety of different fish that snorkelers can view.

Paradise Beach Club has a huge variety of different activities available, including wave runner rentals, parasailing, banana boat rides, beach massages, hair braiding, and temporary tattoos.

The large facility has multiple restaurants, including a taco truck parked at the back of the beach.

Paradise Beach is a great option for people who want a high-energy, activity-packed day at the beach.


Cozumel long exposure east coast

16. Tikila Beach Bar

Tikila Beach Bar is located just south of town at a KM 4.5 and is a small restaurant with great access to the ocean for shore diving or snorkeling.

They offer free use of their facilities with the consumption of food and drinks.

Tikila Beach Bar is a popular spot for scuba diving classes, and you can take an intro to scuba diving class from the on-site dive shop, or if you are a certified diver go on a shore dive.

You can also rent snorkel gear here. This is a busy area with snorkelers and divers, so carry a buoy with you when in the water.

There are stairs leading into shallow, sandy water, making it a great spot to do shore snorkeling or diving.

Once in the water, if you swim a bit away from shore you will begin to see coral heads leading you to a small reef. It is common to see a variety of sea life here including fish, rays, and squid.

As you continue exploring to the north you will find some artificial reefs with busts of Ramon Bravo and Silvia Earl.

Pay attention to the current, as it can sometimes be a bit strong. The amenities are simple, but Tikila is a great spot to get into the water.

Cozumel Aerial view
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Cozumel Beaches with Free Access

17. Playa Casitas

Playa Casitas is located just north of town and is a popular afternoon hangout for locals to relax after work and watch the sunset.

Located just north of downtown San Miguel, between the airport road and Puerto de Abrigo marina, you can spot Playa Casitas from the road.

It has a combination of sand and grass with plenty of palm trees for shade.

The entrance to the water here is rocky, with several small tide pools you will find people relaxing in.

After walking over an initial rocky entrance the bottom becomes sandy and easy to swim and snorkel.

At the entrance to the beach, you can often find vendors selling fresh fruit.

18. Las Brisas

Located north of town, past Puerto de Abrigo marina, this section of beach is referred to as Las Brisas because of the apartment buildings with that same name.

This is a popular spot with locals because of the sandy beach access and shallow water that makes it perfect for children to enter the water.

Walking north of the sandy beach you will find several rocky areas with small sand patches where people set up picnics.

The water here is crystal clear and blue, and if you swim out a bit you will find a small, shallow coral reef with a large variety of tropical fish – just make sure to take a surface marker buoy with you if you to make it easy for passing boats to spot you.

Cozumel Coast line - Cozumel Beach Clubs

19. Playa Caletitas

Playa Caletitas is located just to the south of the car ferry pier, and is a small stretch of white sand beach with an easy sloping entrance into the water that is surrounded by limestone rock formations.

Here you will always find a crowd of local families with children splashing in the water as well as local fresh fruit and snack vendors.

Cozumel Rainbow

20. Chen Rio

Located on the west or “wild” side of Cozumel, Chen Rio is a great spot to swim. The west side of the island often has large, powerful waves, but the rock formations in the water here create natural sandy bottom pools perfect for soaking in.

These pools are popular with local families and you can always find children splashing in them. Past the rocks, the waves are often big and you can watch local surfers.

On the beach here you can rent an umbrella for shade, and on the road, there are often vendors selling fruit and traditional snacks.

Chen Rios is a great place where to take pictures at sunset or sunrise of the spectacular rock formations that make a great landscape.

Cozumel Beach Clubs Maps

Cozumel Beach Clubs Map
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