How to visit the Cenote Isla Alamos

Among all the incredible cenotes around Tulum cenote, Cenote Isla Alamos is the lesser-known and it’s more suitable for adventurous travelers who prefer smaller crowds and off-the-beaten-path places. If you match this profile, then read on because I will take you to see one piece of paradise.

Please note the cenote is temporarily closed! Check out all the other amazing cenotes near Tulum!

Cenote Isla Alamos: an Overview

You may already know that the Yucatan Peninsula is blessed by these magnificent natural wonders, the cenotes.

It seems like there are about 6000 scattered around the southern Mexican region and although the major concentration is found in the Yucatan state, the Riviera Maya has also its good share of blessings.

In fact, if you travel a little further inland from the federal highway (Carretera federal) you can find incredible hidden treasures many of which are still to be discovered.

It is not uncommon that every now and then a new cenote name comes up, out of the blue and it’s so difficult to keep up.

Cenote isla alamos

Luckily I live in the area so I love to explore around and discover new hidden gems especially when they are still lesser-known and they are not busy yet.

I don’t mind when travelers discover them of course and that’s why I have started this blog. However, it’s very important to have an ecological awareness and respect for what we are stepping into.

The cenotes were originally used by the Mayans, both as water sources and sacred locations for their ceremonies.

I feel like every time I write about a cenote I have to reiterate that we need to respect this heritage besides the fact that every natural place needs to be preserved and appreciated, which means above all don’t litter and don’t scream (unless you are crying for help) but I will talk about it later on.

Cenote Isla Alamos

Cenote Isla Alamos makes a great day trip from Tulum and you can either combine it with another cenote or continue all the way to Coba to see the Coba ruins of Punta Laguna, to give you a few options.

If you are building a Tulum itinerary make sure you include Cenote Isla Alamos, especially if you are into photography and you love untouched natural environments.

Among all the cenotes near Tulum, Cenote Isla Alamos is definitely the least touristy also because there is no sign on the road so nobody knows about it unless they have read a blog like this one. 🙂

Continue reading to learn more about this hidden gem.

Cenote Isla Alamos

Why is it called cenote Islas Alamos?

The cenote has a form of a ring under a cave that surrounds a small island full of Alamo trees. Hence the name. What you probably don’t know is that when you spot an Alamo tree in a jungle it’s because you are close to a source of water. So keep it in mind in case you get lost 🙂

Things to do in the Cenote Isla Alamos

Different from the majority of the cenotes, cenote Isla Alamos is not suitable for jumping. The water is shallow and it’s under a low cave. However, you can walk around and chill in the cool waters.

Another thing you may want to do is take stunning pictures as this cenote is one of the most photogenic and Instaworthy!

In fact, the cenote Isla Alamo has a very peculiar shape and morphology as above described which makes it very unique and suitable for photo shootings.

Cenote Isla Alamos

For whom is the Cenote Isla Alamos suitable?

Cenote Isla Alamos is mainly for those who love to explore natural and unspoiled environments especially when it comes to roughing it. You will understand more in the section below when I will explain how to get there.

How to get to Cenote Isla Alamos from Tulum

sign to Cenote Isla Alamos
Follow these signs

The cenote Isla Alamos is located on the main road that connects Tulum with Coba, but there is no sign on the road so you will have to know when to turn.

Here I am including a picture, for your convenience. When you see this sign you turn right (coming from Tulum)

You will continue driving following the road and passing some constructions on your right until you see a random Cenote Isla Alamos sign fading on a wall.

You follow the sign until you will bump into a cord blocking the road. I kid will show up asking for the cenote entrance fee which is 100 MXN.

Cenote Isla Alamos Path
Cenote Isla Alamos  gate
Park in front of this gate

From there, just continue driving straight on the same road for about 2km until you find a black gate on the left. Park the car right in front of it and walk around it. You will find a path and in 100 mt or 2, you will get to the cenote. 

It’s easy and there is no chance of getting lost.

As you may have guessed you should have your own car rental in order to visit the cenote Isla Alamos as there is no public transport and it is unlikely that a taxi driver is willing to take you.

I drove a normal car and I didn’t have any problem although it’s all dirt road with some potholes here and there.

And if driving in Mexico is a concern for you, or you are not sure where to rent a car in Mexico I have got you covered as well!

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Cenote Isla Alamos Map

Cenote Isla Alamos Map
Click on the image to Open the cenotes Map Photo © Google Map

Things that you cannot do in the Cenote Isla Alamos

As I was mentioning before respect for nature comes first. Therefore here are the basic rules when you visit a cenote:

  • Don’t litter – pick up your trash and take it with you until you find a trash bin where you can leave it
  • Don’t shout – the cenotes are sacred places and many people come to honor them and meditate on just being with themself. Respect that!
  • Don’t hang on the roots, stalactites or stalagmites
  • Don’t carve your name or anything else on the rocks. Nature will remember you regardless.
  • Don’t use any lotion of any sort before getting in the cenote. It would dirt the water. (when available, shower before jumping in, regardless)
  • If you see somebody doing any of the above tell them it’s wrong.
Cenote isla alamos
Cenote Isla Alamos overview

What to bring to the cenote isla Alamos

  • Water (better if in refillable waterbottles)
  • a change if you want to swim
  • something to eat if you are planning to stay for a while
  • repellent to wear after you come out of the water
  • hiking booths to avoid ants biting your feet ( the hitching it’s terrible)
  • a good book if you want to stay for a while and relax
  • a towel

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More pictures of Cenote Isla Alamos

Cenote Isla Alamos  path
Cenote Isla Alamos  trees
Cenote Isla Alamos  stairs
Cenote Isla Alamos  cave
Cenote Isla Alamos
Cenote Isla Alamos
Cenote Isla Alamos
Cenote Isla Alamos trees
Cenote Isla Alamos