Visit Cancun in August – Weather, Events & Things To Do

Are you planning to visit Cancun in August? This post about Cancun weather, Events, and things to do in August will help you decide whether it’s the best time to travel to Cancun or not.

Cancun is one of the top vacation destinations in Mexico and in the world, thanks to its warm climate and spectacular white sand beaches, the turquoise Caribbean Sea, and lively nightlife among other things.

Exquisite all-inclusive hotels are also one of the reasons why many people decide to spend their holidays in Cancun.

Whether you are planning for a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or a family gathering you will find in Cancun what you are looking for.

There are two main areas of Cancun, the Zona Hotelera (hotel zone) and DownTown. The hotel zone is the most popular and where you can find high-rise all-inclusive hotels and the spectacular white sand beach.

I have to add that there is now a new development north of Cancun called Playa Mujeres which is also becoming very popular for its world-class luxury hotels on a spectacular endless white sand beach.

Cancun aerial view
Cancun Aerial View – Photo By Isabella Biava with DJI Mini2

Cancun also makes a great base for fantastic day trips to explore the surroundings, one of which, is the whale sharks tour, one of the most incredible experiences you can have, only available from June through August. More about it later.

Although it’s the wettest month because we are in the middle of the rainy season and hurricanes can be a thing, it’s still a warmer time of the year when there are daily highs of 93 degrees.

Also, the water temperature is very pleasant, which makes it a great time for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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Visit Cancun in August – Weather, Events & Things To Do

🌞 Weather in Cancun In August – At a Glance

Historically, August in Cancun has more rainy days than other times of the year, but don’t let it stop you from choosing this month for your vacation, especially if it’s the only month you have available.

You can still have a great time in Cancun in August.

Lots of sunshine is waiting for you even if it’s interrupted by some random showers.

Just make sure you drink a lot of water to cope with the heat and humidity and use a hat to protect you from the sunburns.

Depending on the day, there’s an average of 70 to 90% humidity and these high humidity levels can cause periodic rainfalls to occur quickly and intensely without lasting long during the day.

But let’s go through every aspect of Cancun weather in Agust

Playa chaac mool
Playa Chaac Mol

🌑️ Temperatures in Cancun in August

The average temperature in Cancun in August each year is around 82Β°F degrees, with a high of 90Β°F degrees and a minimum temperature of 76Β°F degrees.

And even if you will be better off on the beach by the sea or by the pool of your nice hotel, with a margarita in your hand, you can still go out and explore.

Maybe you can check out one of the Cancun cenotes or even one of the spectacular archeological sites. Just make sure you stay hydrated use sunscreen (not when you go in a cenote) and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Average temperature in August
Image from weatherspark

🌧️ Precipitation in Cancun in August

Although we are right in the heart of hurricane season, there is little chance of hurricanes in this month, as they tend to occur more likely in September or October.

In fact, there is a 35% chance of rain during the month, which is really quite an optimistic %.

I would still bring a raincoat with me just in case. It’s not rare to have random quick showers during a sunny day.

🌊 Sea water temperature in Cancun in August

The average sea water temperature is 84 degrees, which makes it easy to spend more time in the water whether you go snorkeling with sea turtles, go for a swim or a diving adventure, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

Average water Temperature in August in Cancun

🐟 Sea visibility in Cancun in August

The crystal clear water and perfect weather in Cancun are one of the main reasons it’s a popular tourist destination year-round.

There’s a high level of underwater visibility due to the transparency of the Caribbean Sea, making it easy to view colorful schools of fish, sting rays, and sea turtles during the month of August unless it has just rained which would make the water a bit murky.

Remember it’s whale shark time. Don’t miss the opportunity to swim with these incredible creatures.

Whale Shark swimming in the sea
Photo from Canva

πŸ˜’ Sargassum Seaweed In Cancun in August

Unfortunately, the sargassum has been an issue for the summer months in the past few years so there is a chance that you will find it in August.

Hotels are doing their best to keep the beach cleaned but it really depends on the amount of seaweed getting to the shore.

I wouldn’t worry though, because there are so many places to visit from Cancun that you won’t really be affected by the sargassum, in case it’s present during your vacation.

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πŸ₯³ Events in Cancun in August

There are just a couple of events hosted in Cancun during the month of August, which can allow you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and meet locals.


ZoukMX is a 15-day music festival in Playa del Carmen. It’s one of the longest celebrations close to Cancun and involves workshops, dances on zouk (a genre of Caribbean music), and lots of partying.

You can check the party schedule in their official site.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated in mid-August in many Mexican cities and a very heartfelt day with processions devoted to the virgin Mary, with flowers and banners.

However, Cancun usually doesn’t have these processions.

πŸ‘πŸ½ Pros of Visiting Cancun in August

βœ… The water is warm and it’s the best time to do watersport activities including snorkeling and diving

βœ… you can swim with the whale sharks as August it’s the peak season

βœ… Although it’s the rainy season, it doesn’t rain much and you just may have some quick showers

Punta Cancun nichupte lagoon overview
Cancun Nichupte‘ lagoon and beach – Photo By Isabella Biava with DJI Mini2

πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ Cons of Visiting Cancun in August

πŸ”΄ The high humidity levels that are present in Cancun during the month of August can be a turn-off for some tourists. Those who aren’t accustomed to high humidity levels can find the climate to be more uncomfortable than other times of the year.

πŸ”΄ Although it’s considered low season prices are higher than in other months because that’s the time when families can go on vacation usually. So it’s the most expensive and crowded month of the low season.

😎 Best things to do in Cancun in August

If you’re visiting Cancun in August, there are several activities to include in your Cancun itinerary.

β–Ί Snorkeling with whale sharks

β–Ί Book a tour to Chichen Itza (although it’s going to be hot, it’s worth it)

β–Ί Check out some of the Cenotes near Cancun

β–Ί Paddleboard or Kayak in the Nichupte lagoon.

β–Ί Visit the Mayan Museum

β–Ί Get a day pass in one of Cancuns’ luxury resorts in the Hotel Zone and get yourself pampered with their amazing food and convenient facilities.

Cenote Tzukan

🚌 Suggested tours available from Cancun in August

β–Ί Chichen Itza All-Inclusive, Buffet Lunch, Cenote, Tequila tasting, Valladolid

If you haven’t been to Chichen Itza and Valladolid yet, you definitely should, no matter how hot it is. If you don’t want to rent a car and do it on your own you can join this tour which is a convenient way to see more interesting sites in one full day.

The tour includes:

βœ”οΈ Visit ChichΓ©n ItzΓ‘, Cenote and Valladolid with free time to enjoy the places

βœ”οΈ Hotel pick up available from CancΓΊn, Rivera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras & Tulum

βœ”οΈ Recover energy and taste the Mexican food with the buffet lunch included

βœ”οΈ Have a great insight into the Mayan culture with this full-day guided tour and choose the option that suits you best

β–ΊYou can also check out other ways How to get to Chichen Itza from Cancun

β–Ί Swimming Expedition Whale Shark Departures from Cancun

Swimming with the gentle giants of the sea is absolutely safe. These graceful creatures are harmless and seeing them from so close it’s an incredible experience.

The only way to see them is by tour.

On this tour you will have included:

βœ”οΈ Round transportation

βœ”οΈ 36-foot speed boat ride

βœ”οΈ Bilingual Guide

βœ”οΈ Use of Snorkelling equipment and Life Vest

βœ”οΈ Breakfast 2 to 3 swims per person with the whale shark

βœ”οΈ Snaks, Water, and soft drinks

βœ”οΈ Dock Fee $15 USD per person

βœ”οΈ Tips and Pictures are extra

β–ΊYou can also check out my guide to swimming with whale sharks in Cancun

β–Ί Afternoon Half-Day Catamaran Sailing and Snorkel Adventure

This tour is both for a fun ride to Isla Mujeres and to explore the island as well. If you don’t want to go visit Isla Mujeres from Cancun on your own, this is a great option.

This tour includes:

βœ”οΈ hotel pick up and drop off

βœ”οΈ snorkeling stop

βœ”οΈ boat open bar and snacks

βœ”οΈ time to visit Isla Mujeres

β–Ί 3-in-1 Discovery Combo Tour: Tulum Ruins, Reef Snorkeling Plus Cenote and Caves

Tulum is located about 2 hours from Cancun. So while you are there you should make the most out of your long journey. This tour is perfect for that.

It combines a guided visit to the spectacular scenic Tulum Ruins and some Snorkeling by the Coral Reef besides some cave cenotes.

Click on the link to learn more.


Renting a car in Cancun

Another great option to get around in Cancun and its surroundings is by renting a car and exploring at your own pace. It’s really safe to do that and I do it every time I go back to Cancun.

I would recommend using an aggregator such as where you can compare prices and conditions and choose what works best for you.

Car rental

Discover Cars Mexico Review

Browse through international and local car rentals and find the best deal.

I’ve always had great service from Discover Cars. They always respond quickly if there’s a problem of any kind…I would never use any other car rental company as my many experiences with have been 100% positive.


If you are concerned about driving in Cancun and renting a car in Mexico, I have got you covered as well.

As a local who rented a car very often before buying my own, I know a few tips that can turn out handy.

Click on the above links to read my thorough guides and drive around like a local.


What to pack for visiting Cancun in August

βœ… Swimsuits – If you want to buy a few ones for the occasion I bought three on Cupshe – I love the style, the quality, and the price!

βœ… Beach wear

βœ… A cute cotton Turkish beach towel

βœ… Light wicking clothing if you are exploring the archeological sites you want to be comfortable and light

βœ… Comfortable walking shoes

βœ… Sunscreen – do not use it when you are visiting a cenote though.

βœ… Hat, sunglasses, or even an umbrella

βœ… Refillable water bottle

βœ… Bathing Suit

βœ… Camera/Phone (but no tripods)

βœ… Insect repellant (remember to shower it off when you go visit a cenote, before getting in the water)

βœ… Mexican Pesos to pay all entrance fees for archeological sites, tipping or buying souvenirs from local vendors

βœ… Passport with immigration card – nowadays immigration officers are doing random checks and stopping busses along the road checking if you are here with a valid permit whether it’s a tourist or resident. So make sure you don’t lose your immigration card.

Clothing ideas for Cancun

Cancun beach aerial view
Cancun beach aerial view

Cancun in August FAQs

Is August a good time to visit Cancun?

August is not the best time to visit Cancun but not a bad one either, you will find

How Hot is Cancun in August?

The average temperature in August is around 90 degrees, so keep it in mind when you travel and drink a lot of water besides wearing sunscreen and a hat. Dress light and comfortably.

What is the best time of year to go to Cancun?

If you’re looking for the best time to take a trip to Cancun for weather is definitely from January through April when you will mostly find blue skies and pleasantly mild temperatures which make the humidity more tolerable.

If you are looking for lower rates instead, you should choose May through half June or Mid September through November.

How are the beaches in Cancun in August?

The beaches in Cancun are always stunning unless there is Sargassum, in which case you would always find a spot that is sargassum free in the surroundings.

Isla Mujeres is also a popular island to visit off the coast that feels like a secret hideaway. It’s a hot spot for snorkeling and diving, where you can get a firsthand look and the colorful coral reefs that surround the island.

Does it rain in Cancun in August?

It can be raining in August but not so frequently. You may have showers throughout the day.

Is Cancun worth visiting?

Yes, Cancun is definitely worth visiting for its incredible beaches, the spectacular turquoise water of the Caribbean sea, world-class all-inclusive resorts, delicious restaurants for all budgets, and thriving nightlife.

Besides, there are so many things to do in Cancun that it makes a perfect base for an unforgettable vacation.

Is Cancun Safe for Tourists 2022?

Yes, Cancun is considered to be safe for tourists to visit in 2022. Although crime is present in the destination, the rates aren’t any higher than in many destinations in the US. Make sure you follow the basic safety rules and if you need a reminder check out my post on safety in Cancun.


Cancun in August for weather and things to do: final thoughts

I think by now you have a good idea of what to expect in Cancun in August and I believe, all things considered, it can be a good way to visit especially for those who love being in the water.

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✨ Mexico Travel Planning Guide ✨

πŸ‘‰ Do I Need Travel Insurance to Travel to Mexico?

I would do it if I were you. You never know what can happen and know that no matter what, you will be covered with any expenses will give you peace of mind, and make your travel worry-free. You can check out SafetyWing which I have used and find it affordable and comprehensive and also Travel Insurance Master which is great because you can insert all your information and what kind of insurance you need and their system will pull out the best insurance for your need.

🚰 Can I Drink Tap Water in Mexico?

No, you can’t! Maybe in some areas or in some homes where they have installed water filters but to be on the safe side, I would say, never drink tap water in Mexico. Carry a water bottle with you and fill it up where you find available potable water sources. Most of the hotels have those.

πŸš— Is It Safe to Drive in Mexico?

The short answer is: depending on where you are. Although in general if you stick to the main roads and don’t drive at night you should probably be safe. In lesser tourist areas you should probably check the local news to stay up to date. Driving in the Yucatan Peninsula is easy everywhere, even at night, although I would still avoid it. I recommend Discover Cars because the site offers the option to compare prices among different car rentals and you can add their own full coverage.

Read more on my guide on Renting a car in Mexico.

πŸ“± Will My Phone Work in Mexico?

It will probably work, especially if you have a European or US phone, but your roaming rates may be to the stars (check with your SIM provider). Even if have an affordable international rate, you will be much better off by buying a Mexican SIM Card. It’s cheap, easy to set up, and it will keep you connected with your friends, family, and, more important, google Maps so you will never get lost!

πŸ€• Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

The short answer is, yes it is. However, there are parts of Mexico that are indeed troubled and you should avoid for now, and others that are super safe and easy to travel around.

Regardless of where you are you should always use some common sense rules such as, never flaunting expensive clothing, accessories, electronics, or money and keeping a low profile.

Read more on my detailed guide on safety in Mexico. If you are traveling to a specific destination I have got you covered as well:

πŸ’‰ Do I Need Any Vaccine to Travel to Mexico?

No, there is no vaccine requirement (of any kind) to travel to Mexico

πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Mexico?

If you are coming from the US or Europe you don’t need a VISA to enter Mexico. Once you get in you need to fill out a form that you need to keep with you until you leave. If you don’t have it you will pay a fine.

Although the tourist visa for US and European travelers used to be 6 months long which you could easily renew by leaving the country for a couple of days and going back, nowadays they have been stricter. You may be asked how you would sustain your living and other similar questions. Sometimes they even ask you to show your credit cards.

It seems odd but they can do that. If you intend to stay longer than a usual couple of weeks’ vacation time, just be honest and explain your plans. If you are not from the US, check this site to see if you need a visa

πŸ’Έ Where Do I Find the Best Travel Deals for Mexico? πŸ’Έ

A trip to Mexico can be expensive if you love to travel with all the comforts (like I do). There are a few tricks that will help you find the best deals. Here are my tips:

πŸ‘‰ DON’T travel in the high season, which is Holy week, Christmas and winter in general, and August.
πŸ‘‰ Book months in advance to find early booking discounts
πŸ‘‰ Use aggregators such as Discover Cars to find price comparisons and VRBO for vacation rentals!
πŸ‘‰ Look for packages flights+hotels on Expedia.
πŸ‘‰ Check on or for hotel deals

Happy travels!!