Traveling to Cabo in November: Weather, Events, and Things to Do

Cabo is known for its year-round mild climate, but if you are traveling to Cabo in November in this post you will find all about what’s happening in that month, weather, events and things to do.

But first of all, let’s define Cabo because it can be confusing.

Los Cabos is a municipality located in Baja California Sur and it includes many towns, the most notable of which are Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Cabo, instead, is the general name of the area. The two resort towns are about 30 km from each other.

Cabo San Lucas is mainly famous for its luxury all-inclusive resorts, world-class restaurants and of course the arch.

San Jose’ del Cabo is a smaller colonial town with a more laid-back vibe and a tranquil atmosphere.

Both towns offer spectacular beaches and incredible things to do for outdoorsy, such as hiking, boat trips, snorkeling, diving, and whatnot!

All these attractions are found in Cabo almost year-round, but there are also some advantages and downsides to each month.

We’re delving deeper into the details of a trip to Cabo in November in this post, so let’s begin with a brief overview of the November weather.

Cabo Weather by Month


Weather in Cabo in November at a Glance

The Cabo San Lucas weather is pleasant throughout the year, but there are some changes in it depending on the month. The winter months usually have the best weather conditions overall, but the rest of the year is also great for a vacation.

In November, the average temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius), with pleasantly warm days.

The ocean water temperature is also quite pleasant, averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius).

So if you’re looking for a warm and sunny escape to Cabo with mild temperatures and pleasant weather as well as lower prices and fewer crowds, November is the best time of year for it!

Below are a few more details on the different aspects of Cabo San Lucas weather in November.

Average temperature in Cabo
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The temperature in Cabo in November

The average temperature in Cabo San Lucas and the entire Cabo area in November is 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius).

The weather is usually sunny and dry, with an average high of 83°F (28.3°C) and an average low of 65°F (18°).

The temperatures see a slight drop in November compared to the higher temperatures of the previous month and early fall/summer months, but the sun can still be intense during the daytime, so I always recommend bringing sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays.

Precipitation in Cabo in November

The desert-like region of Cabo San Lucas is generally dry, so there is little chance of rain here when the rainy season is over.

In fact, even the rainy season in Cabo has fewer inches of rain compared to the other parts of Mexico, although hurricanes and storms are still possible in October or September in Baja California.

November, instead, is one of the driest months of the year in Los Cabos, so there is almost no chance of rain during it.

Only one short shower is expected in the entire month, and the average rainfall during November is around 0.4 inches.

HUmidity in cabo san lucas
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Sunshine in Cabo San Lucas in November

With almost no rainy days, the month of November features lots of sunny days and pleasant temperatures.

Since there is usually no cloud cover, you can expect around 11 hours of sunshine on average, which means lots of great outdoor exploration opportunities.

Sea water temperature

November is a great time to go sport fishing in Cabo. One of the warmest of the year, the average sea temperature is a comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), and comes with excellent underwater visibility, making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Average water temperature cabo
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Is there sargassum seaweed in Cabo San Lucas in November

Sargassum is a problem on some beaches in Mexico but not in Cabo. During its season, which is from May through October depending on the currents, large quantities of this seaweed make some beaches unsuitable for swimming.

However, sargassum seaweed is only seen on the beaches on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

And since the Pacific Ocean coast and Sea of Cortez beaches are free of sargassum, Cabo is one of the best options for a beach holiday in Mexico as seaweed is not a concern here.

Events in Cabo San Lucas in November

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead celebration is a huge November event in all of Mexico. It takes place on the first and second day of this month to remember family members and friends who have passed away.

Although the event isn’t as large in Cabo, as the day of the dead in Oaxaca, or in Patzcuaro for example, you will still find Dia de los Muertos celebrations all around Los Cabos (especially San Jose) with gatherings in cemeteries and the town square.

Day of the dead image
Day of the dead make up

Revolution Day

Dia de la Revolución is another major event that takes place in late November. With parades, parties, rodeos, and lots of delicious food, the day is celebrated on November 20 every year to toast the Mexican revolution of 1910.

Cabo fishing tournament

From 2th to 5th of November the Cabo Tuna Jackpot Tournament takes place. So if you are into fishing you can check out the program on their site.

Cabo San Lucas Marina
Cabo San Lucas marina

Pros of Visiting Cabo San Lucas in November

✅ November is part of the shoulder season months, and definitely the best month to visit Cabo if you want good weather, fewer crowds, and affordable prices altogether.

✅ Early November has one of the warmest sea water temperatures, which means the best snorkeling and diving opportunities.

✅ With good weather and fewer tourists around, November is a great month to plan lots of outdoor exploration and water sports.

✅ Mid-November is when the humpback whales begin migrating, so it’s also an excellent month if you’re up for some whale watching although the full whale watching season in Mexico starts in December.

✅ A large number of Cabo fishing tournaments are organized during November because of the warm sea temperatures and good weather, so the month is also great for sport fishing.

✅ November is one of the driest months of the year, so, in addition to the pleasant temperatures, you won’t have to worry about rain or tropical storms ruining your plans any day of the month.

Cabo San Lucas Marina - cabo in november

Cons of Visiting Cabo San Lucas in November

👎 November is just a month before the high season for tourism starts, so prices are gradually increasing during it and reach close to the high season rates near the end of the month.

If you want a budget trip, you should pick the first weeks of November.

👎 The cooler temperatures of November are a relief from the summer and early fall heat and humidity, but the sun can still be intense.

Los Cabos Sunset
Los Cabos Sunset

Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas in November

👉 Enjoy the watersports

Snorkeling and diving are great in Cabo during November. In fact, with warm water temperatures, dry weather, and excellent underwater visibility, including some water sports activities on your bucket list is a must!

This is also when the whale shark season starts and the time when the humpback whales start showing up near Cabo, so swimming with sharks and going whale watching are also activities that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Here below you can find a couple of suggestions for highly-rated tours in Cabo

👉 Experience the cultural charm of Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo

November features two major cultural events in Mexico, and San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place in Los Cabos to go to if you want to see the celebrations at their best.

This part of Los Cabos is known for its cultural richness, and the events only make it even better to enjoy the magical tradition of the region!

👉 Go on an adventure!

Los Cabos offers a variety of tours suitable for all kinds of outdoorsy, to enjoy the spectacular landscapes where the rocky desert meets the ocean.

👉 Learn about the local food culture

Although Los Cabos is brimming with world-class expensive restaurants, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy the rich local food.

You can join a local food tour and learn where to find the best street food in town, cheap (but safe) and tasty!

👉 Take a day trip to La Paz

November is great for outdoor activities, and a day trip to La Paz the capital of Baja California is the perfect use of this opportunity.

There’s a lot to see and explore in this gorgeous town, and you can also extend your trip to the magical Isla Espiritu Santo for an unforgettable experience.

Alternatively, you can visit Todos Santos for a day trip as well.

Read also how to get from Cabo to La Paz

👉 Go on a sunset sailing trip

💡Tips For Visiting Cabo San Lucas in November💡

Pack your sunscreen: Although November has lower average temperatures compared to the previous months, it’s still hot at times during the day, so packing an eco-friendly sunscreen is never a bad idea.

Bring a hat or sunglasses: A hat and sunglasses are also really nice to bring along with you to tackle the high temperatures of the day while you are out and about.

Stay hydrated: Both the temperatures and humidity see a pleasant decline in November, but keeping yourself hydrated is still very important during it, especially when you’re out on excursions.

Enjoy snorkeling and diving: November is one of the best times of year for a majestic vacation in Cabo, so make sure to have a blast at the stunning beaches.

The month comes with excellent visibility, so water activities like snorkeling and diving are things you don’t wanna miss out on while you are in one of the top diving spots in Mexico!

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Cabo San Lucas in November FAQs

Is Cabo San Lucas worth visiting in November?

Cabo San Lucas is worth visiting all year round, and the month of November is no exception.

What’s more, this month is part of the shoulder season for tourism in Los Cabos, which means you will enjoy fewer crowds, lower prices on everything, and overall good weather.

The good weather also includes the warmest ocean temperatures of the year, which means amazing underwater visibility for snorkeling and diving.

You can also enjoy lots of outdoor activities and explore Cabo and its surroundings very nicely during November.

Cabo San Lucas Beach
Cabo San Lucas Beach

What is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas?

The best time to visit Cabo San Lucas mostly depends on the kind of vacation you would like to enjoy. The weather in Cabo is sunny and warm year-round, making it a great beach destination any time of year.

The high season falls in the winter months (December-April) when the weather conditions are excellent.

But this is also when the rates are their highest and the majority of tourists are visiting Cabo for the best weather and activities.

On the other hand, the low season (July-September) has the cheapest rates. You can find amazing discounts on flights, rooms, and tours/activities during the season.

This is also when you won’t have to worry about crowds.

However, the weather does get slightly hotter and more humid during the hurricane season months, so that’s something to keep in mind.

If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, Cabo is busiest during the spring break season in March. This is when throngs of college students descend on the town for a week of sun and fun.

The months after spring break (May-July) are a good time to visit families.

This is when the spring break crowds are gone but the rainy season is yet to come, so you can enjoy a peaceful vacation with good weather.

The best time to visit Cabo for a little bit of everything is during the shoulder seasons of May-June and October-November.

During these months, the weather is still pleasant with comfortable temperatures, but there are fewer crowds and lower rates in hotels.

Cabo San Lucas beach
Cabo San Lucas beach

What is the weather like in Cabo San Lucas?

The average temperature in Cabo is 85°F (29°C). January is the coldest month of the year, with average temperatures in the mid-70°Fs (low 20°Cs) and the average minimum temperature dropping to 60°F (16°C).

It’s also one of the most popular months for tourism along with December, January, March, and May because of their colder temperatures, dry weather, and sunny days.

Late summer/early fall months count as the wet and hot seasons, so you should always check the weather forecast during these before planning the day.

May is the windiest month with an average wind speed of 10.2 miles per hour, and it also features warmer temperatures.

August is the hottest month, with daily highs often reaching 90°Fs (low 30°Cs) and a high average relative humidity.

September is typically the wettest month with similar temperatures.

July through early November is when the ocean water temperatures are their warmest, and late October through November is the perfect time for swimming whale sharks in warm water with excellent visibility.

Is Cabo San Lucas a safe place to visit?

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place to visit, with its sandy beaches and clear blue waters. But it’s natural to wonder if it’s also safe. Well, it definitely is.

Thousands of travelers visit Cabo San Lucas every year without incident.

However, just like anywhere else in the world it’s important to take common safety measures like being aware of your surroundings and not walking alone at night to enjoy a safe and memorable vacation here.

Also read my detailed post: is Cabo safe to travel to?