Best Time to Visit Cabo for Weather Events and Things to Do

Wondering when it’s the best time to visit Cabo? Look no further. I have been traveling to Los Cabo and the area a few times in different seasons and in this post, I will tell you all about it.

Los Cabos is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. This picturesque slice of paradise offers stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and plenty of fun activities that make it an ideal getaway spot for anyone looking to relax.

Since you’re here, you may be wondering what is the best time to visit.

Given how popular it is, Cabo has something to offer its visitors all year round. The best time to visit depends on what you’re looking for from your trip.

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas
Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’re looking for perfect weather, the lowest prices, or something else entirely, this guide will help you determine the best time of year to visit Los Cabos (the proper way to say it).

I’ll give you detailed info on when to expect the best weather when’s a good time to avoid crowds, the best time to visit for families, and much more.

Before we get into it, let me give you a brief intro on Cabo, for those of you who might not be super familiar with the destination.

Los Cabos at a glance

Los Cabos, which is often mistakenly called Cabo, is a world-renowned destination in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos is an area (also called Municipality) located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, it offers stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters that draw travelers from all over the globe.

Usually, Los Cabos (“cape” in Spanish) refers to the popular cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose’ del Cabo, but in reality, there are 5 “Cabos”, the other three being Cabo Pulmo, Cabo del Este, Cabo Falso, where the lighthouse is located on the east side of Cabo San Lucas above a golf course.

The place has plenty to offer no matter what you’re looking for. Popular activities in Cabo include deep-sea fishing, whale watching, diving, and snorkeling with tropical fish.

There are also plenty of opportunities for golfers to hit the links on some of Mexico’s best courses. Don’t forget to spend some time exploring downtown Cabo San Lucas where you can find great restaurants and exciting nightlife options.

Playa El Chileno Cabo San Lucas
Playa El Chileno

The town of Cabo San Lucas is divided into two distinct areas: the downtown and the Marina area. For those wishing to explore local culture and cuisine, downtown offers a variety of cafes and restaurants as well as unique boutiques selling handmade goods from local artisans.

The Marina area provides a more touristy feel with plenty of shopping and dining options as well as boat tours available to view various marine wildlife that inhabit the waters offshore.

While visiting Cabo San Lucas, don’t forget to explore San José del Cabo! The prettier colonial town lies just 20 miles east of Cabo San Lucas and offers a unique experience of traditional Mexican culture.

With its colonial buildings, churches, historic center, and the popular Estero where the river meets the sea, offering the perfect environment for many bird species, a great spot for birdwatchers.

Tourists can explore the colorful downtown streets for a truly authentic experience or relax in one of the city’s many parks and plazas.

Visitors often admire the regional art displayed at galleries or visit nearby beaches for some sunbathing fun.

On a Thursday night, San Jose Del Cabo historical center comes alive with a colorful display of artworks along the streets while on Friday night you can find them in Cabo San Lucas main square.

Marina Cabo Overview
Marina Cabo San Lucas Aerial View

Los Cabos Airports

In Los Cabos there are two international airports, CSL, in Cabo San Lucas is for private jets and small aircraft, while the majority of the local and international airlines will fly into JSC near San Jose del Cabo.

To get from the airport to your hotel there are public and private transportation options.

I would suggest you should book your transfer in advance or click on the banner here below.

What is the best time of year to visit Los Cabos?

Cabo San Lucas weather

Average High and Low Temperature in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

The perfect time to visit Los Cabo for beautiful weather is during the winter months, December through April.

This period offers some of the region’s most comfortable temperatures with average highs ranging from 72-75°F (22-24°C).

In addition, rainfall is minimal and only occurs during short passing showers. This period also offers visitors more hours of sunlight to explore all that Cabo has to offer and make the most out of their trip.

The conditions during these months are perfect for all sorts of activities, including beach days and other outdoor activities like snorkeling, swimming in the Sea of Cortez, and, most of all whale watching!

From mid-December through March every year, enormous numbers of whales migrate off the coast of Baja California Sur for the mating season – making it an ideal time for whale-watching enthusiasts to spot these gentle giants up close.

Keep in mind though that Baja California has a desertic climate which means that it’s hot during the day and cold at night, especially in the winter.

The water temperature can go down quite a bit making swimming a bit challenging. Especially if you snorkel or dive, you will need a 5mm wet suit.

Sunset View from Monuments Beach
Sunset View from Monuments Beach – nearest hotel: The Cape – Thompson Hotel

Best time for hotel deals

While the period from November to April will get you the best weather and you will find a variety of activities and attractions available, it also means higher prices and more crowds.

As one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s no secret that hotels in Cabo can come with hefty price tags.

But there are plenty of ways to find great deals by planning your vacation strategically.

The best time to visit for hotel deals is during low or shoulder season. The low season typically runs from June/July through September and shoulder months include late April to May and October to November.

During these times, prices drop significantly, meaning you can take advantage of discounted rates on flights, resorts, and activities such as golfing, fishing tournaments, and more.

There may be some light showers during these months but nothing that should damper your holiday fun. Plus, temperatures remain hot making outdoor activities still enjoyable.

Also keep in mind that differently from Cancun, in Cabo there it doesn’t rain that much, which is becoming a bit problem for the lack of water availability especially now that the number of tourists and expats has increased so much in the past couple of years.

Whale watching in Cabo
Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

Best Time in Cabo San Lucas for whale watching

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience of whale watching, then Cabo is the place to be! From late December through April, this region offers prime whale-watching opportunities.

During these months, one can observe several species such as humpback whales, gray whales, and even whale sharks – one of the largest living animals in existence.

It’s really the experience of a lifetime so I highly recommend you don’t miss it.

Keep in mind that the whale shark tours leave from La Paz but you can book a tour from Los Cabos which include land transportation to La Paz.

In addition to whale-watching opportunities, you will have a chance to explore other parts of Cabo like its serene beaches and many attractions during your stay.

With pleasant temperatures and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, you can’t go wrong by visiting during these months.

Santa Maria Beach Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas Santa Maria Beach

Best time for avoiding crowds in Los Cabos

Not a fan of wintertime crowds but still want to experience the best of what Cabo has to offer? Visit during the late spring and early summer (May-June).

At this time, temperatures are mild but not too hot yet, making it a great time for sightseeing or relaxing on the beach without having to worry about finding a spot amongst throngs of people.

The months from July to October are also a great option, offering even lower prices than May, June, and November.

Temperatures remain warm but rainfall and humidity increase slightly which discourages a lot of visitors from coming during this time.

A side perk of visiting during these months is that you’ll save some money. Since occupancy is low and people aren’t rushing to catch flights to Cabo, it’ll be easy to score deals that save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars compared to visiting in peak season.

Empacadero Beach boats
Empacadero Beach boats

Best time for families in Los Cabos

Visiting Los Cabos with your family is a great way to kick off a vacation. The ideal time for a family trip to Cabo San Luca depends on what type of vacation you’re looking for.

If you want clear skies and warm temperatures with fewer crowds, then late spring (May) and early fall (November) are ideal times.

You’ll still get great weather with little to no rain, but the crowds will have noticeably thinned.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the crowds and higher prices, then the months from November through April are ideal with mild temperatures and very little chance of rain.

This period also offers calmer waters in case your family enjoys swimming or snorkeling. Speaking of which…

Sea Lions in Cabo near the arch

Best time for snorkeling and diving

The area in and around Cabo offers many snorkeling and diving opportunities.

The best visibility and warmest water are found in the months of June to December. 

During this period, water conditions are generally calmer compared to other times of the year, which makes it easier to explore the crystal-clear waters that surround Cabo San Lucas.

Plus, water temperatures are very enjoyable, so a dip in the water is very refreshing.

The weather encourages an abundance of marine life throughout these months, making it an ideal time to spot some amazing creatures from schools of tropical fish to manta rays, and dolphins and in November and December you will also have the chance to see whale sharks.

Another reason these months are so good for snorkelers and divers is that the mild climate also contributes to excellent visibility underwater, creating an optimal environment for exploring and spotting marine life.

Surfing in Cabo playa monumentos
Playa Monumentos best Surfing spot

Best time for Surfing

So, if you’re hoping to catch some of those great waves in Cabo, then the best time to surf in Los Cabos, and the area is from March to November when the swells are more consistent, with long rides, fast walls, and hollow barrels; perfect for experienced or beginner surfers alike.

You’ll get consistent good swell with mid-size to larger sets rolling in regularly.

The wind is usually light during these months, so you can expect an enjoyable ride without too much interference.

The temperature stays warm throughout this period as well – on average around 75 to 80°F – allowing you to stay out longer without getting cold.

Fishing boat early morning
Fishing boat early morning

Best time for fishing

The best time to visit Cabo for fishing depends on what type of fish you are hoping to catch. If you want to go after dorado, then late spring or early summer is ideal.

During these months, the water temperature will be warm enough that it’s likely there will be an abundance of dorado available.

If yellowtail or roosterfish are more up your alleys, then visiting during winter months is recommended as this is when they tend to be plentiful in this region.

The ideal time to visit Cabo for fishing is from late October through April because these months offer some of the best weather and water conditions for catching fish.

During this time frame, you will also be able to take advantage of big game tournaments, such as the famous Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, that are held from October through March each year.

All in all, fishing in Cabo is one of the most popular activities and you will find plenty of fishing tours available.

Marina Cabo San Lucas Aerial view
The Marina Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos Travel Seasons

High season (December to April)

While you’ll create plenty of great memories no matter which season you visit, the high season in Cabo is a time to experience all that the city has to offer.

From its stunning beaches to its vibrant nightlife, there are plenty of activities to keep tourists entertained year-round.

The weather during the high season in Cabo is typically sunny and warm, with low humidity and little to no rain, making it the perfect climate for swimming, snorkeling, and all other outdoor/water activities.

As you can imagine, everyone wants to experience Los Cabos at its best. Crowds tend to swell and prices may be higher than usual; however, travelers who book early can still score some deals on accommodations.

With an array of exciting activities including deep-sea fishing charters, horseback riding excursions, boat tours along the Sea of Cortez, and much more; visitors are sure to have an unforgettable experience in this sun-soaked coastal paradise.

Also, remember the high season in Cabo also means lots of whale-watching tours, definitely a must!

El Chileno Beach Aerial View
Playa EL Chileno Aerial view

Low season (June to September)

The low season offers a unique opportunity for those looking to avoid crowds and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

However, be prepared for the weather to be noticeably hotter compared to the high season; expect temperatures around 86°F (30°C) during the daytime.

The rains are also much more frequent, especially in August and September.

It’s not all bad news, though. The lack of crowds means that prices are lower than usual. This makes it much easier for travelers on a budget to enjoy Cabo without breaking the bank.

Tourists who visit during these months may also find that hotels, restaurants, and attractions are offering special discounts or promotions to entice visitors.

With so many deals available, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience if you plan ahead and book flights early.

As long as you plan ahead, there’s no reason to shy away from visiting in the low season. Research and book activities in advance and you’ll have a great time.

Medano Beach Early morning
Medano beach early morning

Shoulder season (after Easter to May)

During the shoulder season, visitors can enjoy all the beauty of Cabo without the crowds. Prices tend to be lower than they are in peak season, with almost all the high-season activities still available, so you can save money while enjoying a luxurious stay.

The shoulder season in Cabo offers visitors unbeatable deals on luxury resorts, as well as fewer crowds than you would find during peak tourist times.

You can often find great discounts on activities such as fishing charters, zip-lining adventures, or even a sunset sail along the coast.

There’s also plenty of sunshine during this time of year with average temperatures hovering around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23.9 degrees Celsius).

Boats in the Marina
Boats and Pelicans in the Marina in Cabo San Lucas

Shoulder season (October and November)

From October through November, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy warm temperatures, drier weather, and a range of activities.

One popular activity during this time is the October fishing tournaments.

These tournaments offer Cabo visitors a unique way to explore the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Professional and amateur anglers alike can participate in these events, which often award prizes for catching record-sized fish.

With its year-round abundance of sea life, Cabo provides plenty of opportunities for participants to land their next big catch.

Aside from coveted tournament catches, anglers can also expect to find marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and more while out on a trip.

Cabo’s beaches are especially beautiful during this time of year when there are fewer people around and greater opportunities for relaxation.

Whether you’re looking for a spot to sunbathe or take a stroll along pristine sand, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs during the shoulder season in Cabo.

Also if you are lucky in November you may get the chance to see some early whales as they start coming in around this time.

Cabo Arch Close Up
Cabo Arch Close Up

Los Cabos Weather by Month

Cabo Weather by Month


Los Cabos Weather in January

Average High and Low Temperature in January in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

January is the perfect month to visit Los Cabos. It is typically one of the coolest months in Los Cabos, although still comfortably mild and sunny throughout much of the day.

Daytime temperatures average around 81°F (27°C), rarely ever exceeding 86°F (30°C). Nights are cool, usually hovering around 66°F (19°C) for most of the month; if you’re going to be visiting during this month, pack a jacket or two for the chilly evenings.

Rainfall is extremely rare in this part of Mexico; however, if it does rain, it’s usually short-lived and light in nature.

The average sea temperature during this period hovers around 72 – 74°F (22 – 23°C).

Make sure you bring a sweater and a jacket for the evening as it gets cold.

Los Cabos Weather in Feb

In February, the temperatures hold steady from the previous month, and it’s a great time of year to visit the region.

The average temperature in February is usually between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26 degrees Celsius) during the day and then drops to around 65 degrees F (18 degrees C) at night.

You should pack some warmer clothes for cold evenings.

Rainy season doesn’t typically start until much later in the spring so visitors can expect almost no precipitation throughout their stay in February.

There’ll probably be only one or two days of rain during this month.

Los Cabos Weather in March

During this month, the average daytime temperature for Los Cabos is 79°F (26°C), with cooler evenings ranging from mid-60s to low 70s°F (19 to 22°C).

However, the humidity starts to rise so it’ll feel a bit hotter than this figure.

The sea temperature during March is at its coldest throughout the year, averaging around 70°F (21.1°C), still pretty swimmable, but it’ll feel cold.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy nearly 10 hours of sunshine each day in March, with almost no rainfall throughout the month.

Probability of Precipitation in March in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

Los Cabos Weather in April

As the temperatures start seeing a rise towards the hot summer month, April is when you can enjoy pleasantly warm daytime temperatures and comfortable evening temperatures.

Highs average 85°F (29.5°C), while the lows are 67°F (19.5°C).

Rain is usually nonexistent throughout the month of April, and cloud cover is also not much. The average seawater temperature is about 70°F (21.1°C), chilly enough to spot some whales right before the humpback season comes to an end.

Los Cabos Weather in May

Average High and Low Temperature in May in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

If you’re planning to visit this destination in May, get ready for some of the best weather in the country.  Los Cabos has an average temperature of 79°F (26°C) during this time of year.

The days are long and sunny with temperatures reaching highs between 80-92°F (26.5-33°C) and lows around 64-75°F (17.5-23.8°C).

It’s also the driest month of the year, with no rainfall, so include lots of exploration on your to-do list.

The pleasant temperatures of May are coupled with clear skies to make for great outdoor excursion opportunities as well as water activities.

Humidity increases slightly compared to the previous month, but it’s still within a comfortable range. The water temperature is also a comfortable 74°F (23°C).

Los Cabos Weather in June

June is when the summer temperatures start to feel just around the corner, but with average temperatures ranging between 77-90°F (25-32°C), the weather of this month is still good enough for activities and exploration.

Ocean temperatures start to rise during June as well. Skies are clear almost every day, and there’s plenty of sunshine to make your beach days enjoyable.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen and drink lots of water, especially when out on excursions.

On the road to Cabo at Sunset
On the road to Cabo At Sunset

Los Cabos Weather in July

July is the first hurricane season month of the year, but that still doesn’t mean you will be encountering major storms. In fact, the chance of one is rare throughout the entire hurricane season.

This is also when temperatures start feeling like summer, with average highs in the 90s, and average lows around 80°F.

Water temperature is close to 80°F (26.5°C) in July, making it really nice and warm for a swim and other water activities.

Average Water Temperature in July in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

Rainfall isn’t much, with only 0.5 inches falling during the month, but at least 15 days of the month see cloudy days.

Los Cabos Weather in August

The hottest month in Cabo, August comes with daily highs averaging 91°F (32.5°C), while the daily lows remain close to 80s.

This is also when the rainy season starts, but Los Cabos is a desert region, so rainfall is rare even during the rainy season.

Since the high temperatures of August make it a disagreeable time for lots of activities and outdoor excursions, you won’t find many people visiting Cabo this time of year.

Many tour operators and attractions also close up during the month.

Los Cabos Weather in September

Average High and Low Temperature in September in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

With temperatures ranging from 75-90°F (24-32°C) throughout the entire month of September, you’re sure to enjoy sunny days and warm evenings – perfect conditions for outdoor activities such as snorkeling or lounging by the pool.

In the rainiest month of the year, there are a total of 4 rainfall days during September. These are mostly just brief showers, but some rainy-day plans won’t be a bad idea.

The humidity levels and temperatures tend to be higher this time of year, so make sure to hydrate at all times and stay under shade during the daytime.

However, there are fewer crowds than usual as most people tend to travel here during winter months instead, and prices are also lower.

That makes Los Cabos a great place for a relaxing getaway or a fun beach vacation in September!

Whale tale watched by tourists in a Zodiac
Whale Watching tour from a Zodiac

Los Cabos Weather in October

October in Los Cabos features average temperatures ranging from 88°F (31°C) during the day to 70°F (21°C) at night.

The sky remains generally sunny throughout the month, but the humidity and heat make days slightly muggy.

Rainfall is infrequent in October with only 2-3 days seeing any precipitation. This makes it perfect for visitors who want to sunbathe on pristine beaches or enjoy some thrilling water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Los Cabos Weather in November

Average Water Temperature in November in Cabo San Lucas
Photo ©

November marks the transition from fall to winter in Los Cabos, with an average temperature between 65-83 degrees F (18-28 degrees C) and little rain expected throughout the month.

Warm water temperatures are combined with better visibility underwater.

The sunny skies and dry conditions make it ideal for outdoor activities such as beach trips and exploring some of Baja California’s majestic landscapes.

Be sure to take advantage of these conditions by heading out on snorkeling excursions or sunset cruises for some truly unique experiences!

November, along with the previous month, is also the best time for whale watching and swimming with these gentle giants.

Los Cabos Weather in December

The average high temperatures in Cabo during the month of December range from 74°F – 88°F (23°C – 31°C), while the lows hover around 57°F – 69°F (14°C – 20.5°C) with minimal chances of rainfall throughout the entire month.

Water temperatures drop a bit, but still, remain around 75°F (24°C) – comfortable enough for swimming.

With its sunny skies and moderate temperatures, December offers plenty of outdoor activities that are sure to please all types of travelers.

From beach lounging to snorkeling or scuba diving in some of Cabo’s picturesque coves and bays, December is a great time to enjoy an unforgettable time in this unique coastal region.

Los Cabos Events and Festivals and activities

Los Cabos in January

New Year’s Day

Celebrations from the previous day continue on, attracting large numbers of people to various destinations of Mexico, both urban and rural. The tone is celebratory with parades and fireworks displays.

Feast Day of San Antonio De Abad

San Antonio de Abad (Saint Anthony Abbot) is the patron saint of animals and is celebrated annually on the 17th of January, Feast Day of San Antonio is the only day when animals are allowed into churches.

Not only that, animals are adorned in ribbons and bells, and services and processions are also held at churches for the blessing of animals.

Todos Santos

Los Cabos in February

Todos Santos Open Studios

Todos Santos is a Pueblo Magico located just an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas. The town has some amazing art galleries and an overall charming vibe. Three days in the first week of February is when you can visit not only the galleries but also the studios of many local artists for free!


Weeklong family-friendly celebration before Lent season, with lots of parades, events, food, live music, and dancing. But not much happens during Carnaval in Cabo San Lucas, so if you’re looking for a bigger celebration, you can take the two-hour drive up to La Paz and participate in the huge festival.

Los Cabos in March

Festival of San Jose Del Cabo

To commemorate St. Joseph, the city’s patron saint, this 11-day festival includes parties, music, and the putting on of carnivals and parades (usually in the middle two weeks of March).

The Birthday of Benito Juarez

Benito Juarez’s birthday celebrations occur on the third Monday of March annually for a 3-day weekend. Festivities include parades, fireworks, food, and dances.

San Jose Del Cabo
San Jose Del Cabo At Sunset

Los Cabos in April

Holy Week and Easter – ’Semana Santa’

Celebrated annually in the beginning or middle of April, Holy Week marks the end of Lent Season. Festivities include religious observances and parades that walk through downtown. The week comprises Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

Dia de los Niños

A day dedicated to children in Mexico. On the 30th of April, many attractions have special discounts, parties, and festivals going. Educational institutes are also off. Shows, music, and fun events also take place throughout the town.

Los Cabos in May

Cinco de Mayo

This day commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Some hotels and bars in Cabo host fiestas for tourists with drinks, music, and food specials, but the main celebration takes place in Puebla itself.

Los Cabos in June

Dia de Corpus Christi

Held annually on the second Thursday following Pentecost, Corpus Christi is a Catholic feast to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his Apostles.

Fiesta de La Música

A music festival that takes place in the Art District of San Jose del Cabo where musicians from all over the country participate every year. If you’re looking for a memorable concert experience, you will definitely find it in this fest. What’s more, admission is free!

Sail Boats in the Marina with a sealion swimming
Sail boats in the Marina in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos in July

Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen

This is a day commemorating Virgin Mary as the protector of Mexico. Craft vendors, parades, puppeteers, bullfights (with no animal harm), and a fishing tournament are all part of the celebrations.

Festival of St. James

The annual day of St. James, the Spanish patron saint known for bringing Catholicism to Mexico, is celebrated with festivities and parades of riders on white horses and re-enactments in the town square.

Los Cabos in August

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Observed every 15th of August, the Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Catholic holiday that celebrates the belief that Mary was taken up body and soul into heaven at the end of her life. For many Catholics, this feast day is just as significant as Christmas or Easter.

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament

The Bisbee’s Cabo East Cape Offshore Tournament is a fishing tournament that takes place off the coast of Cabo every year. The tournament is an annual three-day event which amateur and professional anglers are welcome to participate.

Los Cabos in September

Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day is a huge deal, so it comes as no surprise that it’s celebrated in Cabo too. The crowds will be out in full force on April 15, celebrating with live mariachi music, dancing, fireworks, and beers until the call for independence (grito) rings out at 11 p.m. Then even bigger fireworks and wild celebrations will follow.

Charro Day

Charro Day is a notable festival in Mexico, so you will get to celebrate it in Cabo as well. On this day, Charros (Mexican cowboys) start the celebrations with parades, donning traditional cowboy attire and on horseback; these celebrations go on into the night.

The fun events cover dancing, live music, and roping, and there’s also lots of great Mexican food to try!

Whale head
Whale Head in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos in October

Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos becomes festive in honor of the day celebrating its patron saint San Juan (St. Luke). Everyone wears new clothes, dances in the streets, eats and enjoys performances during the festivities. Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas is celebrated annually on the 18th of October.

Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament is also held in October. It’s a major fishing tournament of the year and attracts a great deal of sports fans to see it or participate in it.

Los Cabos in November

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead celebration is among the biggest events in November in all of Mexico. Held in remembrance of those who have passed on, the event takes place over the first and second days of this month. While the Cabo San Lucas celebration isn’t as huge, you will still find Day of the Dead gatherings in San Jose and throughout Los Cabos.

Dia de la Revolución

Revolution Day is celebrated on November 20 of every year in recognition of the Mexican revolution that took place earlier in 1910. There are parades, parties, rodeos, and plenty of delicious food to enjoy on Revolution Day.

Los Cabos in December

Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The feast of Mexico’s patron saint is held on this day (December 12), when large parades, fairs, fireworks, and lots of merrymaking happen before Christmas Posadas.

Christmas Posadas

Candlelight processions go from home to home every evening from December 16 until Christmas Eve, where they entertain guests with songs, treats, and traditional foods in remembrance of Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.


Navidad is the Christmas celebration in Mexico, which is a very Catholic country, and therefore very much heartfelt and celebrated.

New Year’s Eve

This national holiday includes celebrations, parades, and fireworks throughout Mexico, and you can expect VIP parties at resorts and clubs in Cabo San Lucas.

The Marina Cabo San Lucas
The Marina at Sunset Cabo San Lucas

Best time to visit Cabo: FAQ

What is the rainiest month in Cabo San Lucas?

September is the rainiest month of the year in Cabo San Lucas, but with an average of 4 rainy days and an average rainfall of only 2.4 inches, it’s still relatively drier compared to many other popular destinations of Mexico.

Is there a rainy season in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas has a rainy season. The region is dry most of the year, but the short rainy season in Cabo San Lucas starts in the late summer month of August and ends in early fall, usually before mid-September.

What months is hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas?

The hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas starts in July and ends along with the rainy season in September. However, you don’t have to worry about major storms hitting even in the peak hurricane season month in Cabo, as these are extremely rare in the region.

What are the hottest months in Cabo San Lucas?

The hottest months in Cabo San Lucas are mainly July, August, September, and October. This is when the temperatures average above the mid-80s and close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average humidity is also higher during the hot season.

Santa Maria Beach Boat
Santa Maria Beach Front

What’s the worst time to visit Cabo?

Cabo is a year-round destination, so there really is no worst time to visit here. However, many people avoid visiting Cabo during the summer months of August-September, when the temperatures are higher and some activities, as well as businesses, are closed for yearly maintenance.

What’s the difference between Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos are often used interchangeably to refer to Cabo, but Cabo San Lucas is only one of the cities in the region of Los Cabos.

This region is at the tip of Baja California Sur’s southern tip, and also includes San Jose del Cabo, the authentic side of the municipality.

Which is better Cancun or Cabo?

Both Cancun and Cabo are known for their stunning beaches, luxurious hotels, adventurous water activities, vibrant nightlife, gourmet restaurants, and much more, so the answer really depends.

It all boils down to choosing between Cabo’s drier climate with fewer rainy days, and Cancun’s relatively cheaper costs.

Why is Los Cabos so popular?

Cabo is popular for a variety of reasons, and the breathtaking beaches of this region are definitely on the top of the list.

Other than those, the water sports, luxury resorts, restaurants, bars, clubs, and high-end shops are all part of the reason why thousands of couples, families, groups, and solo travelers show up here!

How many days should I spend in Cabo?

You can have a memorable time in Cabo with a 3- or 4-day visit, but if you’re coming from somewhere far, it’s better to stay at least a week.

Then again, you can stay for longer and enjoy even more of the countless things this city has to offer.

Is Cabo San Lucas or Los Cabos better?

Cabo San Lucas is only one part of Los Cabos, but if you want to enjoy an upscale vacation in one of the hottest beach destinations of Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is the place for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to experience the authentic charm of the region, San Jose del Cabo is another part of Los Cabos and has everything from boutique shops and art galleries to laid-back beaches.

The Best time to visit Cabo: Final Thoughts

As you can see, it´s always a great time to visit Cabo, for different reasons. Shoulder Season for lower prices, winter for whales, November and December for fishing tournaments, and summer for surfing and warm waters. I hope this post helped you pick the right time for you to plan your trip to Cabo.