The 11 Best Surf Camps in Mexico for an Incredible Surf Retreat [2023]

The best surf camps in Mexico are more than just a hotel near the great waves. Mexico surfing camps are travel packages that can include accommodations, food, a great atmosphere, surf lessons, and access to great waves among other perks.

Planning a surfing vacation can be challenging. You want to make sure you find waves suitable for your skill level, great accommodations, and a fun surfer community.

On top of that, you want a local guide who can help you find the best waves and give you tips for improving. No matter what your skill level is, you can benefit from surf lessons and advice from a local instructor. 

There are a lot of great surf camps to choose from in Mexico. Whether you are a brand new surfer, or an experienced surf addict looking to catch some waves, there is a surf camp that will make your Mexico surf trip a success! Keep reading to learn about the best surf camps in Mexico.

Surfing in Mexico

Mexico Surfing at a Glance

The Pacific Coast of Mexico is full of great surf destinations. Starting in the north of Baja California and traveling south to Oaxaca you can find a mix of beach and point breaks.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast has drawn the attention of pro surfers from all over the world because of the seriously huge tubes you can find here. Intermediate and advanced surfers will love the challenging and exciting waves they can catch.

All the major surf destinations have surf schools, and the local instructors know where to find waves for beginner surfers.  

The Pacific Coast of Mexico is famous for surfing destinations, but there are surf options on the Caribbean coast as well.

The state of Quintana Roo is home to Cancun, Cozumel, and Tulum, and all have active local surf communities.

In these destinations, you will not find the consistent swell of the Pacific because the waves are more dependent on the wind.

However, there are often short, surfable waves that you can enjoy. The crystal clear waters here make it a great spot to get a day or two of surfing in. 

Best surf spots in Mexico
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Why go to a surf camp? 

If you want to make the most of your Mexican surf vacation, check out a surf camp. Booking a surf camp takes the stress of planning out of your vacation.

You will get accommodations, food, great surf vibes, and access to great waves.

Beginner surfers will get plenty of time in the water with instructors to work on their fundamental surf skills.

Surf schools will have boards and all the gear you need to get in the water. Intermediate and advanced surfers will benefit from local guides who can help them catch the most waves.

Local guides know how to read the weather and wind reports and can take you to the best “secret” surf spots. You will not lose any vacation time trying to find the best waves when you go to a surf camp.

There are all different types of surf camps, and it can be hard to decide which one to go to. Surf camps have a range of simple accommodations to more luxurious ones.

Think about what is important to you! You can choose different lengths of camps, depending on how long you want to stay.

Many surf camps in Mexico offer additional activities, such as yoga or Spanish lessons. Lastly, you need to decide where you want to go!

Popular surf camps are at some of the best surfing beaches in Mexico. Many are near fun, relaxed beach towns. Here are the best surf camps in Mexico, to help you decide which one to visit!

Best Surf Camps in Mexico

1. 7-Day Progressive Surf Camp in Sayulita, Nayarit

WildMex Surf and Adventures host this 7-day surf camp in Sayulita.

Sayulita is a laid-back beach town that is known for its great food and atmosphere.

This surf camp is a great option because it offers three different accommodations depending on your desires and budget.

You can choose between a shared dorm accommodation in a hostel, a basic hotel accommodation, or a hotel that is just two blocks off the beach. All of the locations are within walking distance to downtown Sayulita.

The WildMex Surf and Adventure surf camp focuses on safety and fun. This camp is great for beginner or intermediate surfers.

After your arrival day, you will spend the second day getting an on-shore orientation about water safety and basic techniques.

From there you will hop in the water and start catching waves in the white water. Intermediate surfers will receive coaching from experienced instructors and have the opportunity to try a variety of different surfboards available.

As the week, and your surfing skills, progress, you will continue to receive helpful insights from the instructors.

Your surfing will improve and you can participate in several daily surf sessions. Instructors will take you to the best waves based on your skills and the weather conditions. 

Sayulita surf camps give you the chance to explore the town when you are not surfing. Sayulita is known for having a chilled-out vibe and great restaurants and nightlife.

You can snorkel, mountain bike, or try stand-up paddle boarding here, too. 

👉 Book the 7-DAYS progressive surf camp in Sayulita

2. 3-day personalized surf experience in Cabo, Baja California Sur

The Cabo Surf Retreat 3-day surf camp is a great way to try out surf camps for the first time. One of the best things about this surf camp experience is that there is no set schedule.

You will organize with your surf instructor when you want to take your classes. 

This camp is geared towards beginner or intermediate surfers. You will have two days of surf lessons with a local instructor and all the equipment is included.

The accommodations are a mixed dormitory-style hostel, and breakfast is included on both days. 

In addition to the surf classes, you will receive a guided tour of the art and historic districts of San Jose del Cabo.

You will have plenty of downtimes to relax and enjoy the beach. This short surf camp is a great option if you have limited time, or you can include it as an activity while you are traveling in Mexico.

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3. 8-Day Spanish and Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido

Oasis Surf and Spanish School is a great option for all levels of surfers. At the camp, you will receive five surf lessons with Oasis’ team of experienced, local surfer instructors.

Surfers will attend an on-land theory class on water safety and surfing techniques before heading out to the waves. The classes are semi-private, with only two students per instructor.

During the week a photographer will take pictures and video of you surfing.

These will be used in your coaching session, and you can get a copy of the pictures to take home with you!

Every day you will receive a semi-private Spanish tutoring session. The classes are two students to one teacher and can either be an hour and a half, or three hours, depending on which program you choose.

All Spanish students will get a workbook for their level and will receive a certificate at the end of the program. 

The Oasis Surf and Spanish School surf camp includes daily fitness classes. These classes are designed to enhance surfing performance and include yoga, pilates, and endurance.

You will stay in a suite or private apartment in one of Oasis’ surf houses.

The accommodations include a kitchen, and swimming pool, and are located close to downtown Puerto Escondido. 

In Puerto Escondido, you can wander around Playa Zicatela and watch pro surfers catch some huge tubes. When you are not doing surf camp activities you can try free diving, take a cooking class, or try salsa dancing lessons. 

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4. 8-day Best Surf Spots Playa Brasil, Salina Cruz

This surf camp is organized by Bungalows Punta Conejo and is a great option for advanced surfers. Salina Cruz is famous for the great waves and is one of the best places to surf in Mexico.

The guides at Bungalows Punta Conejo will analyze the wind and tide conditions every day and drive you to the best waves.

They will give advice on the best, safest ways to enter and exit the water at surf spots and help you catch the most waves possible.

You will get two surf sessions a day. Surf guide service starts daily at 6:30 am, you will return to the camp for lunch, then head out for the afternoon surf session.

Bungalows Punta Conejo offers accommodations in their bungalows with an ocean view. All your meals are included, and the vehicles that transport you to the waves will have coolers with drinks and fruit.

For an additional cost you can get a massage, surf lessons, go surfing from a boat for the day, or a hike to ruins.

This is a great camp for experienced surfers who want to spend a lot of time in the water.

👉 Book the 8-day Best Surf Spots Playa Brasil, Salina Cruz

5. 5-Day Surf Camp in Troncones, Experience 3 Different Surf Spots

The Tronocones Point Hostel hosts this five-day surf camp that is great for intermediate and advanced surfers. Troncones is known for its great waves. for You will stay in a shared dormitory at the hostel and all meals are included. 

The surf guide’s goal at Tronocones Point Hostel is to make you feel welcome and have a great surf vacation. You will have four days of surfing with a local guide.

You can surf for two sessions a day. The guides will take you in groups of two to five surfers to the best spots. The majority of the waves are left-handed point breaks.

This is one of the surf camps in Mexico that is all about surfing, surfing, and more surfing.

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6. 8-Day Private Surf and Yoga Holiday in Playa Troncones, Guerrero

This surf and yoga camp is hosted by Present Moments Retreats and they offer wellness classes, yoga classes, and meditation in addition to surf classes.

This is a great surf camp option for people who are interested in learning to surf but do want to dedicate a whole week to just being in the waves. 

You can choose from a private bungalow, air-conditioned suite, or family bungalow for your time at the surf camp. Morning smoothies and lunch are included.

This camp includes two surf lessons, daily morning meditation, a full-body massage, and unlimited yoga classes. When not participating in planned camp events, you can go for a hike, snorkel, grab a boogie board and hit the waves, or book time at the spa. 

This camp will give you a break from reality and let you indulge in some serious self-care. 

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7. 8-Day Epic Adventure Surf and Yoga Holiday in Bucerias, Nayarit

surf and yoga retreat buceria
Surf and yoga retreat Buceria- Photo © BOOKSURFCAMP.COM

Bucerias, Nayarit is a small, ocean village that is 20 minutes away from Puerto Villarta. This is a great all-inclusive surf camp and yoga retreat.

You will stay in luxury accommodations and all your meals are included.

The chefs prepare vegan and vegetarian cuisine that uses local, organic products. They can accommodate other dietary restrictions.

You will receive daily Ashtanga Mysore yoga classes and guided meditations and surf classes. 

This camp is hosted by Ananda Trainings and will help you relax and enjoy your vacation. 

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8. 4-Day Fantastic Surf Vacation in Sayulita

This 4-day surf camp is a great option for beginner and intermediate surfers. The camp is hosted by Variant Surf Company. You will stay in a private apartment that has a small kitchen.

You will receive a coffee or smoothies daily, but the rest of the food is not included.

It is a 10-minute walk to downtown Sayulita.

Sayulita is famous for its great restaurants, live music, and art boutiques. When you are not doing camp activities you can check out local beaches, try paddleboarding, and snorkel.

You will receive two full days of surfing at the beach. You will have a local guide and surf instructor who drives you to Punta Burras where you will take your surf lessons.

You will get on-land instruction and plenty of time in the water with your instructor. 

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9. 7-Day Awesome and Unique Surf Camp in Punta Mita, Nayarit


Punta Mita is a famous surf destination in Mexico. Located on a peninsula, you can find great waves no matter which direction the wind is blowing.

This surf camp is hosted by the Mita Surf House. You can choose between a studio or apartment for your accommodations. 

This surf camp is a great option for surfers of all levels. Beginner surfers will receive daily surf lessons to help them get up on the board. Intermediate surfers can choose the “surf trip” option.

A surf guide will take them to various surf locations in the area.

Surf guides will give advice and help surfers improve their technique. The last option is guided surf-break orientation.


This is for experienced surfers who can surf independently. Guides will take you to lesser-known surf spots and give you helpful advice for entering and exiting the water.

They will also tell you important information about tides or if there are underwater rocks. 

Serious surfers can do surf boat trips for an additional cost. A boat will take you to remote locations.

This is one of the best surf camps in Mexico for people who want to spend a lot of time in the water. 

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10. 8-Day Insight Yoga and Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Experiencia Puerto Escondido hosts this surf and yoga Puerto Escondido camp. Puerto Escondido is one of the best surfing spots in Mexico. This yoga and surf retreat offers you a choice of single or double rooms or a shared dormitory. 

There are many surf camps in Puerto Escondido to choose from. At this camp, you will receive five days of surf instruction.

The classes are one or two students per instructor. Puerto Escondido is known for some huge waves, but any level of surfer can go to this camp.

When big swells roll in, instructors will take beginner and intermediate surfers to calmer spots. After you get out of the waves you can participate in the three included yoga classes.

The classes are Hatha yoga, a style that is relaxing and ideal for beginners.

This kind of yoga is great after a big day in the waves. You will receive one private surf photo session.

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11. 8-Day Private Surf and Yoga Retreat in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

This personalized surf and yoga retreat is hosted by Barbarenas. You will stay in an eco-friendly, luxury accommodation.

A healthy breakfast and lunch are included. During your stay, you will receive one private yoga class and three daily group yoga classes. You will also have one private guided meditation session. You will have surf lessons every other day. 

You can work with the Barbarenas team to design your ideal schedule.

The team organizes additional activities such as a Temazcal. You can book additional massages or other spa treatments. This camp will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy. 

👉 Book -Day Private Surf and Yoga Retreat in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Honorable Mention: 5 Day Beginner Kitesurfing Camp in Cancun, Quintana Roo 

The best places to surf in Mexico are on the Pacific Coast. You might be wondering, is there surfing in Cancun? Yes, there are dedicated local surfers who are in the water catching waves all along the coast of Quintana Roo.

The waves here are not consistent. If you are serious about catching waves, it is not a great place to plan a surf vacation. The Riviera Maya is great for other water sports, especially kitesurfing.

At this kitesurfing camp, you will stay at an eco-hotel. You can choose between a tent with a bed or a double room.

The hotel generates all its own electricity. You will receive 6 hours of kitesurfing instruction. This will begin with out-of-water instruction on gear set-up and techniques.

No prior kitesurfing experience is necessary, you only need to know how to swim to participate.

This camp is a great option for people who want to travel to the Mexican Caribbean and learn a new watersport!

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Best Time to Surf in Mexico

The Pacific Coast Mexico surf season is from May to October. This time of year is officially hurricane season and the winds and swells bring the biggest waves.

Many of the surf spots have surfable waves all year round. If you are planning a trip to Northern Baja California, the water in the winter can be chilly, dropping around 70 degrees and you will want to use a wetsuit.

The Central and Southern Pacific Mexico surfing spots have warm water year-round, and the water rarely drops below 80 degrees. 

Hurricane season brings the biggest and best waves to the Pacific Coast. Pro surfers from around the world will go to Mexico searching for tubes. This does not mean you need to plan your surf vacation during these months.

Beginner and intermediate surfers will find the winter waves are plenty big for learning. Local surf guides will know where to take you for awesome surfing all year round.

If you have questions about surf conditions at a certain time of year, reach out to potential surf schools. They can help you plan your surf camp vacation. 

Best Surf Camps in Mexico: Final thoughts

Mexico is known also for its amazing surfing spots. No matter what your surfing level is, going to a Mexico surf camp is a great way to catch some waves. Surf camps take the stress of planning a vacation away.

Surf instructors and local surf guides will take you to the best spots and help you take some great rides. 

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