The 13 Best Hotels in La Paz Baja Mexico

Looking for the Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico? Let me help you!

I have traveled to La Paz multiple times and in this post, I am going to share my favorite hotels, and home rentals in the vibrant Baja California Sur Capital City.

With a great variety of cute hotels, old haciendas, and modern apartments deciding where to stay can be overwhelming.

If this is your case, worry not. In this guide to the best hotels in La Paz, I will help you find the perfect place for a memorable stay.

Although La Paz is an extensive town, the city center is tiny and walkable with a mix of good international vibes and a colonial feel and that’s where I recommend you stay.

My Top 3 Picks: Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico

Orchid House La Paz Hotel Aerial View

Orchid House Baja
✔️ Luxury Suites
✔️ Spectacular Location
✔️ Intimate

Baja Club Suite

Baja Club
✔️ Elegant spacious Suites
✔️ Central location
🚫 Not on the beach

Hyatt Place La Paz- overview

Hyatt Resort & Spa La Paz
✔️ Spacious ocean-view suites
✔️ Great Service
✔️ Access to the golf course

Best hotels in La Paz Mexico (Baja California Sur)

The best places to stay in La Paz are mostly found on the beachfront or downtown area, so I’ll tell you the top ones located here. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, though. Depending on your budget, you can find all kinds of lodgings, ranging between luxury, midrange, and low-budget.

Top Luxury Hotels in La Paz

1. Orchid House Baja

Orchid House and Beach Club Baja
Hotel Aerial View – Photo © Expedia

Orchid House Baja Hotel is arguably the most spectacular hotel in La Paz by far.

It’s located just outside La Paz, between Las Conchas and Caymancito beaches, some of the best beaches in the city.

This prestigious hotel includes only 10 luxury suites which guarantee an intimate and tranquil stay for the guests. They are stylishly decorated and equipped with the most luxurious amenities for guest comfort.

A delicious and abundant breakfast is included in the rate.

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2. Costa Baja Resort

Costa Maya Beach overview
Photo © Costa Maya Hotel

Located near the La Paz Malecon, Costa Baja is an excellent luxury hotel with unique views of the Sea of Cortez, La Paz landscapes, and has lots of activities on offer.

Additionally, it belongs to the renowned IHG hotel chain, so you can bet on getting world-class service here.

Although the room’s decor looks a bit dated, it still offers a nice layout with modern amenities and spectacular views over the bay.

You will also enjoy flat-screen TVs, air-conditioning, safety deposit boxes and of course free WIFI. The private beach of Costa Baja Resort is one of the most beautiful beaches in La Paz, so you can get your fill of the Sea of Cortez in peace, and there are plenty of water sports activities available here for the thrill-seekers as well.

Costa Baja Resort features a gorgeous outdoor pool, a fitness center (overlooking the sea!), and lots of other amenities like wifi, free parking, direct access to an 18-hole golf course, and a wonderful bar, to make your experience here truly luxurious.

Thanks to the exceptional location of the hotel, you can enjoy the famous Malecon walks nearby. The waterfront restaurants on the Marina are another delight guests of Costa Baja Resort have easy access to.

The Costa Baja Resort also has an exclusive beach club that you can make full use of as a guest here, so that’s another plus.

You will love the spa here because it has all the services you can think of in the way of relaxation and wellness.

The concierge service is another well-praised part of Costa Baja, so don’t forget to secure yourself a boat trip to Isla Espiritu Santo to see some exotic marine life (especially the sea lions)!

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3. Baja Club

If you are happy to splurge and you love a fancy classic and contemporary place to make your stay, Baja Club is perfect for you.

Baja Club is arguably the best hotel in La Paz Mexico both for the ideal location and its refined architecture.

The colonial-era main house is combined with the sophisticated design of the lodgings to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Baja Club has some of the most elegant suites for its guests, and all the facilities of a 5-star hotel like hot tubs, a fitness center, a spa, a sauna, a 24-hour front desk, free wifi, and many more things!

Baja Club Suite

You also have access to the wonderful pool on the premises, and the on-site restaurant is great too. The rooms are air-conditioned, and round-the-clock room service is part of your stay.

Baja Club has a bar and garden as well, so you can chill out sipping some quality drinks and unwind surrounded by greenery in the evenings.

The hotel is located on the Malecon, so many popular spots of La Paz’s historic downtown are within walking distance of Baja Club, and you also get to enjoy the most amazing views if your room is one with a balcony.

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4. Hyatt Palace La Paz

Hyatt Palace is a gorgeous little oceanfront utopia barely 10 minutes from downtown La Paz. It boasts a very modern layout with excellent value and a perfect location not far from the town.

The rooms are designed to radiate a homelike vibe while also being contemporary and stylish to make your stay comfortable and lavish.

Besides all the amenities, they also feature balcony views of the city and ocean (depending on the room category).

Hyatt Palace also has a bar that serves great coffee and choice drinks from 6 in the morning to midnight, and the outdoor swimming pool is also very nice here.

The only inconvenience about Hyatt Place is the location which is a bit of a walk to the city center ( 1hr and 30 minutes) unless you have a car, which would also be very convenient to explore all the amazing places to visit in La Paz.

In fact, although Hyatt offers great restaurants it is worth checking all the delicious dining options available in La Paz downtown, and of course, take a stroll on the Malecon and see all the beautiful murals in La Paz.

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5. Hotel Catedral La Paz

Hotel Catedral La Paz
Hotel Catedral La Paz terrace Pool – Photo © Expedia

The Catedral La Paz Hotel is another very modern place to stay on my list, and it’s just as contemporary as Hyatt Place.

Everything here is just perfect, the location, lodgings, staff, amenities—you name it! Rooms in Hotel Catedral La Paz are quite spacious and upscale.

Then there’s the comfy bed that deserves a separate mention. All these rooms come with luxurious amenities, private baths, and flat-screen TVs.

There is also free wifi access everywhere in the hotel. Guests have the bar and on-site restaurant of Hotel Catedral La Paz at their disposal for some quality food and drinks.

The highlight of the hotel, though is the year-round rooftop pool, sun deck, and terrace lounge that you are bound to love at first sight.

Catedral La Paz Hotel is a great place to explore all the popular things in La Paz as well. The well-liked location of the hotel is ideal for travelers with the best beaches in La Paz on their itinerary, and the historic downtown attractions are also nearby.

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6. Ancla Baja Living Condo

Ancla Baja Living Condo is a 2-bedroom luxury apartment that you can book all for yourself. Both the rooms feature extra-large double beds, and the views of the city are a cherry on top of the privacy and comfort of the apartment.

The condo has a dining area, living room, kitchen, and garden with a barbecue.

Free wifi and parking are provided along with a 24-hour front desk service. The rooftop terrace is also pretty nice, and the host is just amazing.

The experience here is so good that you won’t stop coming back to it for every Baja California vacation. It’s in close proximity to the beaches and restaurants, so the condo is definitely my top recommendation for a family or group stay if you’re looking for budget lodgings.  

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7. Casa Al Mar Boutique hotel La Paz

Spectacular boutique hotel, on the Malecon (sea promenade), the beach promenade in the historical center of La Paz. Guests appreciate the sophisticated and elegant decor of the spacious rooms and their sea-frot balconies.

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Mid-range hotels La Paz

8. Posada de Las Flores La Paz

Posada Flores La Paz

Ranking among the best hotels in La Paz, Posada de Las Flores is a gem of a place in the capital city of Baja California Sur. You will find exquisite lodgings, remarkable amenities, and peaceful views of the Malecon and its famous sunsets all in this one place.

The traditional interiors of the hotel are perfect for a classic vibe, and things like air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs with cable channels, free wifi, and coffee makers are part of every room and suite.

The hospitality is exceptional, and the delicious breakfast here is the perfect reflection of that. Along with the neatly kept rooms, Posada de Las Flores features a bar, sun deck, and a garden, and an airport shuttle is also available to pick you up upon arrival.

However, the hotel doesn’t have an outdoor pool or free parking for the guests. Posada de Las Flores is located on the popular La Paz seafront promenade, so the views are guaranteed to be mesmerizing. The only negative aspect is that it could be a little noisy at night (and day)

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9. Hotel La Concha Beach Resort

If you’re looking up places to stay in La Paz, chances are good that you already came across Hotel La Concha Beach Resort.

This hotel is kind of dated and old-fashioned, to be honest, but it’s one of the few resorts that are right on a beach, which is not private but offers direct access to the guests.

The lodgings consist of suites, rooms, and condos. All of them are air-conditioned, have balconies and full bathrooms, and feature cable TV, coffee makers, free wifi, and views of the pool.

The suites and condos also have a living room added, and daily room service, free parking, and laundry facilities are provided to all hotel guests.

Located just a few minutes’ drive from downtown La Paz.

The rooms overlook the white sands and calm waters of the sea, and the facilities are great for romantic excursions. La Concha offers an amazing family vacation experience.

Apart from the outdoor swimming pool, there’s a separate pool for children. The private beach area also has a playground for kids. Kayak and paddleboard rentals are available as well.

The hotel has a complimentary downtown shuttle service for guests, so you can go explore the city center even without a car (just be sure to make a reservation beforehand). For the services that are not complimentary, cash, as well as credit card payments, are accepted throughout the hotel.

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10. Hotel Seven Crown La Paz Centro

Located just a couple of hundred meters from the famous seafront promenade of La Paz, Hotel Seven Crown Centro is one of the two Seven Crown Hotels in the city.

The other is on the Malecon, but it’s not as cute.

The stylish rooms and central location in the heart of La Paz make its Malecon branch my pick for this list.
The hotel features upscale suites and double rooms with air-conditioning, televisions, work desks, wireless internet, and lots of other amenities.

The suites have balconies with expansive ocean and city views, and one of them also has a private terrace with stunning sunset-watching opportunities.

Speaking of stunning sunsets, Hotel Seven Crown also has a restaurant on its fifth floor where you can double the beauty of sunsets with some very delicious food.

Playa Balandra also isn’t far from the hotel, so that’s another great spot for a memorable experience. The hotel also provides its guests free private parking with accessibility options.

If you don’t have a car, you can get bicycle rentals from the hotel to go for a trip around town.

Activities like snorkeling and fishing are also available here, and if you’re a fan of art, Seven Crown sometimes hosts art galleries featuring local and international artists.

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11. Hotel and Suites el Moro

Hotel and Suites el Moro is another marine waterfront hotel with stylish rooms, suites, and studios. The beautiful property boasts various amenities, helpful staff, and a close location to the Marina.

El Moro is perfect for a romantic vacation in La Paz while also being a great location for family stays.

It features standard and double rooms, and its deluxe and family suites are also quite popular among guests. The rooms are designed very well, and I like the abundance of amenities each one comes with.

You will find features like living rooms, kitchens, hot tubs and other luxuries depending on the one you book, and comfort is a given in all of them.

El Moro Pool
Photo © Hotel

The outdoor pool and its surroundings are gorgeous, and El Moro’s restaurant, Vrentino, is known for the mouthwatering international and Mexican cuisines it serves.

There is also wifi connectivity throughout the hotel, and a free parking area and transportation service are available as well.

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12. Casa Juarez BnB

Casa Juarez is a low-key boutique hotel consisting of various rooms and a couple of apartments located in La Paz Centro.

Almost all the charm of this hotel is derived from its homelike decor and welcoming staff. The rooms have a very comforting aura with their warm blend of colors, and breakfast is included.

Amenities include air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, refrigerators, and seating areas in select rooms. Casa Juarez BnB also has wifi, free parking, and an outdoor pool.

Casa Juarez Entrance
Photo © Casa Juarez

The owners treat you like a friend and go out of their way to make your overall vacation a delightful experience.

The complimentary breakfast is prepared specially by them, and they make sure it’s personalized to the T for you (just like the rest of your experience here).

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Low-budget hotels in La Paz

13. Araiza Palmira Hotel and Centro de Convenciones

If you want to be in a frugal hotel and you don’t care about luxury, Araiza Palmira Hotel is just the place for it.

When it comes to Araiza Palmira Hotel and Convention Center, think of very simply decorated rooms with colors and cheap furnishings, which are definitely not suitable for stylish-conscious travelers, but offer countless amenities, a fitness center, tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and even a hotel-owned beach club on La Paz Bay.

The rooms are air-conditioned and feature stuff like cable TV, coffee makers, private baths, and hot showers. Buffet breakfast and weekend vintage music nights in the El Rollo Disco are some of the unique features of Araiza Palmira.

The hotel is located only 20 minutes from the international airport, and both Playa Coromuel and the Malecon are close to it.

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14. Casabuena B&B

Casabuena is a very welcoming budget hotel just a short walk from Malecón. Its location is very peaceful and quiet, and many of the popular things of La Paz are nearby as well.

If you’re after fancy rooms, then you might not like Casabuena, as it’s very simple and basic, but if it’s a homey atmosphere that you’re looking for, then this is it.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and some of these lodgings have patios for lovely evenings.

There’s a wonderful garden with a swimming pool on the property, making the setting very romantic. And since Casabuena is intended to be a family-friendly hotel, you will find a shared kitchen, lounge, and a children’s playground here as well.

Amenities are on par with luxury hotels, including air-conditioning, free wifi, secure parking, and a barbecue.

You can also try your hand at bowling here, but don’t expect things like a spa or fitness center. On the other hand, do expect friendly pets and lots of hospitality!

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Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico: FAQ

Is it worth staying in La Paz Mexico?

Yes, it’s definitely worth staying a few days in La Paz as the city has so much to offer from great food to incredible beaches and boat tours.
Walk around La Paz and enjoy the colorful murals, or take a stroll along the Malecon at sunset for the jaw-dropping sky, and of course, try the delicious local restaurants and markets but most of all book one of the amazing tours to swim with the sea lions or swim with whale sharks.

Is La Paz Mexico touristy?

Yes, La Paz Mexico is a bit touristy but not so much if you compare it with Cancun or Cabo San Lucas.

Can you swim in La Paz Mexico?

Yes, you can definitely swim in La Paz Mexico although the best beaches are further away from the City Center.

Is it safe to go to La Paz at night?

Yes, it’s totally safe to walk around La Paz at night in the city center however I would avoid deserted roads that are not very well lit.

Is it safe to drink tap water in La Paz Mexico?

NO, it is not! All around Mexico, including La Paz it is not safe to drink tap water. So Please avoid that.

Is coffee safe to drink in Mexico?

Yes, coffee is safe to drink because it’s made with purified water.

Is the water at La Paz Mexico warm?

Yes, it’s warm in the summer time but it tends to be very cold in winter. I would suggest using a wetsuit then.

The Best Hotels in La Paz: Final Thoughts

I hope this post helped you decide where to stay in La Paz Mexico and you are all set for your next trip. If not, make sure you read the travel guides here below.

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