22 exquisite vacation rentals and Airbnb in Tulum

If you are planning a vacation in Tulum and you are not sure where to stay, this selection of exquisite VRBO apartments and Airbnb in Tulum will help you choose among so many places. I have selected the coolest homes for different budgets and locations.

Tulum is understandably an attractive and charming destination and, believe it or not, despite the nasty sargasso and the recent (isolated) crime episode, tourists and digital nomads keep flocking to enjoy the boho lifestyle that the pretty magic town promises, ignoring the few unflattering news.

And that’s what they find indeed. Endless beaches, deep blue waters, all-year-round sun, world-class international and Mexican cuisine, a whole lot of activities, including jumping in the mystic cenotes, and many other spectacular sites to visit.

Also, due to the incredible amount of homes for rent and spectacular hotels, finding the perfect Airbnb in Tulum or any other vacation rental can be overwhelming. So I have selected what I considered the best places to stay in Tulum and made a list to help you book the ideal spot for your stay.

If you have safety concerns don’t worry, life has pretty much gone back to normal, and if you follow the standard protocol and the usual common sense you are going to be just fine.

Tulum Beach side

I know it’s tough to find great accommodations when visiting a completely different region of the world, and so is the case with Tulum as well, but that’s where Tulum Airbnb and other accommodations come in. So let’s take you through the best (and of course my favorite) vacation rentals in Tulum.

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Best Tulum Airbnb and other amazing vacation rentals

Despite being a small town of Quintana Roo Tulum has many varieties of areas, each one very unique and famous for different reasons. I have divided these areas into four categories to make this list of Tulum’s best Airbnbs more organized and neat. But before we dive into our list, let me give you a brief overview of these four areas.

Airbnbs in Tulum Beach

Tulum is known for its phenomenal beaches so this list wouldn’t be complete without lodging options for its beach area. It has all the luxurious hotels, five-star restaurants, upscale shopping areas, and partying spots, including the quirky Tulum Beach Clubs.

And, after all, what is a better way than to spend your stay right beside the beaches when they are the reason for your visit? But the beachfront Airbnb is also pricier so most budget travelers prefer other places.

Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama is the perfect place to stay in Tulum if you want to be at the same distance between the beach and Tulum town. It’s a newly-built and upscale neighborhood close to both the beach zone and the Pueblo (downtown). Naturally, the best Airbnb in Aldea Zama is also quite luxurious and posh.

Choosing to stay in this area means all the luxuries of staying in Tulum plus lots of fun bicycling in the delightfully green areas, shops, and restaurants. The prices in this area vary from affordable to outrageously high.

Tulum Beach View Hotels

La Veleta

If cenotes are on your radar while visiting Tulum, La Veleta will be the most convenient place to stay for you. It’s close to both Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido, and it’s also relatively close to town. It’s where the Holistica yoga center (and hotel) is located and the crown jewel of the organic food stores, the expensive Gipsy Market (my favorite place to indulge in rich vegan delicacies… and bakery)

Tulum Pueblo

The downtown in Tulum is where you can find more affordable lodgings, at a short walk from the best restaurants, bars, and shops on the main road but not necessarily noisy.

In fact, there are many nice homes on quiet side roads, where you can get the best of both worlds, being close to one of the town’s liveliest areas with a thriving nightlife and authentic cuisine served by most of the restaurants there.

If you stay in Tulum Town you will be halfway between the beach and the most beautiful Tulum Cenotes, besides at a relatively close distance to other beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya, such as Xpu-ha and Akumal.

Tulum Beach hotel from a drone

Best Tulum Airbnbs on the Beach (and other amazing vacation rentals)

Beach Front King Size Cabana Arena (no kitchen)

Beach front Cabana

The Beach Front King Size Cabana Arena is located right on the beach and offers you a luxurious stay on the sugary-white sands surrounded by palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. It has both cabanas and modern rooms to offer. Guests especially enjoy the beach lounging access of this place.

All the rooms are air-conditioned and have private safes. It goes without saying that the place has all the facilities to make your stay a pleasurable one (except for a kitchen).

It’s a family-friendly lodging, but pets aren’t allowed on the property. So if you’re bringing one, try one of the other places on this list.

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Casa Selva de luz

If you didn’t like the no kitchen bit above, you can find one here. Casa Selva de luz is another one of the popular beachfront accommodations in the beach zone of Tulum where you get access to a swimming pool, a tropical garden, and nice views of the jungle.

Casa selva de luz

Many of Tulum’s fine restaurants and beach clubs are within walking distance of Casa Selva de luz. The amenities of Casa Selva de luz include free parking, WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a solarium. Sadly, pets aren’t allowed here either.

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Oceanfront Villa 3 Bedrooms Tulum, Casa Ganesh

The 3 bedrooms of Oceanfront Villa feature four beds in total and can sleep around 8 people. All of the rooms have separate bathrooms with full baths and also have balcony access where you can savor the charming views of the beach. The rooms are located on the top floor of the house and come with all the luxuries to make your stay comfortable.

Ocean front villa

The furnishings of this villa are wooden and give it an elegant vibe. The ground floor of this beach house has a pool area and a common room. It also has a private chef always available, along with daily cleaning services. Overall, it’s a spacious lodging option especially suitable for families or groups.

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Casa Chakte – Beach View

Casa Chakte consists of three separate beach houses located on Tulum Beach. Surrounded by Tulum’s nature, these beach houses are furnished with handmade furniture created with local material and offer a very modern feel to their guests.

You can enjoy the natural aesthetics of the beach zone from the comfortable stays of Casa Chakte while also enjoying the private plunge pool and other luxuries of these lodgings.

The property also has fully-facilitated kitchens, housekeeping service, concierge service, and a parking space, and wide outdoor spaces to enjoy.

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Beautiful Tree House on Tulum Beach Road

On the way to Tulum Beach, you will encounter this beautiful bungalow with a laid-back atmosphere and eco-friendly furnishings. Although it’s a private jungle cabana that you can book all for yourself, the place is surrounded by all the upscale restaurants, beach clubs, shops, and bars that are popular in Tulum.

Since it’s located in the Tulum Beach area, on the jungle side , you can just walk to the beach which is right across the street.

The treehouse was built with nature in mind, so all the materials are locally sourced and it operates completely off the grid. But relying completely on solar power also means not having AC or WiFi access sometimes (happens only rarely, so no worries).

Though, it’s worth mentioning here that the staff is really nice so you won’t have to worry about facing any discomfort despite it all.

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Beach House and Suite

Located in the center of Akiin Beach, this house and its two suites is a unique lodging option in the Beach Zone of Tulum. The house has a large deck and on-site boutique and bars.

Its two suites are air-conditioned and spacious. Even though the palapa-roofed house has all the modern facilities available, it still has a natural charm to it with a jungle nearby and beach access (including all the beach facilities of Akiin Beach Club) for the guests as well.

The handcrafted decor of the house makes it look nice and elegant, while also complementing the natural beauty all around it.

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Aldea Zama Tulum Apartments

Kasa Kai

Kasa Kai apartmen bedroom

Kasa Kai means the house of fish, so named for its vicinity to the beach. The large condo has 2 bedrooms with a couple of beds in each. There is in-room laundry service available in both the rooms and you have balcony access as well.

It also features an infinity pool on the rooftop that guests have access to. It was built only recently so all the handcrafted wooden furniture in it is still brand new and exotic-looking.

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2 Bedroom jungle condo

Jungle condo

This one is another 2-bedroom condo just like Kasa Kai which can sleep up to 5 guests, and it’s located inside the jungle area Aldea Zama.

Just like Kasa Kai, this apartment has a rooftop pool as well where you can enjoy views of the jungle or gaze at the distant white sands of Tulum beach. Apart from all the facilities of modern lodging, the place is completely smoke-free and family-friendly. However, it doesn’t allow on-site events or pets.

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Alux Jungle Flat

Alux Jungle Flat is an eco-chic apartment in Aldea Zama where you see all the features of modern architecture, but the touch of Mayan culture to it is truly unique and gives it an atmosphere of its own. The rooms are cozy and offer striking views.

Alux apartment living room

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, smart TV, and terrace access. The second room has a chukum finish which gives it a more traditional look. Both the rooms have separate bathrooms with rain showers.

Outside, it has a private pool area and patio. The penthouse can host up to 4 guests and lodging here includes having the whole house to yourself, with internet access, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a parking space.

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Flavia Jungle Flat

This one is a luxurious flat with a contemporary outlook and amazing views. Flavia Jungle Flat, despite the jungle in its name, is an extremely modern lodging option where you get all the innovative facilities that a modern flat should have, like private workspaces, smart home devices, and keyless access.

Flavia apartment bedroom

The decor inside this flat is very elegant and the rooms are spacious. You also get access to an open kitchen and high-speed internet while staying here. The views from its rooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows are so nice!

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Loretta Jungle Penthouse

If the previous two flats seemed impressive, wait until you hear all the features of Loretta Jungle Penthouse. Apart from all the luxuries mentioned for Alux and Flavia, Loretta goes one step further and offers beach club access as well.


Combine that with all the features of Loretta—like a private pool and patio, luxury open kitchen, workspaces, and smart home—and it makes for one of the best Airbnb in Tulum. Not to mention it has all the amenities of an elegant lodging.

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Alexa Jungle Penthouse

Alexa Jungle Penthouse is part of a high-end community of 9 condos designed and constructed by Artigas Arquitectos (just like Loretta, Alux, and Flavia). As you can guess, this condo is also fully equipped with all the features of contemporary living space.

alexa luxury penthouse bedroom

It can accommodate up to 5 guests in its 2 bedrooms, and also has 3 bathrooms in total with spa-grade amenities. There is a terrace pool and a kitchen. To top it all off, the stay at Alexa Jungle Penthouse also includes access to Ikal Beach Club.

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The most amazing Tulum Airbnb in La Veleta

Halaken Condo Eco Chic

Luxurious condos aren’t only limited to Aldea Zama. In La Veleta, you will find that Halaken Condo Eco Chic has all the amenities of a high-end lodging. The apartment is very modern-looking and has polished concrete finishes. Combined with the aesthetic interior decorations, they make very cozy loft-type units for your stay.

halaken living room Tulum airbnb

It can accommodate up to four people, but the outdoor pools are adult-only so the place has more appeal among working nomads and friend groups. During the stay, guests also have private access to the jungle surrounding the property.

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Hotel Panacea

Hotel Panacea is counted among the best Airbnb in Tulum because of the top-quality accommodations offered by the place and it can easily be classified as one of the top Luxury Hotels in Tulum, despite being an “apartment hotel. The lodging options include deluxe suites, penthouses with private pools, lofts, residential suites, and a studio with terrace access. It has exceptional services like a couple of swimming pools, a fitness center, and airport shuttles.

Hotel Panacea - Tulum Airbnb

Family rooms are also available in Hotel Panacea. Each of the rooms is air-conditioned and comes with an attached bathroom containing free toiletries and a hairdryer. Located in a tranquil area of La Veleta but at a close distance to restaurants.

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Los Amigos Tulum

Another well-liked lodging option in the area is Los Amigos Tulum. It has an overwhelming range of accommodation options ranging from deluxe master suites, sky view studios, boutique design suites, two- and three-bedroom villas, and an amazing penthouse.

But despite all the various lodgings, Los Amigos has a very intimate and homely atmosphere where you can enjoy the terrace pool or relax in the garden.

Los Amigos studio

The place has very convenient beach club access and provides its guests with free bicycle access to make their stay even more comfortable. What’s more, you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep using their delivery service while staying at Los Amigos.

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Rooftop Jungle View

roof top jungle view apartment livingroom

As the name implies, this place is famous for the tranquil jungle views it offers from the terrace and balconies of its lodgings. It has one bedroom and one living room, both of which have a separate bathroom equipped with a hot tub and shower.

You can also take a dip in any of the two outside pools on the rooftop with spectacular views of the jungle. The place also features a solarium and a fitness center and has a fully equipped kitchen.

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IKool Tulum By Lockey

Situated quite close to the archaeological site of Tulum, Ikool is another 1-bedroom lodging option in La Veleta where you won’t lack any of the modern-day facilities.

Ikul apartment Tulum

It has all the indoor areas air-conditioned and also features a kitchen. Moreover, it’s a family-friendly place with a children’s playground also being a part of the property. But that’s not it, a spa and fitness center also make Ikool an impressive lodging option in Tulum.

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Great Apartments in Tulum Pueblo

These beautiful apartments offer great value for money and although relatively far from the beach, they are located within walking distance from the best restaurants in downtown Tulum.

Rooftop Suite w/ Private Pool | View of Mayan Ruins | Bike to Beach | Free Bikes

Jungle views apartment

Spectacular luxury penthouse with private rooftop and pool with spectacular jungle views.

The amenities include a gym, plunge pool, outdoor cinema, yoga area, lounge and bar, and free bike access. It’s also a very secure location with a 24/7 security watch and a gated entrance through which only registered guests are allowed.

This is the right place either for a romantic escape or a solo retreat to enjoy peace and tranquillity in a stylish space.

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Live Tulum

One benefit of living in the pueblo is that you have all the famous bars and restaurants right around the corner. And that’s exactly what Live Tulum has to offer along with its exceptional accommodations.

All the apartments are air-conditioned and come with separate bathrooms, coffee machines, hairdryers, and private balcony access.

Live Tulum apartments

For couples, it has a suite with a large double bed. If you’re a group of fewer than four people, it has a studio with 2 single beds and one double bed, and a ground floor apartment with 1 extra-large bed and a sofa-bed to accommodate you.

For families, the place has a two-bedroom apartment that can accommodate up to 6 people.

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Beautiful Apartment, Close to The Beach and The Archaeological Zone

Beautiful apartment Tulum

Recently built in one of the finer sides of Tulum Pueblo, this apartment has a present-day outlook and the architecture is very high-end. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a pool, a living area, and a kitchen as well.

Apart from the facilities of the property, there are also some very nice places nearby that you can visit—including a Starbucks outlet, a spa facility, restaurants, cafes, and bars. The place is handicap accessible and children-friendly.

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Che Tulum Suites

Che Tulum is a luxurious lodging in Pueblo Tulum and consists of adult-only suites. All the suites are air-conditioned and come with fully-equipped bathrooms featuring showers and free toiletries, and the property has a terrace for its guests to sunbathe on as well. Nearby activities include hiking and cycling.

Che suites Tulum

These suites are quite popular among couples. But they aren’t only famous for two-person stays; the accommodations range from a two-bedroom apartment, a suite with a double bed, a deluxe apartment with a bedroom and living room, a standard apartment suitable for up to 5 people, and a family room with a double bed and a bunk-bed. Of course, they include a dining area, private bathroom and full kitchen.

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Jungle Lofts by Simply Comfort Tulum Centre Rooftop Patio & Pool

These Jungle Lofts are famous for their tasteful decor and excellent location—with restaurants, and shops nearby. Designed for the utmost comfort and delight, these lodgings have air-conditioned rooms with parquet floor furnishings, kitchens, rooftop patios and pools, and a garden.

jungle lofts

If the interiors of these lofts aren’t pleasing enough (which I doubt will be the case), you can try the amazing city view from the terrace. Moreover, the outdoor pool and being pet-friendly make them excellent for couples, families, and groups alike.

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And that’s about all the amazing Airbnb of Tulum in different locations of the town, so hopefully, you will have no trouble choosing the perfect spot for your stay. I hope you have a wonderful time during your visit. Also, with your lodging concerns out of the way, don’t forget to check out my other posts on Tulum to fill your itinerary with lots of fun things to do in Tulum.

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