The 11 Best VRBO and Airbnb in Merida Mexico (with pool)

If you are planning a trip to Merida, you will need to find a nice and comfortable home. But there are so many incredible places to stay that it’s so difficult to pick the right one, right?

Worry not, though! In this post about the best Airbnb in Merida Mexico, I have you covered! I have picked the most gorgeous home, each one with a unique set of features and facilities to make your stay a luxurious and unforgettable one at an affordable rate.

If you are wondering whether to include Merida in your Yucatan itinerary, u finally decided to wander out from the more popular destinations of Mexico—like Cancun, Cozumel, and Tulum—to see some authentic places? Merida is a great choice for exactly that, but that still leaves you with deciding on a place to stay.

Merida is rich in Mayan history, architecture, culture, and colonial heritage. In fact, the lively White City was named the American Capital of Culture a few years earlier because of its cultural and traditional richness.

There are many things to do during your stay in Merida, including visits to the wonderful sites of the city, trying out the delectable cuisine, taking day-trips to tons of places like magic towns of Mexico, wildlife reserves, and UNESCO-listed archeological sites, admiring the awe-inspiring and colorful architecture, art, and museums, seeing the gorgeous beaches of Merida, and a lot more.

Best Areas to Stay in Merida

The busy Yucatán capital can be divided into many different areas, but the best places to stay in the city are the Centro (historical center) and Paseo Montejo. So, before I tell you about the vacation rentals in Merida’s best areas, let me tell you a bit about these areas themselves.


The historical center of Merida, simply known as Centro, is the most charming area of the city. The place is known for its numerous attractions, traditional richness, and abundance of historic monuments.

Centro is the most vibrant area of Merida Mexico, buzzing with unique places like the main square overlooking Catedral de Merida, and encompasses the Plaza Grande, Palace of Government, and Museo Casa Montejo.

Many restaurants, cafés, ice-cream shops, handicraft, and souvenir stores also enliven the area of Centro. As you’d expect, the Airbnbs in Centro Merida are some of the nicest you will find in the city, and also a little more priced.

Paseo Montejo

Named after the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo, the founder of Merida city, this gorgeous avenue boasts some of the most iconic buildings you will find in the city. The avenue was created back in the 1880s to modernize the city of Merida so that it reflects the prosperity and urbanization of the era.

Along with the buildings, monuments, mansions, and other architectural feats of the main avenue, you will find luxurious homes for rent in the Paseo Montejo as well.

And because of the lavishness of the neighborhood, there is no shortage of upscale accommodations in this area of Merida.

So now that we have shed some light on the best area to stay in Merida, let’s find out what are the best VRBO and Airbnb in Merida

Best VRBO and Airbnb in Merida

1. Casa La Ermita, Charming Restored Colonial in Historic Centro

Casa La Ermita is a gorgeous home for rent in Merida, located in the historic neighborhood of La Ermita. The 1400 square feet property is one of the most charming vacation houses in Merida, with a bedroom and a den, a dining area, deck, balcony, and a full bath.

Casa La Ermita is a restored colonial house, so you can expect signs of its original aesthetics reflected both in the property itself and the surroundings as well. The cobbled street of Casa La Ermita leads to many of the celebrated monuments and vibrant squares of the city.

With space for two to three people, the comfortable lodging is perfect for couples. The interiors exhibit a tasteful choice of decor, with pristine pasta tile flooring, original Yucatán doors and windows, and an overall cozy vibe.

The Merida VRBO also features a rooftop terrace, a fully-equipped kitchen, and all the amenities of a modern place of stay. You will be delighted to meet the staff, because everyone there is friendly and cooperative, fully dedicated to taking care of you and your needs.

The house also features a large pool, and the lovely botanical garden of La Ermita is just a short distance away from the property. The pool is quite large, which makes it unsuitable for children, so if you’re bringing yours along, this may not be the place for you to stay.

2. CASA LOLA – Romantic Bohemian Colonial in Centro Historico with private pool

Casa Lola is another beautiful vacation home in Merida. The place is run by Janis, the most friendly host you will meet during your stay in Merida. Located in the Centro area of Merida, the place has a boho-chic vibe to it.

The century-old house is one of the best vacation rentals in the Historical Center of Merida, with so much to see and experience all around it. Staying here means being just a few minutes away from the brimming tradition and culture of Merida going back centuries of time.

This Merida Airbnb features 2 beds, 2 baths, and a private pool, making it perfect for families or small groups. However, the place isn’t kid-friendly, and no pets are allowed.

The overall feeling of the place is homey and serene. Its interiors are vibrant with colorful decor, featuring antiques from around the world, and giving the place an exotic yet peaceful ambiance. All the furnishings inside the house complement the vibe perfectly.

The amenities include everything you will need during your stay, including internet, air conditioning, cabled television, and a kitchen equipped with a blender, microwave, stove, oven, and fridge. But, in case you need something else, Janis will do her best to accommodate your needs and get it done.

3. Experience Merida in Grand Colonial Style

Since Merida is a celebrated city for its colonial heritage, what better way than to spend your vacation in the city staying in a colonial-style house? Casa de las Torres is just the place for it.

Originally constructed in the 1880s, the spectacular space is a restoration of the elegance and traditions of the colonial era.

The renovated colonial home is located right in the heart of the Centro Historico, and only a short distance away from the main plaza. The peaceful Merida Vrbo is only a few minutes drive from downtown Merida, where you will find all the buzz of the town.

The property features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a living room, patio, and kitchen. Spreading on a vast 6400 square feet space, the place is perfect for families as well as groups. The entire house is fully air-conditioned and features Wi-Fi throughout.

Casa de las Torres is one of the most unique vacation rentals in Mérida, and you will have the entire house to yourself. Greg will prove to be an excellent host, and you will get a full tour of the place from him upon checking in.

If you decide to get a car rental during your stay here, the property also provides a free parking service for its guests, so you can go exploring Merida very conveniently.

4. Canton Mansion

If you think the Mansion in this rental’s name is an exaggeration, you’re mistaken. The grand house is nothing short of a mansion because it was built to be a majestic building by one of the wealthiest Yucatáns of his era.

Named after the original owner, the Canton Mansion is one of the most elegant and magnificent houses in the Paseo Montejo area. The Italian architects who constructed Canton Mansion incorporated a delightful blend of French baroque, neoclassical, and Spanish colonial elements.

Featuring two bedrooms and a full bath, the property is a central landmark of its area. But its history isn’t only unique because of the original owner, Francisco Gregorio Cantón, who was in charge of all of Mexico’s armed forces.

The place was also a museum of anthropology for almost 60 years, and now serves as the personal residence of Christopher Collins Lee, the lead violinist of the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra, who takes the second floor.

During your stay, you will have the entire first floor of the property to yourself, which consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, two inner courtyards, a large pool, and a garden with a terrace. If you have a knack for music, you can also use the music room featuring two pianos.

Even though the construction of Canton Mansion features Mayan architecture, which used megalithic building stones, the Merida Vrbo still has some of the most modern facilities just like any other 5-star hotel in Merida.

5. Casa Kopö. Centro Histórico de Mérida

If you’re looking for something spacious and luxurious, then Casa Kopö is where you will find it. The property is a large vacation rental in Merida’s Historic Center, featuring 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

This vacation rental is nothing short of any hotel in Merida when it comes to providing its guests with all the comforts of a luxurious stay. You will have a speakeasy-style bar, pool with a lounging area, living room, and a furnished rooftop terrace.

The main bedrooms feature attached baths and walk-in closets, the whole house has Wi-Fi connectivity and air conditioning, and guests have access to the electric garage of the house as well.

The interiors of the house combine the colonial elements of architecture with a modern contemporary design to give the place a comfortable and relaxing vibe. The unique location of the place makes exploring nearby attractions as simple as taking a walk.

With a capacity of up to 7 guests, Casa Kopö is ideal for families and groups. The place is children and pet-friendly as well.

6.Volver a Verde 2 -Tropical Loft, pool & terrace

Volver a Verde is a contemporary residential home located at an intermediate point between the historic center and the new commercial and service areas of the city with new and modern malls such as Plaza Altabrisa.

The 1 bedroom home of Volver a Verde is suitable for 1 or 2 people, with one room featuring a king bed and the other having two queen beds. The Airbnb also features a full bath, and a common area with a pool and chairs to share with other guests from the other 3 units (4 in total)

The guests love the large and comfortable bed and clean and well-finished bathroom.

It is recommendable to rent a car during your stay so that you can move around easily. Otherwise, there is always Uber. Also, there’s a Soriana supermarket very close, very handy for grocery shopping.

7. Artist’s Retreat in the Heart of Merida

As the name of this Vrbo implies, the house is meant to please anyone with an artistic fancy. The property, called Casa Claire, is a restored structure from two and a half centuries ago.

Located in the Merida Centro, Casa Claire is a refreshing retreat with curated interiors, rich furnishings, and a serene atmosphere. The colorfully decorated house is spacious and comfortable.

Other than its 3 bedrooms with a capacity of 6 people, Casa Claire has two full baths, a lovely courtyard featuring a hammock, a fountain with sitting and dining areas, an open terrace, and a kitchen complete with a stove, fridge, microwave, mixer, and coffee maker.

There are tons of things to do in this Vrbo’s proximity. The street from Casa Claire leads to the Parque de Santiago, where you can try out delicious food in the various restaurants, shop around in the market, visit the flower shops, and see the Merida Cathedral.

The other direction of the same streets will take you to the main square, where you will find plenty of museums, shops, cathedrals, and monuments to occupy you for the day.

The open-air atmosphere of the home is very creative, and the service is everything you will desire for and then some. As is typical with every good vacation rental in Merida, you will find internet and air-conditioning in every corner of your Merida home.

8. Luxury home in the heart of Merida

If the previous Merida Airbnb and VRBO didn’t have the capacity for enough people to accommodate your needs, this one will definitely do. Casahkab is by far the most spacious of the Merida Vrbo on my list.

This vacation rental of Merida features 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms (4 of which are full baths), and plenty of other spaces to accommodate you in unforgettable luxury.

Its name is derived from Sahkab, which means a hideout in Mayan language. The Vrbo is a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life because it’s situated in a quiet and peaceful area of town, but the majority of Merida’s attractions are not far away from it

Casahkab also has a remarkable detail to its design, with the interiors carefully decorated to make the vibe of its spaces more cozy and refreshing. It can sleep up to 8 guests, has air-conditioning, smart TVs, and internet in the common spaces.

The rooms also feature hammocks, and optional travel cots are provided for guests with infants along. You can take a ride on one of the bicycles provided by Casahkab to its guests to go see the surrounding attractions as well.

At the heart of Casahkab is a pool house where you can take a refreshing swim. And among the more expected facilities, this Vrbo has an open concept kitchen complete with every modern piece of homeware, a dining area, and on-street parking for guests.

9. Beautiful Casa in Merida Best Location

Merida has no shortage of breathtaking vacation rentals in its Centro. And even within this central area of Merida, there are some creme de la creme locations for tourists to stay. This casa is in one of those sought-after locations.

The central location of the casa means an ideal vacation, with the best access to everything worth exploring here. Situated in the Santa Ana neighborhood, the casa is within walking distance of all the attractions of Merida.

Other than the nearby avenues, squares, and markets, you can also easily take a trip to Merida beaches, explore the surrounding places of the city, and pretty much explore everything Merida has to offer.

But it’s not just the location that makes Casa de Florencia a unique place to stay in Merida. The renovation of the casa, which was originally an art studio, reflects the finesse of its architect.

The Mediterranean vibe of this Vrbo is topped off with an exceptional management team, who will go above and beyond in making sure you get everything you need during your stay.

Casa de Florencia has 2 king bedrooms, each one with a capacity of 2 guests, and features 3 full baths as well, making it ideal for couples, groups, and families alike.

The house’s antique wooden furnishings, contemporary design, and cozy furnishings give it an aura of peace and quietude.

10. Stay 3 blocks to Santa Lucia and steps from English Library

Situated just 3 blocks from Santa Lucia, where all the main attractions of Merida lie, this holiday home is another amazing lodging on my list. The colonial building is beautifully restored, but still maintains a touch of the old times.

With high ceilings, spacious rooms, and comfortable surroundings, the remodeling of the Casa El Remanso makes it one of the best Airbnb in Merida. The two rooms of this lodging feature a king bed and queen beds, sleeping up to 4 people.

The house also has 3 full baths, air-conditioning throughout the common spaces, an outdoor dining area, a living room with a cozy interior, and a kitchen. Additional cellars are also provided upon request.

The amenities of Casa El Remanso include everything you would expect from modern lodging, and the interior decor of the place is extremely elegant.

Other than the lovely terrace and pool, the large reception room with its comfy library and the warmly decorated living room complete the homey feel of the casa, El Remanso also has free street parking and a wonderful host.

11. Casa Bohemia, Barrio de Santiago Mérida Centro

The last casa on my list is the one with an interior design worth all your admiration. In fact, the Airbnb features a bohemian showroom with antiques designed by Alejandro Sanchez, a visual artist and interior designer with a knack for colors.

This 1 bedroom 1 bath Airbnb is perfect for couples. The upper floor has the bedroom and a lounge, while the downstairs has a living area, a dedicated workspace, the pool with its excellent placement of a hammock, and a kitchen fitted with all the essentials of kitchenware and home appliances.

There is air-conditioning in all the spaces of Casa Bohemia, and you will have fast internet available in every corner of the property, which means the perfect environment to just kick back and relax.

However, it’s also just the place to make your base if you’re all about exploration. The Casa is only a few minutes away from Santa Lucia square, not far from all the activities of the town, and many of its famous cafes, bars, and restaurants.

The locations in and around Centro and Paseo Montejo are some of the best when you want to spend a vacation in the lovely city of Merida. But choosing the right place for you is still a very important thing to do if you want to make the trip enjoyable.

I have selected the best VRBO and Airbnb in Merida Mexico to give you a head start on that count. With a good place to stay, you can get the best of Merida beaches, explore its museums, taste the amazing food, and take plenty of day trips as well.

Hopefully, these curated Airbnb and Vrbo will suffice in providing you with exactly that. And with that being said, I bring this post to an end. I hope it was informative and helped you in deciding where to stay in Merida.